Dorothy Eleanor Borden Wellington

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 – My Nephew Dave’s Birthday 🙂 –

"Gramma Dot" photo from 2007-2008

“Gramma Dot” Yearbook Photo for the 2007-2008 School Year in Alaska.

— I found this photo of my mother today and managed to scan it with my ‘all in one’ laser printer which is screaming that I need to get a new toner cartridge –

— The above photo was taken during her time as a volunteer ‘Foster Grandparent’ in, I think, the Two Rivers Elementary School in Two Rivers, Alaska, where she really came alive and loved what she was doing, paying attention to kids in the school system who needed attention. The kids loved her as much as she loved them. { I think she did all her Foster Grandparenting in Two Rivers, but she might have done some closer to home when she moved to North Pole, Alaska. }

— She told us she’d really wanted to be a school teacher, but when she got married in 1948 – She was told she could either be a wife and mother or have a career.

— After my father died in 1995, mom went to visit my sister, Sharon, and Sharon’s 2nd husband, Gary Hedding, Sharon’s 3 boys and one of Gary’s two sons – in Two Rivers, and later in North Pole, Alaska. She volunteered on a temporary basis in the Foster Grandparent program at the school Sharon also worked in as an Education Assistant – The principal caller her into his office co-incidentally on her birthday, October 20th, and told her he had to give her an evaluation, looked at his notes, shook his head, sighed, and then looked up and grinned, “All I can say is, We really wish we could keep you here, the kids love you and so do all the teachers – ” And when he said he was going to walk her back to her classroom, they stepped out of his office, turned a corner and every child in the school was sitting in a semi-circle in the hallway and they all yelled out, “Happy Birthday, Gramma Dot!” and one by one came up, handed her a hand-made birthday card and gave her a big hug. She cried happy tears reading the cards over and over for three days at home and came back in and said, “Okay – you got me – how could I leave you after this?”

— And I’m tearing up as I write this.

— Mom moved on to higher things on April 8th, 2016 – We’re all sure she had a halo waiting for her at the ‘Pearly Gates’ – and a big reception party that probably embarrassed her half way back to life – { she didn’t like standing out in a crowd or being the center of attention. }

~~~~~ Jim

Ancestry DNA And Stuff Like That –

— Early Morning, Monday, August 15th, 2016 – My brother Bob was supposed to be born on this date in 1958.

Jim's Avatar?

A friend ‘crafted’ this in-game Avatar of me inside the on-line game world we’re building. The image is pretty darned close to what I thought I looked like at least 30 years ago.

Map depicting where Wellingtons came from.

An uncle who had done some family research in the 1960’s said our Wellington ancestors came from – or at least left Great Britain from – South Wales. The darker the brown on this map of the lower UK from Ancestry dot com, the more likely it is that Wellington ancestors originated there.

— Last night I began working on this page to try to make it look “inviting” and not too scary for casual visitors.

— I’ve been a writer since early childhood when a grandfather told me in a dream that somebody important where he was thought I could be a pretty good writer and if I said, “Yes-” certain things in this life would change.

— I said, “Yes.”

~~~~~ Jim

Latest Screen Shots

Thursday – May 25th, 2023 = +11˚C / +50˚F & it’s been raining off and on here in New Brunswick, Canada

— I went looking to try to verify things I thought I remembered about the Brooks/Borden/Armstrong/Oviattt side of the family & since I don’t think anybody outside our families comes near this blog I feel safe adding a few more screen shots.

— I think the Brookses came from Huddersfield, England -in the Yorkshire area – Watching the British television programme “Escape to the Country” I learned that the “shire” ending in places like Yorkshire { Pronounced “York-sheer” } means ‘County’.

"Family Tree with Oviatts showing"

– “Family Tree with Oviatts showing.” – ‘Aunt Ethel’ was my Maternal Grandmother’s sister. I recently learned that I have a second cousin living in Portland Oregon. – You may have to click on the above image to get it full size to read the captions beneath the photos and generic place-holders –

— In the above screen shot – top middle – George Arthur Brooks { “Uncle Art” } isn’t there and neither is my Aunt Marjory – They somehow ended up way off to the right – And in my immediate family – a lot of first or second husbands and/or wives didn’t show up either – Things do get ‘quirky’ here in genealogy land — I might not have all the spellings right – but I do believe I got the above information from somebody else – maybe someone who contacted ‘mon amour foo’ looking for Harris relatives but actually had a gold mine of Bordens in her Tree.

— & on a sad note, I had some of my near relative Oviatt descendants mixed up and wanted to check my facts with one of my favourite second cousins and discovered that her husband – who was one of the nicest guys I ever met – passed away earlier this month 🙁 –

— It’s been a rough year so far…

– – – – – Jim

Earliest Borden Ancestors I could find { So Far? }

Saturday – April 15th, 2023 –

—  I’ve come back and tried to re-up my monthly subscription to – but what happened sent me to signing up a new account – grumble grumble – and I paid for six months.

— But anyway – going back through several books of saved passwords … I was able to log into the original family tree where I am an ‘editor’ in my spouse’s account – and I found some Borden Relatives from the 1500’s – born in county Kent, England – After I found the guy who came to the ‘Colonies’ way back and populated the USA & Canada with hundreds, if not thousands –  of Bordens – I managed to navigate through ancestry’s newer navigation nonsense – back to me, and then up through my mother’s father and back two generations deeper or farther up the Borden tree to “Thomas” – born in 1537 :

Thomas Borden, born 1537 in Headcorn, Kent, England

“Thomas Borden – born in 1537 in Headcorn, Kent, England” { I wonder if Headcorn is something like ‘headcheese’ }

— And the guy who I believe was the first Borden to ‘cross the pond’ to the ‘new world’ – where some of my not-direct ancestors had been living for tens of thousands of years { I thought I was 1/32nd ‘Native American’/’First Nations’ – but the latest information we have has the Native American woman who married one of  my “George” relatives was a great aunt, not a great grandmother.

Richard Borden, Born on my 2nd cousin, Lori's birthday in 1596-

“Richard Borden – Born on my 2nd cousin, Lori’s birthday in 1596 – The guy who fathered, grandfathered and spread loads of Borden DNA all over North America / Turtle Island -“

— I posted both these screen-shots on facebook and Lori already noticed that Richard was born on her birthday a long long time ago.

— Yay?


— So far – the farthest I’ve gone back with the Brooks family would be my Great Great Gandmother – Née Eunice Hemingway – Born 0n April 24th, 1838 – in Dewsbury, Yorkshire County, England —> She married Henry Brook(s) – who was born on January 11th, 1840 – in Dalton, Yorkshire, England  – And came to the USA in something like 1881 with my then six year old Great Grandfather, William H Brooks { Née Will Brook {?} and lately a lot of people say that officials at Ellis Island never changed the spelling of anybody’s name there – but I was told that my Great Grandfather had his name changed upon arrival and registration to William Brooks } {{ And a guy who was a supervisor in the post office I worked at said his Italian family name was changed from Gennetti to “Jeannette” by a French person who was on duty and wrote down their surname as they came through the lines. }}

— And on the Wellington side … I can only go back to my 2nd Great Grandparents Charles Wellington – born in June of 1856 – somewhere in New York … and Annie Wellington – born in ‘about’ 1858 – in Connecticut – & that’s all the information available for them —>

— But, tracing my Grandfather – Robert Carlson Wellington’s mother’s side goes back farther – My Great Parents on the paternal side of things were = Robert Wellington – born in February of 1881 in Connecticut, USA – And Julia Sofia Carlson ( Née Karlsson } born on June 4th, 1877 in Södertälje, Stockholm, Sweden – 2nd Great-Grandparents were Carl Ludvig Karlsson – born June 6th, 1839 in Vist, Sweden & Eva Charlotta Nordqvist – born December 18th in Botkyrka, Tumba { That’s all the birth information listed for Great Great Grandmother Eva. —> 3rd Great Grandparents – Eva’s Parents are listed : Johan Christian Nordqvist – born March 26th, 1811 in Stockholm – { and they list the place he died as “Botkyrka, Tumba, Sweden” } & Anna Cathrina Lasdotter – born on April 19th, 1808 – in Frustuna, Nedervalla, Sweden { and her place of death is listed as “Botkyrka, Tumba bruk, Sweden”

— The George Family – going back from my Great-Grandfather – Clarence A George – { 1879 – 1959 } —> lists my 2nd Great-Grandfather as Andrew Gardner George – born in February of 1842 in East Hartford, Connecticut married to Mary Louisa Lynam – born in 1845 – not sure where. Andrew’s brother is listed as Thomas A George, born in 1840 – in East Hartford, Connecticut – died in 1862 in the Civil War. —> His father { My 3rd Great-Grandfather } is listed as Jacob Gilman George { 1814 -1861 } {{ no further details }}— and his mother is listed as Laura Evans { 1820-1892 } {{ again, no further details were listed }} … {{{ Somebody in the George Line was listed as having been born in Vermont }}}

— The Lane Family – My Grandmother, Edith Grace George Wellington { January 29th, 1906 –  October 29, 1996 } was the last name listed in the extensive Lane Genealogy – { as told to me by Bennie Lane – who worked at the Bridgeport, Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, and just happened to wait on my father who had me in tow when he registered a car – }  My Great-Grandmother, Josephine Lane { born Connecticut in about 1873 } was my great Grandfather, Clarence George’s second Wife – and, although there are rumours that the Lane Genealogy is extensive – apparently – they never trusted Ancestry enough to publish anything there.

— & that’s probably more than enough damage for today –

DNA Ethnicity Results

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 — Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, North America, Earth –

DNA Ethnicity Map.

— I actually got this back in August. But we’ve been busy lately —


— Underlined words below are not links unless they’re a different colour from the rest of the text: —

Great Britain = 33% { England : The ones I know about, Brooks [ was Brooke ] from the Huttersville area of Northern England. [ William and Eliza ( see below ) were my maternal Great Grandparents = My mother’s mother’s parents == Eliza Morgan Brooks (hated the name Eliza) == Somebody joked with me once that the Morgans came over on the second boat after the Mayflower. } { Wales : One Wellington uncle traced us Wellingtons back to Wales, said we departed from Wales to come to the New World. Don’t know whether we were chased out of England first or what. Some Welsh people I met said if we were from Wales the ‘double l’ would have been pronounced something like ‘edge’ without the d sound – it would have sounded like Whezhlingdon – } { Scotland : George = my paternal grandmother was Edith George before she married Robert Carlson Wellington Senior. The legend there was that a second son from a ‘titled’ family came to the new world to seek his fortune. One of his male children married a Native American. I grew up thinking I was 1/32nd Native American. People looked at my father’s photograph and my grandmother’s brother’s photograph and thought they had the look of someone with Native American ancestors. My grandmother was in the room when my youngest uncle was calculating how much Native American blood we would have. He figured he was 1/16th Native American and I would be 1/32nd. Many years later  when I asked my grandmother about our Native American ancestors she said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I believe she was born Edith Grace George, her mother was a Lane, and Edith was the last entry in ‘The Lane Genealogy’ that was quoted by Benny Lane who was a front line clerk in the Bridgeport, Connecticut Motor Vehicle Department Office – the place we had to go to take driver’s license tests, register vehicles, and renew licenses and registrations. I’m not sure where the Lanes came from, but a friend I met through Greg Morse ( another friend – from Nashua, New Hampshire) (And Lizzie Borden‘s mother was a Morse) – was Harvey Richardson, who had Lane Relatives living in I think, Hamden, Connecticut in the 1970’s – who were probably related to Benny and my grandmother. }

Scandinavia = 28%  { Sweden : Carlson: My paternal grandfather, Robert Carlson Wellington Senior – got his middle name from  his mother, Julia Sofia Carlson who emigrated from Sweden. Julia’s siblings last name was spelled Karlsson, Carlsson, and Carlson – all the same generation in the same family. My Great-Great Grandmother, Julia Sofia Carlson’s mother, was born a Nordqvist. }

===== This is going to take a lot of time, I will have to come back to this later. =====

Maternal Great Grandparents

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 —

Wedding Photograph from 1898

William & Eliza Brooks – Their Wedding Photo

William Henry Brooks – Born Willie Brooke in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England – In the Huddersfield District – on February 27th, 1875 — His father was Henry Brooke, (1840 – 1908). His mother was Eunice Hemingway Brooke (1838 – 1923 ). { I was told he was six years old when the family came to the U.S.A. & that the officials at Ellis Island recorded his name as William Brooks – I wondered why a family would just accept that. } He worked in a factory by day and taught stringed instruments in the evenings. My grandmother, Dorothy Mae Brooks Borden, played the Mandolin in an all woman orchestra { I saw photos, and I think, posters announcing that orchestra’s appearance somewhere. I do not remember the date. My grandmother was his oldest child and he altered documents to claim she was older than she was so she could play with the orchestra before she was legally old enough to do so. Near the end of her life, my grandmother was confused about just how old she actually was because of those conflicting documents. } He died on April 11th, 1959.

Eliza May Morgan Brooks – Born October 27th, 1878 in Bethel, Connecticut, USA – Her father was Charles Oscar Morgan (1844 – 1888).  Her mother was Josephine Osborne Morgan (1843 – 1930). { She told me stories about walking to school after snow storms left drifts higher than fences that she had to climb over. She also remembered that memories of the US Civil War were still sharp among her family and friends of the family and everyone was intensely concerned that everything they bought had to be made in states that had remained “in the Union”. She had an opal ring that she gave to my mother after hearing that opals were only good luck for someone born in October – my mother was born on October 20, 1923. } She died on June 12th, 1964.

Back as early as I can remember they lived in a huge old house at the end of  a road in Shelton, Connecticut. Their youngest child, my aunt Marjory lived on the second floor with her husband, Albert Armstrong and their two young blonde daughters, Cheryl and Lorraine. My great grandfather would not allow cigarette smoking in his home, and believed [ and preached ] that women should never smoke at all. But the smell of cigarettes being smoked by my aunt and uncle upstairs was undeniably present.

I remember their house being dark not as gloomy as my grandparents’ home in Stratford, but just as dark, maybe darker. On at least one occasion when we went to visit them there, we had to sit in their living room, near their upright piano, and watch the Lawrence Welk Show with them.

One time, before I was eight years old my Great Grandmother came to visit us for an afternoon, possibly after having been to a doctor’s appointment or something. I gave her a hug, and tried to prove how strong I was. Everybody told me to stop that, people her age were brittle and could break too easily.

At one point my parents wondered if it would be a good idea to ask my great grandfather to teach me to play the guitar. My grandmother said that probably would not be that great an idea. My great grandfather had a lot of patience with his paying pupils, but demanded and expected perfection from anyone he was related to.

— Regarding this photo. I thought it was strange that they would be posing with a guitar and a banjo for their wedding portrait. My cousin Lori told me that this was, indeed, their wedding portrait and the bride was not impressed with the fact that her groom expected her to pose with the guitar. — My great grandmother also told me she hated her name, “Eliza”.

— My great grandmother also told me that she saw a flying saucer hovering just beyond the end of their street in Shelton, Connecticut – one evening, shortly after or during the construction of what is now called ‘Old Route 8’.

~~~~~ Jim





“Celebrities” Almost in my Family Tree

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 — 9°C / 48°F & damp – almost foggy here in Atlantic Canada @7:30 am —

PT Barnum -When I was growing up, one uncle told me that P.T. Barnum married some kind of aunt of ours, and either she or he owned the property that the town hall in Stratford, Connecticut, USA was eventually built on.  – A couple of friends from Bridgeport, Connecticut (where the PT Barnum Museum is) jokingly told the story (a lot) that the city of Bridgeport came to be when old “P.T.” couldn’t afford to pay his side-show personnel one year, so he gave them a city. When they referred to Bridgeport as a ‘circus’ they were not being charitable or thinking about any kind of fun that might come along with a circus. They meant they believed the city was ‘a freak show’. Several people from Bridgeport (Robert Mitchum, Robert Crane, PT Barnum) became famous after they left Bridgeport – The key to that is “After they left Bridgeport -”

Ernest Hemingway? My maternal grandmother (Dorothy Mae Brooks Borden) (who grew up playing with the children of a Governor of the state of Connecticut) once told me that we were somehow related to Ernest Hemingway. I think I was in her living room (which had to be forty feet long by at least fifteen feet wide) (and almost always kind of dark and dreary – the southern half of the living room had large overstuffed furniture covered in what looked like velvet and felt like horsehair – but it had a piano – my aunt Beverly Borden Toronto was the most accomplished piano player) when I heard that Ernest Hemingway had committed suicide. I would have been 9 years old for most of 1959 – and more than slightly precocious when I heard the adults at some kind of family gathering talking about that after it had just been announced on the news. My father was no pillar of culture, I don’t remember if he was even there. And nobody went on very deeply about it – I didn’t get the feeling then that we had any connection with him, it was just a shame and everybody looked sad for a couple moments and then changed the subject. My grandmother probably told me a couple years later, when I was asking questions about who we were related to and what their names were. She said it with a little more emphasis than she would have delivered a ‘matter of fact’ bit of information. She already knew I liked to write stories. She said she wasn’t proud of the fact that we were related to either one of the US Presidents Warren Harding, and McKinley – whichever one of them had the “Teapot Dome Scandal”  – but she said we were related to both of them and added, “We are related to Ernest Hemingway, you know-” not closely related, but related. I can’t verify this, not yet.

Elizabeth Borden. { She hates being called ‘Lizzie’ } was/is my seventh cousin, twice removed. – My maternal grandfather, Robert Henry Borden, had an oil burner business before and during World War II. My mother told me he was a lot more easy-going and easier to get along with in those days. Everyone who was in business during the war was asked not to order any more precious resources than they absolutely needed, because a lot of iron and other metals were sorely needed for the war effort. He prided himself on being a good citizen. His competitors never missed an opportunity to order just a little more than they needed, so when the war was over they had stock piles of stuff and laughingly ran him out of business. He became understandably bitter- and when I knew him it was not unusual to hear him ‘go off on a verbal rampage’ and remind anybody around him of everything they’d done wrong from the moment they’d drawn their first breath. My mother’s youngest sister was ten years older than me, had a driver’s license, and came to see us – halfway across town – quite often, sometimes babysat- Sometimes drove my mother to a store – other than the neighbourhood stores that abounded in those days – with my sisters and me in tow – I distinctly remember hearing her one time when she was very upset, grumble, “Sometimes I think I should do what cousin Lizzie did -” and then she laughed, she’d let off just enough steam. I believe I asked if Elizabeth was related to us. My mother or my aunt or both of them shook their heads, “it’s a common enough name – It’s like you wouldn’t expect everyone named Smith to be related -” *** And in the last month or so, Cathi, the love of my life – who’s been diving more deeply into her family tree than I ever dove into mine – received an inquiry from a friend of hers and an invitation to share family tree information through ancestry dot ca {Canada} because her friend thought some of Cathi’s Harris relatives might be related to her own Harris relatives, and Cathi discovered that her friend had a lot more Borden information than she had Harris info. And Cathi then discovered that this friend of hers was my eighth cousin, didn’t even try to figure out the how many times removed or not – and she had traced the Bordens back to the 1500’s and a single large family that came to the “new world”, had a lot of children and spread out – and Yes – Lizzie actually is related. [ And my gut feeling since I first heard the whole story was that there really was someone lurking around who either had a blood lust or felt somehow wronged by Elizabeth’s father – That might be one of the things I hope I can remember to check out when I get to the other side – But anyway -] – Sir Robert Borden – Prime Minister of Canada during World War I, is also an  actual relative.

— This is probably more than enough for now —

~~~~~ Jim