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Committee breakfast.
I went outside to photograph the sunrise after I brought a little bit of oats out to the Deer Hill, and was surprised to see a family of deer already there having breakfast – Then I tried to change the settings on the sizes of the photos & ‘Media’ for this WordPress Blog and it seems to want to over-ride my changes. Grrrrr- But anyway, This is a cropped photo with the deer and the wild backlighting in effect. I’ll try to load this at full size and see what it says.  —jim w—

— Saturday, March 19th, 2016 —  //  -10˚C / +14˚F & Clear & quite bright out there at 9:00 am Atlantic Daylight Savings Time — I think today is my grammar school friend, Donald Hanichek’s Birthday. I could have the spelling wrong – and the last time I bumped into him we were in our twenties and both shopping at an art supply store where my friend, Kim, worked. I think Don was picking up art supplies for the place where he worked, and he pointed at me, smiled and said, “This is what I like about living here-” (bumping into childhood friends) —

— This week’s Media News included a bit on how consumers brought a complaint to the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Television Commission? — expanded to include cable and satellite etc. ? ) About the way Cable ‘Provider’s are handling things. The CRTC ordered cable companies to provide a cheap, stripped down ‘basic’ package that had to include the major Canadian Networks and possibly a couple US networks — I’m not 1,000 % ‘up’ on the details – But – They were also supposed to ‘provide’ single channel options, and not just offer channels inside ‘Bundles’ that a lot of people were complaining contain a bunch of channels they never watch and have no desire to pay for.  & Now it seems that the cable ‘providers’ – “jacked” the price of all the single channels they offer – up as high as they could get away with – and people are complaining now that it would cost them more to get just the few channels they want than all the channels they didn’t want before.

— & Now, Yesterday, Our local CBC Morning News Program reported that a new complaint has come to the CRTC regarding one of the major Media Providers and the way they charge for Cell Phone ‘service’ – They made it very easy for anyone on a family’s plan, including the minor children, to go past the ‘Data Transfer’ limits on their family plan – As in Testing and connecting to radio and YouTube NetFlix and stuff like that. The woman who brought this one complaint in question to the CBC reporters discovered that her minor son was able to go to a ‘screen’ where the warning “You are about to exceed the monthly Data Transfer Limit associated with your family plan – If you wish to continue receiving the program you are attempting to connect to you must verify that you will pay for the additional Data transferred. Do you wish to continue? If So Type “Yes” – ” The woman got her bill for that month, opened it and nearly fell down. The additional data transfer the company said she owed amounted to over $1,700.00 Canadian. After she complained to the CRTC the Cell Phone ‘Service’ was ordered to pay most of that back to her. The reporter told us that some complaints reported much higher amounts the ‘provider’ claimed the consumer owed, whether a minor child or the actual bill payer ‘okayed’ the extra data transfer or whatever –

— The CBC reporter identified the company in this case as ‘Rogers’ who may now own the iconic tower in ‘Downtown Toronto’ and might even own the Toronto Blue Jays. I could be wrong on this point. But anyway. The love of my life had a family plan with Rogers and needed to watch her bills extremely closely because the company tried to bill her in accordance to one plan after numerous long phone calls complaining and explaining that she had the plan that allowed her teenaged daughter either unlimited or close to unlimited data transfer every month while holding the rest of us, who didn’t text much, or in my case, not at all –  And every month they tried to tell her that that was not the plan she had and every month she fought and argued and said, “Yes it was the plan she agreed to-” And they would get those details correct and the company representative would say that ‘these are your contract’s terms’ – and read her what she wanted to hear, and then the very next month the bill would come in as if those conversations/complaints had never happened. She was close to tears every month over this nonsense. It seemed ver much like the company had a policy of: “Charge them whatever we freakin feel like charging them – and threaten them with legal action for breach of contract if they don’t pay our version of this- and to hell with what they think they want or what they think they agreed to-” And then they made their customers service complaints so contentious and maddening that they hoped their ‘treasured customers’ would just shut up and pay whatever was on their bills.

— Schnarr! —

And Now back to pretty pictures:

Deer blending in on the hill.
— “Wide Shot” of the deer that surprised me this morning – Here they began to run away as I was walking up close to where I had just stood and tossed cups full of oats up to ‘their spot’ on the hill.  —jim w—

— Okay, this blog doesn’t like full sized photos, let me publish what I have here and see how it comes out and maybe edit some more later.

—  Schnarr –.

~~~~~ Jim

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Somebody’s Been Busy –

Copied & Pasted from Jim W’s “Latest News From Aerendel” Blog:

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Zen Corner through glass and plastic
“Zen Corner Through Glass And Plastic” – This photo was taken at about 9 am this morning through a porch window and its interior plastic shield – using a Samsung Galaxy II phone – not my usual Olympus Camera. —jim w—

— Tuesday Evening, March 8th, 2016 — // — Dark and -1˚C / +30˚F @ 7:45 pm in Atlantic Canada —

— I guess you can tell you live in a ‘Civilized’ area when last night’s Television News included the following:

— Tonight a Woman in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia went to her Compost Bin and it Growled at Her —

— The culprit was a young and scruffy looking raccoon.

— I tried to find a photo of the scruffy young raccoon in the green plastic recycling bin via Twitter and became severely distracted by too much positive reinforcement going around – like:

Steve Jobs quoted.
I used to think Steve Jobs was a guy with a nasty temper who made fun of virgins and went to Apple Board Meetings barefoot and snarled at everybody. That’s the way he was portrayed in a teevee movie about the computer revolution – Just recently I discovered that he was a follower of Paramahansa Yogananda – a Yogi who gave away copies of “Autobiography of a Yogi” – Or did I just come here from a parallel world that’s not quite as positive as this place?
Michael Moore's ballot - he voted for Bernie Sanders.
Michael Moore voted for Bernie Sanders in a primary – Sounds good to me.

— There is way too much positive stuff in the ‘Tweet-Us-Sphere’ tonight. Most of it concerns women’s safety and equality – with a hashtag #InternationalWomensDay –

The Granddaughters of Witches who survived the burning times.
“We are the [Daughters and] Granddaughters of Witches You Couldn’t Burn”
Woman Protesting inequal wages.
PG Rated Message? 72% of equal wages for equal work might warrant a frustrated cuss word or two – & not everyone know how to say “Schnarr!”
Positive Quote
Nice, Positive Quote? — Unless you’ve been messed with to the point where you can’t stand anybody suggesting you should see the world their way, positive or not – But, hey, I got over that attitude years ago. 🙂

— And I left a lot of stuff out. There’s not enough room here to fill with all the good stuff on the internet tonight. Now that’s different –

~~~~~ Jim

Looks Like Spring – Feels Like The Deep Freeze –

Brrrrrr -
Cathi standing near bank of the wind-whipped St John River – gazing through the bitter cold toward the South Side of Fredericton.

— Thursday, 03 March, 2016 — // -10˚C / +14˚F With Bright Sunlight and Bitter Cold Wind in Atlantic Canada @ 4:59 pm //  Ian Punnett’s Birthday 🙂 —

— We had a busy early afternoon here in Atlantic Canada — The sun looked warm and the air was clear. But the wind – coming from the South West ahead of a winter storm blowing this way from Ontario and Quebec – was very damp and cold – the kind of cold that cuts right through you –

— We took a break in the middle of our tasks and appointments to gaze at the beauty of the river with its very bright reflections – And stepped out of the vehicle to take a couple of photos – But — Brrrrrr! Cathi gave up trying to stand outside and take a video of the wave action causing the built up ice to undulate near the edge of the solidly frozen ice. I took a couple of my own photos and ran back to the warmth, grabbed my warm insulated gloves, wore one of them and pulled my right hand up inside the cuff of my jacket so I could push the camera’s shutter button and not watch my fingers freeze and drop off my hand –

Icy River Bank
This is looking almost due south from the north side here. I didn’t notice the sunbeam streaking in from above when I took the photo.

— Yeah, so we got all our stuff done and hurried back home to thaw out and catch up on the news that Mitt Romney is warning his fellow Republicans not to vote for Donald Trump – who he called a Con-Artist and a Fraud. A friend told us that photos of Mr Trump as well as transcripts and excerpts from some of his television spots were used by a Psychology professor to describe the look and characteristics of a “Narcissistic Sociopath”.

— Enough for now –,


This Week’s Surprising News Story? Apple Versus the F.B.I.? With Apple Sticking Up For Consumer Privacy?

Friday, February 19th, 2016  §§ — -7˚C / +19˚F — Clear with a nice warm sun om Atlantic Canada @ 10:45 am  §§  —

People demonstrating against Governments hacking their iPhones.
CBC Radio One News this morning aired a discussion between Those who believe that Apple would give away too much if they caved in to the F.B.I.’s demand that they hand over code to help the F.B.I. crack into the iPhone of accused Terrorists in the recent California mass killings & Those who claim that this would only be a ‘one-off’ event.

— The guy who was arguing that the F.B.I. should be able to protect civilians from terrorists scoffed at the ‘slippery slope’ argument that if Apple gave government agents any help in cracking into their iPhones Then nobody’s privacy would be protected. He called Apple’s argument ‘disingenuous’. — The other side in this discussion did not mention anything about the idea that Government should be the servants of the citizenry, not despotic dictators who believe they should control everything and everybody and should have the right to snoop on everybody’s private thoughts, words and deeds. — The weird thing was, as a kind of aside in this discussion, it was mentioned that young people don’t believe their potential lack of privacy is as big a deal as do older people.

"Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies"
And – “[Telling The-] Truth is Treason In An Empire Of Lies”
— Whistle-Blowers are often stunned by the revelation that the people they believe they are protecting and defending by maintaining their high level of ethics don’t appreciate their efforts. — I remember hearing one US citizen announce that if he ever saw Ralph Nader crossing a road on a dark night he would not hesitate to attempt vehicular homicide. — This person bought the propaganda put out by the auto industry saying that automobile prices had to rise astronomically because of safety legislation brought on by Ralph Nader’s revealing that the industry knowingly sold vehicles that were “Unsafe At Any Speed”.

— Several Earthquakes in the past couple weeks have also caught my attention, and Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions were accurately predicted by Astrologer Dr. Luis Turi.

— This will have to be all for now. I have some ‘Real World’ commitments to fulfill.

— jda —

Looks Like We Have Some Crazy Weather Ahead –

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 -( -7°C / +19°F & snowing in the dark @ 6:15 am in Atlantic Canada )-

Weather tweet from CBC
Weird Weather Strikes Again? Will start out Cold and snowy and end up warm (8˚C/46˚F) and raining – with a good chance for local flooding?

— Okay, so at 5:30 this morning I looked out and it was snowing. It’s supposed to be +8°C / +46°F and heavily raining later this afternoon?

French Chateau
This has nothing to do with today’s weather – or anything other than the fact that I saw this on twitter on thought, huh- reminds me of Lyons, France –

— Does that make any sense to anyone out there? It’s freakin February 16th –

Snow Day Tweet
– & – Well, I betcha kids will love this, but I know too many grown-ups who gotta go to work today, and with the threat of freezing rain before this turns to all rain, I think I’m gonna have some grumpy people all around me.

— Um, I resolved the following problem & am about to update this article here: { & Ooops – I can’t upload photos here – will have to try again later from another computer. }

— jda —

“Winter Today – Springlike Tomorrow” ?

Copied & Pasted from “Latest News From Aerendel”

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Wednesday, February 3rd  ∞  -9˚C / +16˚F & snowing in Atlantic Canada @ 11:11 am ∴ I think it might be Ian Anderson’s Birthday ψ

Walking Dogs in Snow Photo
The CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Company – encourages regular people to send in photos and videos. I hope this is not to cut down on the number of employees they might otherwise  need to pay to do that.

— It just took me two hours to wade through a lot of beautiful and sometimes disturbing tweets. Eek.

Jefferson versus Corporations.
– Thomas Jefferson – Author of many famous quotes, including “Banking Establishments are more Dangerous than Standing Armies.” Who’d’a thunk an Aries could be so prophetic?

— I was the recording engineer for an interview between Dr John Battista – a Psychiatrist and Green Party Activist in Connecticut – and David Cobb – a Texas Lawyer who was part of a group that had researched the history of corporations in the United States – and that group was fighting against Corporate Fascism – David Cobb, I do believe, ran for President of the USA as the Green Party Candidate in 2004 – After I had followed my heart to Canada and was trying to first become a permanent resident, and later, a dual citizen of the US & Canada. In 2004 I couldn’t leave Canada – unless I wanted to start the long and expensive process of applying for permanent residency all over again.

— & speaking of evil corporations – Canada has ruled that cable teevee providers must offer channels that they currently only offer as part of bundles – and so lower the cost that consumers need to pay to get what they want. Rogers Cable is blitzing the airwaves with propaganda commercials trying to lure customers into falling for their – “Get our packaged bundles now and lock yourself in to wonderful lower prices for three years!” b.s. — And Bell Aliant – who promised us three years of low prices and later informed us that we misinterpreted what they told us – had MTV in our channel line up on Monday, and no MTV was there on Tuesday, when the Shannara  Chronicles air. So I guess that proves that Bell is definitely on the side of the demons that the ‘Druid’ and the three young hero types in that series are trying to defeat. Yup, Bell is probably one of the bad guys.

Michael Moore advertizing his newest movie.
Michael Moore has another movie about to come out. He’s gotta be one of my favourite people.

— The Mouse that Roared? In Reverse?

Ground Hog Against the TPP
– Well, a groundhog with a social conscience? – Hmm – Don’t’cha wish the politicians and oligarchs who want to rule over you and run your life had as much intelligence and compassion as this guy? 😉

— Your government is lying to you. They want you to voluntarily give up every right and privilege you have. They want to say you voted away your rights. They want to be able to point their fingers at you and say, “They made me do it-” & When they get to Hell, they want to show the devils there that they really were on the side of darkness and deceit, so they can get a job as one of the demons torturing the decent folks they deceived into backing policies and programs that drove other good people into despair and economic slavery.

Fredericton Skies this morning.
But New Brunswick had a spectacular sunrise this morning, and this person from Fredericton caught it digitally on her camera.

— Today’s weather report, “Well, this afternoon we will experience Winter and by tomorrow it will feel like Spring.”

Opportunity or obstacle?
And here’s a bit of daily inspiration from Roy Bennett.

— I do like to have at least something positive to add any time I go through the trouble to write up what I see coming at us via the ‘Tweet-Us-Sphere’ and in real life beyond.

Very interesting waterfall.
And if thoughtfully reassuring words can’t inspire you right now, maybe a photo like this can –

— Looks like another place I’d like to visit and stay for a while.

— But I have other real world stuff to attend to, so I better end here – Have a wonderful, spiritually enlightening day –,

~~~~~ Jim

Ground Hog Day – 2016

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 — -6˚C / +21˚F — Sunny & bright, clear, and colder than yesterday in Atlantic Canada @ 9:11 am — Birthdays today: Close Friend Lisa and Cousin Lyn in Connecticut 🙂 & I think our friend Angie ( née Shean ) up here has a birthday too – 🙂 —

I don’t know if this will be readable – but a friend impressed me by doing this on an obsolete computer with an obsolete operating system and an obsolete photo program.

— Draelen Shantivarta ( ‘Somewhere out west’ -) managed to download a screen shot from the game that several of us are still working on, and, using a G5 Mac running OS X 10.4-something which supports OS 9 “Classic”, where he used Photo Deluxe, a program from the early 90’s, to import, trim, and write every line ( one at a time ) then drag and resize the text (one line at a time). & to tell ya the truth, the screen shot looks like icebergs are floating close to shore somewhere.

Bernie and Barbara.
Barbara Walters interviewing Bernie Sanders before anybody had any idea that he could do so well in Iowa

— A lot of people were buzzing this morning about how well Bernie Sanders did in the Iowa Caucus yesterday. He started out polling in single digits and ended up in a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton, who is backed by big money and a powerful political machine.

Caucus Results
Hillary received 49.9% of the Democratic Votes tallied in yesterday’s Iowa Caucuses, Bernie received 49.5%? That should scare a lot of the wrong people. And six of the delegates were awarded by a coin toss?

— Hillary’s supporters were tweeting up a storm yesterday while Bernie had Michael Moore and a handful of activist celebrities ( including Susan Sarandon ( “Dammit – Janet!” ) and Wil Wheaton? – ( Wesley from Star Trek Next Generation? ) Plus a lot of dedicated grass-roots people. Exit polls cited by the BBC said 84-91% of voters under 30 years old voted for ‘The Bern’

California Bridge over shallow water stream
– This is in California? Wow –

— & As for me, I think I’d like to be in a nice warm place like the photo above right now. The person who tweeted it said, “California”? Must be upstate, north of San Francisco?

Water falling lazily around an old castle somewhere?
– And I have no idea where this is, but I do believe I could live there and love it. –

— Looks like the inspiration for the Elven City of Rivendel, as portrayed in The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Movies.

Bridge over a river somewhere.
– And this is another beautiful, intriguing place that I think I’d like to at least visit –

— I think my friend, Draelen, knows more about where this photographer/Tweeter is from, I think he told me she’s from Germany – But wow – what a beautiful world we live in. I think somebody tweeted a photo of Leonard Nimoy as Spock with a quote that went something like, [ understatement alert ] “Anybody who would destroy their home planet – is illogical.”

— I spent yesterday doing carpentry stuff, reinforcing the wobbly legs to a computer desk, and then brought an overheating iMac back from its most recent ‘near-death-experience’, caught up with a couple of friends on effbook and twitter, and watched ‘Supergirl’ and ‘X-Files’ before making sure computers were still okay and hadn’t blown up yet and forgot to take one of my medications. ( And No – I’m not one of the people doug otterson cited as needing to self medicate after seeing the photograph of an upright black cat playing a guitar – 😉

— And – I’m still wracking my brains over how to handle difficult passages in a novel that I’m trying to finish.

— Happy Ground Hog Day!

~~~~~ Jim

– Welcome to February –

Insanely Early, Monday Morning, February 1st, 2016 -( -1˚C / +30˚F — Dark and comparatively warm for this time of year in Atlantic Canada @ 1:35 am )-

Progress in non-polluting Tech?
– Looks like a happy goat –

— Progress in non-polluting technology? & Here’s a quote from a tweet that got away – “More Energy Shines on the Earth in An Hour than the world uses in a Year.”

— Ex- Bridgeport, Connecticut, actor and ‘personality’ Robert Mitchum once said, “The only difference between me and my fellow actors is that I’ve spent more time in jail.”

Beach scene in P.E.I.
– Prince Edward Island –

— & Strangely enough – Prince Edward Island has the best recent record for rising wages. ( But a woman who talks to ‘Aliens’ said they told her that P.E.I. will be under water when Climate Change roars across the planet. )

— jda —

Politix Raining Down on the Last Day of January?

Sunday, January 31st, 2016 -( 0˚C / +32˚F — Dark and fairly warm for this time of year in Atlantic Canada @ 8:37 pm )-

Snowman Doing Yoga Headstand.
I had to look twice at the snowman before I realized what was up. 🙂

— I spent too much of last night trying to undo weird glitches on my laptop – Then I switched to this computer to look up “How do you delete a user account that isn’t working right on a Mac with OS X 10.9.5?” ( It won’t accept its passwords – and nobody logged in and changed those passwords, so I haven’t the foggiest what might be going on there. )

Jesse Ventura Tweet
Jesse Ventura likes the idea that Donald Trump is dismantling the Republican Party in the U.S.A.

— But ya know what? There’s a lot of back and forth grumbling about politiks, especially back in the “States” where the Iowans are about to kick off another round of Presidential Election Season maneuvering.

Leading Democratic Candidates Records and Attitudes compared.
Michael Moore has been tweeting up a storm about the differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. – Somebody from Fox News believes Michael Moore is laughable because he generalized about the Republicans stance on issues he believes are very important – Fox News Pointing their finger at anyone’s shortcomings? That’s what’s laughable.

— Michael Moore has been poking holes in a lot of arguments about the Republicrats’ race to the White House, including citing poles that say that Bernie can’t get enough Democrats’ votes to beat Trump – But when Independent voters are figured into the mix Sanders clobbers Trump – But Hillary wouldn’t.

Conservative claims they created a budget surplus debunked.
Meanwhile, in Canada, There are ‘Spin-Wars’ going on with Conservatives claiming they handed the new Liberal Government a Big Surplus. As this series of tweets and retweets (above) points out, The Conservatives tried to un-fund several areas and with-held funds earmarked – for instance – for Veterans Health care – Where they shut down 9 regional offices – which made it harder, nearly impossible for some vets to get help for their PTSD issues – which resulted in and “Epidemic” of Veterans committing suicide, and then the Minister of Veterans Affairs became extraordinarily unpopular by appearing on television newsbyte news handing the Prime Minister a cheque for a Billion Dollars in ‘savings’/money not spent saving veterans’ lives. So what we had here was the rich robbing the poor and powerless and handing each other the spoils of their privateering. EI = Employment Insurance. The Harper Conservatives tried to make it so hard for downsized / laid off and retired workers to get help that the middle class is shrinking catastrophically up here – Retirement Benefits were basically ‘put on hold’ with retired citizens waiting so long for their benefits to start that it really looked like the Conservatives were hoping the retirees would drop dead before they could collect any of the money they’d earned over their life times.

— A lot of people are now openly calling ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper a Corporate Fascist.

Bedroom Tax.
And in the United Kingdom – Something that some of us thought was a joke that couldn’t be true – looks like it’s reality : The elected government over there wants to institute a “Bedroom Tax” with provisions that exclude the Royalty and the very rich from having to pay anywhere near as much as the middle class and especially the poor – who would be paying for this new tax – which sounds like an old Monty Python Routine.

— [ ‘Carers’ listed above would be ‘Home Health Care Providers’, as in: someone taking care of a sick parent or relative, or foster child, etc. ]

Intelligence Versus Confidence?
– I’m not entirely sure who the ‘she’ is – referred to in the comment that accompanied this tweet. I’m not even sure it’s someone in the UK, but that would be my best guess – And the quote is something worth pondering, if only to wonder if it might be more true if a couple of the words were slightly changed.

— How about, “The problem is that Sensitive People take their time to think about the consequences of their propsed actions while Belligerant people turn their minds off and charge straight ahead swinging virtual and verbal clubs and axes at anything in their way.” ?

New York City?
And this final photograph of the evening reminds me both of times when New York City felt like a wondrous and almost strangely beautiful place and it ‘scared the living cement out of me’ with the brutality of its indifference and greed.

— This is probably enough damage for anyone’s peace of mind to suffer through tonight –

— jda —

– uh –

Friday, January 29th, 2016 -( -2˚C / +28˚F — already dark & snowing lightly here in Atlantic Canada @6:51 pm )-

– “Wow-” I’m not sure I could get a shot this magnificent, even if I owned several thousand dollars worth of camera equipment and had the patience and insanity to move into a place where such a beautiful creature might need to eat me for lunch.

— Um – after reading a delightful ‘friendly warning’ message in the new wordpress blog I was tricked into signing up for – “From time to time we may need to [ stick ] ads [ into your blog messages ] to keep your blog free [ hint – hint – send us money ] ” – I went and downloaded, activated another blog with the intent of copying everything from the one I didn’t want in the first place, and, after messing around with settings etc. I learned that it’s really hard to get your favourite fonts ported over into your self-hosted blogs – And – while I was changing fonts in the “Appearance / Editor” css coded listing – the whole freakin thing went bonkers like it decided I wanted it to look like something that could fit on an iPad or my Sweetie’s Tablet – I ended up wasting an hour trying to find a place to click on “I do not want this to look like no stupid mobile device blog” before I deleted the theme I started with and imported a new instance of that theme (“Twenty Sixteen” – you are probably looking at it right now.)

— Um. It took me all freakin afternoon to ‘create’ the blog, copy and paste maybe 5 articles/posts – and I was about to start writing my hopefully uplifting novel when I foolishly checked email and twitter – and – oh well –

Jim Wellington shared a link.
18 hrs ·

stuff from effbook
My friend, Jim, posted and commented on Paul Kantner’s life and passing and a couple of his friends commented on that –
Jefferson Airplane guitarist and co-founding member Paul Kantner has died. Kantner died Thursday (Jan. 28) of multiple organ failure. From 1965-1972,…
Kc Staples likes this.
Jim Wellington
Jim Wellington No way I can “Like” this. Dangit. Too many people I looked up to are leaving the planet – Um, maybe some of them finished their job? raised the planet’s vibrations to the best of their abilities and it’s time they got a rest?

Christine Kantrowitz
Christine Kantrowitz Heavy year so far.

Jim Wellington
Jim Wellington You got that right – Some sources say that a lot of very good people have given all they had and moved us a little bit closer to “Heaven on Earth” – but have burnt themselves out in the process, and/or even very good people who can’t let go of the past won’t be able to face the kind of ‘Brave New World” they dread might be ahead of us. Me? I know I’m seeing very positive spiritual progress in the right direction, even while the ‘dark side’ is throwing their most desperate last gasping dis-heartening weapons at us. They can’t win. There are too many of us. Hug everyone you care about and know we are amplifying each other’s love, compassion, prayers and intentions and inspiration and sending that on to whoever needs it or wants it or can value it. – Every morning the light is a little stronger and everything coming toward us is singing, “You are Loved!” & “Thank you for being there!”


— And I couldn’t let that go by un-praised.

Niagara Falls in Winter.
How do you look at a world this beautiful and want to destroy it? -Okay, so it might be a bit on the chilly side today, but human kindness is warming us faster than inhuman neglect and abuse can ruin all our lives on us.

— & so – tired as I am, I needed to write a little more here to share with anyone who might care before I go knock myself out working out the tougher mind-bending plot twists in a novel that’s supposed to make everybody who reads it feel happy they’re alive and at least trying to be nice to each other –

Golden Eagle in Flight.
I saw my first Bald Eagles since I moved to New Brunswick – Now somebody says at least one Golden Eagle has returned to marshland not far from where I sit.

— I took screen shots of several hopeful photographs from quite a few tweets I read this late afternoon, and I think only one or two of them are about to find their way into this little article here-

Iroquois Caucus says no to Energy East Pipeline.
My sisters and brother and cousins grew up believing we were part some kind of Iroquois – had traces of blood from one of the Iroquois Tribes in our veins – Maybe the Earth sings to us while we sleep and dream. Maybe we hear Her screaming when the bad guys decide they have every right to tear Her apart and try to kill Her in their quest for a little spending money while they make sure the rest of us starve and run out of healthy water and air.

— But I wanted this to be an almost entirely positive article – dangit –

Hemmingway quote
The world is a fine place, quote from Ernest Hemingway. My maternal grandmother says we’re related to him. –
bilingual quote
Knowledge & Education should create citizens that are difficult to push around – 🙂
Donate furniture to Bhutan.
– Beautiful Peaceful Photograph – I have to look into this. When we’re finished with supplying our newest refugees with their basic needs and enough extra to let them know their gentle God is alive and well in Canada – It looks like the Bhutanese need our love and assistance, too –

— Enough for today? I’ve gone beyond and have almost nothing left to write my soul saving novel with – It is now 9:43 pm. –

— jda —