Burkina Faso ? The Atrocity of the Day Show ?

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Fat Cat Distract & Deceive Cartoon
“How to distract and deceive the decent, honest, working people of this world while you pick their pockets”?

Russell Brand on inequality.
“The Rich [ top 1%? ] Don’t believe inequality is an issue? ” Quote from Russell Brand.
— It’s “The Atrocity of the Day” show in main stream media.

— Yesterday, If anyone asked me what Burkina Faso was, or where it might be, I’d admit ignorance and guess it might be a city or an island and might guess it would be in the Pacific, somewhere near Singapore?

— Today, it looks like Burkina Faso has been firmly put on the map, just south of Mali in Africa. 28 in a luxury hotel dead –  from 18 countries, including 6 from Canada? All of the Canadians were from Quebec?

— I have several friends who follow Conspiracy Investigators. Many of them believe that Al-Qaeda and ISIS were deliberately created by the C.I.A. and/or M.I.6 under orders from the ‘Elite’ who want to control everything and everybody and have learned that if they can keep the general population of this world in a constant state of fear, they can con anyone who believes they live in the ‘Free World’ into voluntarily surrendering all their rights, privileges and freedoms in the name of a ‘National Security’ – which then turns their own governments guns around and points deadly force at their own foreheads.

— I have heard radio interviews with lawyers and psychological ‘de-programmers’ who say they have evidence that ‘dark ops’ groups – break off ‘rogue’ units of especially US Armed Services have been ‘targeting’ individuals, kidnapping them from their homes, taking them to places where they are conditioned using “MK-Ultra” techniques, brainwashed into becoming “Manchurian Candidate” type assassins who have been hypnotized and had their memories wiped, but who can be contacted and activated any time by their handlers, had the right word whispered in their ears and sent out on a suicide mission to kill as many innocent civilians as possible and hopefully get themselves killed in the process so nobody can hypnotize them and learn what has actually happened. The Conspiracy Investigators say this has been happening since the Texas Tower killer in the 1970’s and maybe before that. Sirhan Sirhan, who was charged with assassinating Robert Kennedy, was supposed to be one of the victims or this kind of programming, and eye witnesses have testified that Sirhan Sirhan was ‘glassy eyed’ and fired his gun at nothing while the real assassin was somebody wearing a security officer’s uniform who stepped up behind Senator Kennedy and shot him in the back of the head. Other victims of that kind of conditioning include the Unibomber, the guy who shot John Lennon, and maybe most of the recent mass shootings in the USA and around the world, including the guy who shot up the six-year olds in Sandy Hook (Newtown), Connecticut – The guy who shot up the the theatre in Colorado, and others – & I have deliberately not included a few of these mass killings because I’m not sure they quite fit the profile.

— I can’t endorse my friends’ theories one hundred percent, but every time another atrocity like this hits the main stream media and tries to shock the world’s state of mind off-center to make everyone more manipulate-able, I begin to wonder again, if maybe they just might be right.

— Um, That’s probably enough bad news for now –