Monday, August 15th, 2016 — Ridiculously Early In The Morning

Posted by Wellington Jim - August 15th, 2016

Monday, August 15th, 2016  — 16°C / 61°F & “Dark” @4:27 am in Atlantic Canada—

"Cartoon" version of Jim Wellington.

“Jim Wellington” Avatar created by Doug Otterson in the game world we’re working on- 

Okay, it just took me about three hours to sign in here – WordPress would not accept my password. I went through the “Lost Password” routine 3 times and copied and pasted danged new password in each time and it made me add ridiculous sums like “0+1=” to “prove my humanity”. Hey, if the ability to add one plus zero and come up with the correct answer is proof of humanity, jeeze – the worst megalamaniacal serial killing sociopath ever born could probably call himself a humanitarian.

Sigh, So anyway, here I am, sure that this blog still functions. and ready to include it in my newest, “This is the face I can show the world” web page.

The idea is not to upset anybody with political theories they might not be able to stomach right now, but talk about progress in geneology research, and stuff like that.

— Yay? –,


Found On Sticky Notes Pages:

Posted by TaleRocker - July 17th, 2020

—> { TaleRocker – 11:34 pm — July 17th, 2020 — Would have been Aunt Val’s Birthday — }  – ” I don’t know when this is from: but I do remember parts of a couple spooky dreams – and don’t really know if the first “page” of sticky notes is related to the other nine pages ( which were numbered – beginning with a (2) – circled in the upper right hand corners of each note. )

=  = = = =

I can’t believe another summer’s gone by without me being able to go down to Vermont & New Hampshire & Connecticut to catch up with people I care about.

I can’t believe how ‘boxed in’ I’m beginning to feel – Like a conspiracy of would-be petty dictators who want to control every little thought & action of everyone, everywhere – is manipulating the ‘monetary crisis’ which is gripping us all. –  I don’t believe there is a crisis – I believe it’s all an attempt to control perception.

= = = = =

I used to think women were nicer than men – that women were nurturing and caring and men were bullying and controlling.

= = = = =

(2) the top structure of a sky scraper in a city that may have been NYC – I may have been up there to get it – it released itself and went sailing out + down. I knew it was okay – but I was slightly worried – looking down – I started to wake up + realized I’d been dreaming – in the dreamscape – I wondered if I could have flown – gone sailing out over the city at night.

3. My sister was driving a station wagon. We had a young girl with us – some one she was baby sitting for? But anyway my sister got nervous about narrow roads + steep hills – I told her I recognized the area – We stopped somewhere – She told me it was her boyfriend’s house. I saw her boyfriend and his mother – introduced myself to his mother who was talking on a cell phone or something (I had thought she would think it strange or worrisome tht someone she didn’t know was walking around in her house. My sister picked up stuff and had me carry some stuff – We went outside where somebody – B.F.’s Father? – backed his Cadillac ( beige? ) with a friend’s coat of arms on the point of the hood (?) — out of our way and then followed my sister into another house ( next door ) where an evil monstrous animal sound growled somethingat us and I felt something radiating toward my left foot – I started praying & told my sister I had to meditate – she apologized – We walked out of the burned up house and she apologized, said she thought I wasn’t bothered by that stuff any more because I watched spooky television shows. I explained that I had just had my soul raped and re-itterated that I had to meditate ( I did when I woke up ) right after that.

4. ( Before the rest ) As I was falling asleep – walking home at night – I passed a petite your woman – walked into a dark section ( at night ) and saw a darker space inside the shadow – I thought I could feel that the young woman was afraid and reached back to her – She didn’t just take my hand – she tugged on my arm and slipped under it ( for protection? ) – I thought she might be and Asian Indian.

= = = = =

— The worst thing you can do to an electric cord is twist it tightly around your arm.  {{{ ? }}}

= = = = =

—> That’s it – ten 6 inch high / 4 inch wide ‘Sticky notes’ on yellow lined paper – #’s 2-9 were stuck neatly together and the other two were stuck back to back – with the last line of page one – { a paragraph that began with “I can’t believe how ‘boxed in’ -” was scrawled on half of the unlined back of that piece of note paper – which was folded neatly in half – vertically – the unlined side’s words had been upside down to the lined side. )

— Shrug —

—T.R. —

Thursday, July 16th, 2020 – Wow – Never Thought I’d See This –

Posted by TaleRocker - July 16th, 2020

-TaleRocker-J – posting on Thursday, July 16th, 2020 – 18˚C / 65˚F & mostly clear in Atlantic Canada @ 1:56 pm –

- "Black Jackl at Landsdrop Falls"

– Black Jack @ Landsdrop Falls –

— I’ll have to see how the above screen shot works on the blog page, It’s been a while since I posted here – Photos and other graphics stretched beyond the Blog’s theme – maybe still do –

— “Black Jack” is Draelen’s 2nd builder character – and apparently – a Ranger-Healer.

— Other than that – I’ll let other people do the blogging and get to work…

— { My horoscope yesterday said “Almost nobody wants to do in any work- But you’re charging full-speed-ahead — } And I did spend a lot of time so fiercely concentrating on what I was doing, I couldn’t believe how quickly time was passing. And I think I turned the air a few shades blue-er grumbling about the ‘beedy grastards’ who are going way out of their way to make things more difficult in an effort to convince people who were guaranteed their software was ‘Free For Life’ should ‘Upgrade’ to “Professional” or ‘Business Class’ software and/or ‘service’ — May their private parts fall off in a very public place.  grumble grumble grumble…

— T.R. —

Archives – Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Posted by TaleRocker - July 8th, 2020

– Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 —> +16˚C / +61˚F —> Grey, Damp and Wet after Raining @ 8:35 pm In Atlantic Canada – Alex Bakas’ Birthday –


- 'Icebergs" -

– “Icebergs” – a poem. –


— A poem from 2016?


- "Spirit Deer"

– “Spirit Deer” – Since Cathi & Jim W moved to New Brunswick a herd or large family of Deer came around a lot foraging for food. –


— The white deer – called a “Spirit Deer” by many First Nations / Native American / Indigenous communities and a “Piebold” by Scientific types hasn’t always been treated nicely by her family or herd-mates. She had a daughter when they first moved here, who what half white, half regular deer colour – but, sadly, the young ‘half breed’ was hit by a bus on a wintery day and died from her injuries.


- "Spirit Deer - CloseUp" -

– “Spirit Deer Close-Up” – Photo taken through a clear spot on a rain-soaked window –


— “Whitey” Cathi and Jim were accused of trying to pass a goat off as a Spirit Deer until they could get a decent close up photo of her. This photo is from 2015 – I don’t know how long deer live in the wild, but I’ve been assured she has been seen this year – { 2020 } —

— Jim Wellington found the above photos and the graphic while moving stuff around in his cramped office.


— Oops – While reviewing this article / posting – we realized/ remembered that this beautiful theme is from before anyone thought we’d ever see 1920 pixel wide blogs and/or photos – But I’m going to leave this unless and until one of our team members complains about it. — J.T.R. —


————— J.T.R. —

Well – I had to jump through hoops but I’m here –

Posted by TaleRocker - July 3rd, 2020

Friday – July 3rd, 2020 – +18˚C / +66˚F —> dark and cooler in Atlantic Canada on Kyla Morse’s Birthday 🙂 –

— I may have hinted – no – wait a minute – the title states that I had to jump through hoops to get here – Haven’t posted in this blog in a while …

But I just spent an intense week rearranging my office here – and I’m not satisfied that it is finished, but I did get everything but one chair and I think one computer monitor out of Cathi’s office where I moved a LOT temporarily – sigh –


"Duke" In His Fire Department Uniform -

– Robert C. Wellington Jr – “Duke” – in his fire department uniform – Year Unknown –

— I found the above Polaroid snapshot of my father while trying to organize the mess in here –

— And I am so burned out – I nearly forgot to do my Yoga…

— But I gotta go now – Catchya next time –

~~~~~ Jim


June 24, 2002 —> Leaving Stratford

Posted by TaleRocker - October 31st, 2017

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 —> 7˚C / 44˚F — With a clear blue sky and bare trees that weren’t bare this time yesterday in Atlantic Canada

Gramma Dot, Dave & Harley

“Gramma Dot” with Dave and Charles, photo shot around the holidays in 1987, in the ‘old hacienda’ in Stratford, CT USA.

— I found the above photo again last week. Yesterday I found several notebooks, including the one I’m about to transcribe below :

= = = = =


— Sunday, June 23, 2002—>

— ( After a full day of emptying the last bits of ‘stuff’ from the house and into the dumpster in front of the old family home that mom just sold and the real estate agent was hoping he could charge us an extra $3,000.00 U$ dollars for taking ‘too long’ to move everything out. – The old Chevy Corsica hatchback is literally packed to the rafters – um, wait, Chevy’s don’t have rafters – I have a tunnel between me and the right side rear view mirror, otherwise the stuff that’s coming to Canada with me is packed to the roof.  I promised Mom I would take a nap in the driveway before taking off to begin my new life with Cathi in Canada. )

9:57 pm – Stop & Shop Stratford, CT { odometer = 119378.6 miles } Just bought this notebook here

10:20 pm Called Cathi. She answered. I told her I as leaving & promised I would pull over & rest if I got tired.

10:30 -ish pm a bird (or something) swooped down in front of the car – hard to tell, but I think it looked brown to me. Amir Rashid was on the air at WPKN FM as I left.

11:48 pm { 119,439.7 } $17.50 gas exit 15? i84 – Dunkin Donuts not open. Clerk told me there is one the other way, open 24 hours.

11:59 — Coffee

Monday, June 24, 2002 —>

1:05 am woke up from “Power Nap(?)” in New York in a rest area on i84.

2:00 am – Pennsylvania – { 119520.2 } – Stopped to check gas cap. Yes it was there. Maybe I didn’t fill the tank completely? ( 3/4 of a tank? )

3:12 am { 119647.5 } ( 5/8 of a tank ) Needed to stop & rest ( Outside the locked gate at a Truck Inspection Station – Sign says “No Public Use”) (Eep?)

4:20am { 119647.5 } – on Route 81, North of Cortland, NY – Needed another rest stop. ( just under half a tank of gas )

5:03 am – woke up – I can see without headlights. It’s cloudy.

5:49 am { 119681.6 } New York Thru Way – Food and Gas –

6:18 am ( +11.34 gallons = $18.25 Gauge reads over full )

7:13 am { 119737.6 } Seneca Rest Area – I was ‘blinking’ again.

7:37 am – Broke a $100.00 bill @ a roadside Burger King (Yay! they took it) (‘Bev’ took the bill into the back and returned with 5 twenty dollar bills)

8:48 am – { 119811.4 } Buffalo, NY – I called Cathi.

8:52 am – I’m on Route 290.

10:30 am – I am through Canadian Customs. ( Had to sit on a curb about twenty yards from two border guards who put on rubber gloves and went through some of my luggage and left half a car’s worth on the pavement for me to re-pack 🙂 ) I repacked, then called Cathi. She was on standby in case she had to vouch for me or something like that.

11:30 -ish = I got to Cathi’s a little after 11:30 am. She looked at me and told me I better get some rest. I sat on her bed and meditated (during the eclipse?) then conked out. She went to Erin’s graduation from some grade ceremony. Yay! I made it in one piece & the car didn’t blow up. { I forgot to write down the mileage when I got here. }

Tuesday, June 25th, 2002 :

Posted by TaleRocker - October 31st, 2017

— I’m pre- publishing this to keep it below my previous ‘post’.

Cathi and Jim

– This is Cathi and Me on July 13th, 2002 –

— Tuesday, June 25th, 2002 :

— ( I was too tired to write this on Monday, the 24th: )

— More details about Monday: 🙂

— Cathi looked absolutely wonderful when I got here ( this was probably more than ‘just the effects of being completely exhausted’ 🙂 ) She looked even better than I remembered her looking last month, the last time I was up here? ( sigh, I’ve got it bad… )

— We cuddled and I fell asleep. She went to Erin’s graduation and I slept. I woke up hearing Ben playing with his friends.

— It was eclipse time. So, I meditated for 10 or 15 minutes – then went to the washroom. I came back and meditated for another 15 minutes — closer to the ‘height’ of the eclipse? { 5:15 -5:30? } It had rained and cooled off.

— Erin’s friend Rene came over to play with her. – Erin wasn’t feeling all that well. Neither was Rene. ( Neither was I. )

— Cathi ordered KFC with Popcorn Chicken { – Erin’s choice } I watched some of { Most of? } ‘Waking Ned Divine’ (?) ( I was in and out of consciousness ).

— I did tell Erin that I was impressed by her patience with her brother. { He was acting up. }

—Cathi got Ben off to bed after I conked out on the couch. – She brought me another pillow and left a glass of water on the coffee table.

— And that was Monday.

~~~~~ Jim

“Yesterday? Today? Or Tomorrow?” posted in Archives by Jim W-

Posted by Jassper - October 6th, 2017

Cat with a 'lion cut'

Full sized photos — Too big for this blog — Moe after his visit to the hairdresser’s 😉

Cave and other stand alone stones

The other side of the below cave- with human silhouettes for scale

A cave that had been eroded into the base of a now standalone stone at 'flowerpot rocks'

Hopewell Rocks from well below the high tide line.

Saturday, 30 August, 2014 -( 15˚C / 59˚F @ 11:11 pm )-

It’s been a busy week- Cathi had the week off. Neither one of us was feeling all that good all week. We took Moe to the vet’s to get his matts trimmed away and he was pretty darned good about it until the groomer got the ‘buzzy’ too close to spots where cats want no one to go with a hair trimmer- So- nobody got slashed or shredded and he only refused to talk to us for a couple hours and now he looks like a lion, and he can strut around showing off- Cathi said he was much better in the temperament department after he realized he could lick his fur without anything pulling.

On Friday we drove to the Bay of Fundy. The map we got with a visitor’s guide stunk. The GPS wanted to send us straight east to Moncton and then down. Friends, and daughters, had told us to take the seaside route, down to Sait John and turn left. We got going a little bit late. The map looked like we were about to make a wrong turn and I told Cathi we needed an exit that the map looked like we needed to take. So we only got a little bit lost, and the most direct route to ‘Hopewell Rocks’ had a few too many construction sites along the way, but we did stop for some home-made ice cream and made a friend, I think- Nice guy who uses all natural ingredients, he’s 73 years old and looks younger, and he thought I looked younger than I told him I am. I left him a link to a web site and an email address and never thought to ask his name. He lives on the west side of highway 114 a bit north west of Alma.

We got to the rocks at twenty minutes to closing and the light was not so good when we got there. But I think I got one decent photo to replace another photo at the top of one of my blogs and that worked out okay, I think.

Today I felt lousy and had strange fever dreams, one of Tony Soprano’s enforcers came around to axe me what was the hold up with getting my mother out of the house she had sold to a nice little old Italian lady who had bad friends and no patience. And a melancholy girl who had been kicked out of her home by her mother, supported by her grandmother for a couple years and then told not to come home without a job or money for rent and grandma and aunty didn’t care what she had to do to get it, wanted to know if she could make a lot of money posing nude for a photographer and I guess I looked like a photographer and I felt awful for her and gave her the keys to my travel trailer (In the dream I had a small travel trailer- not the tiny- made in Canada ones, but small and when I got her there she was afraid to stay in it alone, so I slept at the kitchen table while she slept in the bed and I don’t know how that turned out because I woke up.

The photos did not load where they should have- and when I tried to click on one to try to see if I could move it down and write above it- everything else on this page disappeared.

But I got it back, I can live with this- so I guess I can’t complain too loudly-




Posted by Jim Wellington - June 8th, 2017

Thursday, June 8th, 2017  —> 28˚C / 82˚F @ Noon in Atlantic Canada —> & That’s too hot. [ imagine smiley sticking its tongue out at the weather man here ] —


Another Dream of moving back to a childhood home:


I dreamed the government forced us to move back

into ‘the projects’ we moved out of in 1959

on January 8th – I was 9 years old


I pointed out the wall

my father built

between the living room

and the kitchen

where I remembered eating venison one Sunday

after my father came home drunk

before we knew what ‘drunk’ meant –

He sang silly songs and confessed undying love

for everybody

then grinned

and asked how we liked eating Bambi?

my sister, two years younger than me –

screamed and ran away crying


My father got red in the face angry and screamed,

“You get back here and finish eating what we put in front of you!”

But then he let my mother talk him out of that

And sang another slightly off key

silly barber shop song

and smiled from ear to ear

“I’d walk a mile –

for a smile -”

{ I think that might have been “Daddy’s Little Girl” ? }


– but in this dream

the two bedroom duplex

had been altered.

An archway had been cut through the wall

between one bedroom and the grumpy old neighbours’ half of the house

{ they had to be long dead by now – the husband

was a World War I vet who’d been gassed

in the trenches and sat in a chair in the shade or on his porch

all day, almost every day, unless it was raining or snowing or too cold,

and scowled at the world while he worked his dentures

without touching them

and rocked back and forth

in a chair with no rockers. }


– and

on the other side of that arch

the old neighbour’s two bedroom unit

had been turned into a store – that sold

Christmas stuff year round.

And then I heard

some kind of evangelical preacher

demand we all come to his church

every day of the week

every week of every year

and pay him

more money than anybody could make


or face burning in hell throughout eternity


I walked back to the living room,

– couldn’t find Cathi,

realized three or four families’ kids had opened up the couch

and thrown mattresses around the floor and were

making a real mess in the kitchen –

– I tried to lay myself down to rest

and one dark haired girl with a ‘pixie cut’ screamed,

“Hey – get out of there, that’s my spot.”

and I screamed back,

“This is my house, and no, I’m not moving.”


before anybody could think of a clever response –

I woke up


—– Jim


Posted by Jim Wellington - June 8th, 2017

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 —>  24˚C / 76˚F  —> Sunny & maybe too bright @ 11:11 am in Atlantic Canada —> J.J. Kacik’s Birthday – & I just realized that Yesterday was my brother in law, Roger French’s birthday  —


I’m beginning to hate bugs

a lot more than I used to

it feels like there oughtta be a way

to easily keep the damned things

out of this house.

either I need so many blankets I sweat to death

or wake up with a million bites all over

and feel like I’d rather just lay down and die

than go through another day of this –


—– Jim

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