“Dream Jernil”


-“ExodusStones” – I forgot where I downloaded this from, but this looks like a fine ‘Sticky’ Greeting / Portal to a “Dream Jernil”, Ya think? –

— Tuesday, Aprill 11th, 2017 —

— My last Dream Jernil blew up – But I could not let this morning’s dreams fly away into oblivion – So here we are —

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~~~~~ Jim

Our World – And Welcome To It –

— Saturday – July 11th, 2020 –

— { This is my first attempt to work inside an official Team’s website/ Blog. I copied and pasted this from “Barn Cat Rescue” where I got myself a web site ‘hosted by WordPress – But every time I try to log in they try to trick me into clicking on a link that sends me to “Pay this amount a month or this amount for a full year – give us your credit card details NOW!” And our friends said I could come here, gave me a password, etc. and said, “Go Get ‘Em!” – So This is an experiment – really. The first 3 paragraphs are copied and pasted from where they forced me to use their stupid “Blocks” format. I saved the photo/screen-shot and copied and pasted the caption and then copied and pasted the rest of the article – or post? that I wrote 3 days ago … and now I’ll click “Publish” and close my eyes and hope it works…. {{{ —> Nikki <— }}} …Here goes…. }

— Wednesday, July 8th, 2020- Jericho, Vermont

— We can only visit our Canadian Friends through the wonders of FaceTime or Video Messaging through Skype or even facebook.

— Our friend Doug is pretty good at taking his time and ‘creating’ ‘avatars’ that can move around and experience things inside the 3D gaming world some of our friends have been putting together for several years now. He created the woman character that almost looks like I used to. { We won’t talk about grey hairs, not even in relation to them being signs of ‘Wisdom’ – okay? }

- Nikki & Drae at Landsdrop Falls -
– Our Friend, Jim, in New Brunswick – ‘created’ Drae’s Avatar while Doug in New York State ‘created’ the version of me – or what I might look like in my dreams these days 🙂 –

— Doug in New York and Jim in New Brunswick were able to work on the same area at the same time and Doug was able to use his iPad to show us both a lot of their ‘game’ world and show us what they were able to do with characters that look like Drae and I – well, used to? They’ve still got a lot to do and Drae volunteered to record some music that might be appropriate to add to their game and when I said I didn’t think I had any skills to offer – Jim said that I sounded enthusiastic and maybe I could be something of a publicist- So that’s what I’m doing here – or at least trying – Drae says that WordPress used to be a lot less greedy and a lot more ‘user-friendly’ – I don’t know why anybody would go out of their way to make using their products so hard – but – maybe I’ll get the hang of this – Drae says he might want to strangle the next jerk that tries to tell us, “There’s a learning curve-” when what they really mean is, “You will either pay us more than this is worth or we’ll make it harder and harder for you to use our free stuff and get any enjoyment out of this.”

—And, after Doug emailed me the full sized ‘screen shot’ that he told me how to reduce in size and crop so it fit both the size and the file size requirements of this blog, I thought, at first, that Drae looked shorter than me, and he’s not – and then I realized his character, or ‘Avatar’ looks older than mine, and looks like he has some beard stubble there and I also realized, that whether it’s due to distortion, like what you get with a wide angle ‘Fish Eye’ camera lens – or not – I almost never get to look down at him.

— He grinned when I explained why I was laughing -when I realized that. And told me never to be afraid to laugh at his ‘Avatar’ of him, in person. Domestic tranquility? In this day and age? – “What a concept-“

—> Nikki <—

Staying Positive –

Friday – July 10th, 2020 – { Copied & Pasted from “Barn Cat Rescue” }

Wednesday – July 8th, 2020 – Jericho,Vermont.

- Modified Title Page Suggested Graphic -
– “Modified Suggested Title Page Graphic” –

— By the time I thought I was ready to “Publish” my blog – my very first adventure in blogging – I was so frustrated with WordPress – every time I turned around – they put ads disguised as helpful advice for a rookie blogger – but most of that helpful advice had price tags – “For ONLY $5.00 U$ a Month you can have this, or that…” They wanted to sell me “MY OWN Domain Name” and suggested “BarnCatRescue dot farm” { I put the capitals in there, they don’t allow them – It’s easier for me to read that line with the first letter of each word capitalized – } — Anyway, I was so disgusted I wanted to ‘flip the bird’ to my computer screen. I almost threw my hands up and screamed “Ahh – the hell with this, I don’t need the frustration -” then I laughed and typed into their ‘blocks’ in front of their graphic depiction of mountains. — And it stayed. Draelen came up behind me and laughed with me – When I turned to look at him, he said I looked like I was ready to cry – he smiled and said, “That’s good – I’d publish it.” He said I blushed, I know I closed my eyes and clicked on the right button to ‘take my blog live-”

— I was still embarrassed about venting like that – and thought WordPress would at least shut down my site and maybe even sue me. But No – at least after 4 days the site is still up and no sheriffs have shown up at our door with nasty papers they’d want me to sign…

— And then Doug encouraged me to put a screen shot of that graphic up here – He’s been coaching me on how to do this – Me – here on my aging MacBook – Him – in New York sending me text messages on his iPhone.

— Jim said part of the frustration I was feeling could have been amplified by the fact that Mercury has been retrograde in Cancer —> amplifying both positive and negative emotions at least until Sunday – when things are supposed to start getting better.

— And Doug told to me add what I was texting with what was my first article/post on the blog part of my blog :

- "How do we stay Positve?" -
– “How do we stay positive?” – In a font we can’t use here unless we fork over more money –

How do we stay at least mostly positive when everywhere we look unethical corporate stooges are sucking all the fun out of life?

Get back to nature?

- "Cat Woman Greeting Card" -
– “Accept the unconditional love our pets give us freely? – Get Back To Nature?” –

— The above is a card my husband bought when we were traveling down south { she laughed } All the way down south like Connecticut? No occasion- he just liked the card. And so do I. It’s titled “Cat Woman” – Original painting by Marie Buchfink- And sold/distributed by a company called “Spirit Art” that looked like it specialized in Native American / First Nations / Indigenous arts an culture.

  • Spirit Art
  • P.O.Box 39082
  • Edina, MN 55439 ( U.S.A.)
  • (At least they were there in 1992)

— And I still can’t get used to not having paragraphs begin indented – But this message is a whole lot more pleasant than the ‘Example’ post/article that came with this blog.

— { Doug told me how I could add three dashes that will look like one long dash and then indent one space – so it looks like I have a silly habit of starting every new paragraph with a dash – Which didn’t look so bad when he did it, so – what the heck? Maybe it won’t look completely stupid if I do that? Somebody might just think I’m really creative and that’s my style? }

—> Nikki <—

— { P.S. This was my actual first post – I thought it left too much to be desired, but Draelen, Doug and Jim all said I did fine. Now Draelen says I’m blushing bright red… }

Do We Really Need Police?

– Friday, July 10th, 2020 – { Copied and Pasted from Barn Cat Rescue … }

- Rachel - or her avatar - guarding a virtual border in our virtual world. -
– “Rachel – Or at least – her avatar – Guarding a virtual border in our virtual world.” –

{ I had a poll here when I ‘published this article on my experimental blog – I don’t know if it will show up here… }

- Demonstrators - Header -
– “Demonstrators ” Title in a font they won’t let us use here –

— While I don’t know how great an idea it might be to get rid of all Police Forces altogether – I used to hear Draelen play a computer game in which Leonard Nimoy quoted – I believe it was Socrates – who said, “I have gained this from Philosophy – That I do out of choice what others do only out of fear of the law”

— & I remember our friend, Jim, calling himself an ‘Enlightened Anarchist’

— He said, “If you follow the ‘Love and do as thou wilt’ advice – you don’t need some jackass pointing a gun at your head or threatening you with life in prison to know you don’t want to hurt anybody -“

— Sigh – But I guess we’re not going to solve all this world’s problems with a blog – are we?

—> Nikki <—

Saturday- July 22nd, 2017 – Dreams about flying & visiting friends & family

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 —> 13˚C / 55˚F & ‘Dark’ @ 10:42 pm in Atlantic Canada – I think today might have been Loren Morse’s birthday? If not Loren, then one of his brothers. (?)

Shot from a drone in Norway?
This was a tweet from ‘@BestNaturePosts’ – and I thought it was in keeping with this morning’s dreams of flying –

— I ‘lost’ parts of these dreams and struggled to remember them earlier –

— In vivid, near lucid dreams, I dreamed I was waking up in strange places and couldn’t remember how I got there – In this segment, one stranger who woke me up told me he thought it was about time I found myself someplace to live.

— second segment – After I got away from the guy who woke me up { in the dream } I began flying through a wooded area – my arms grew tired quickly from having to pull myself through, kind of like swimming the breast stroke.

— I landed inside a building, and barefoot, looked down to notice my big toe had its toenail encrusted in fungus (?) — I looked up and someone I used to work with in the US Postal system smiled at me and said something like, “these things happen-” when I told her about the fungus on my toenail – I think there were other people I used to work with in that environment. It felt like they were hanging back – watching like they weren’t sure it was okay for me to be talking to their friend since I’d quit the post office something like 30 years ago and since moved to Canada – Everybody looked the way they did back then.

— I did some more flying, this time with less effort – I remember wondering why I stayed so close to the ground, and only needed to flap my arms when I came too close to a fence ( a silver page fence )

— And finally I was flying with my brother and youngest sister. My sister was standing upright as we flew maybe ten yards/meters above the ground. When she began to sink, I flew over and grabbed her ankle and gave her a slight push higher above what looked like a well taken care of bit of parkland in hills near mountain valleys somewhere { My sister recently moved to Utah with her immediate fambly. Her kids are a bit scattered around, beginning their own lives, but have all gathered at her new home lately, the youngest is home there from her university type studies for the summer. 🙂  }

— shrug —

~~~~~ Jim

Sunday – Dreamed about writing contests and finding money on a sidewalk.

Sunday, July 9th, 2-17  —> 25˚C / 77˚F  —> Sunny with scattered clouds @ 11:59 am in Atlantic Canada —

– You can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page? – I’ve left a series of asterisks where I wanted to skip ahead in a story and later come back to fill in details, and done exactly that, would that qualify as editing a blank page? –

— I dreamed I wrote a story and submitted it somewhere – this felt like I was in an academic environment. I don’t remember anything about the story or other important details, like I was awarded three prizes that may have been monetary? – But I was called into some authority figure’s pressence and informed that because I had written something else somewhere that was critical of some corporation’s unethical practices, they had re-written the rules and disqualified me from the contest and confiscated my prizes. I told the authority figure that this did not surprise me. He told me my story could never be published anywhere, I responded that he was too late, it had already been published and distributed widely and that the conversation we were having had been relayed and would be broadcast on an unimpeachable news gathering service’s news channel.

— Then, either another dream or another chapter in that one? —> I was walking on a familiar sidewalk, and looking down, noticed coins had been dropped. I leaned down to pick up a penny and a dime. A little farther on down that sidewalk there was a hole that looked like it had been dug up for someone to work on electrical cables that had been buried. Mixed in with the dirt and frayed wires were at least six quarters, then more quarters, then a US silver dollar. I reached down and picked all this up and was trying to put it in my pocket when masses of school kids walking home from school appeared all around me.

— None of the above makes any sense to me right now, but that’s how my dreams went last night.

— In the past several days, both Cathi and I have had scads of strange dreams. None of them were earth shattering or loaded with interesting content, so I didn’t write any of them down in here.  —> Shrug —

~~~~~ Jim

Very Quick little dream on the fourth of July

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 —> 20˚C / 67˚F @ 11:16 am in partly cloudy slightly muggy Atlantic Canada 🙂 —> Nora L. Zellmer’s Birthday 🙂 & coincidentally Matt Kantrowitz’s Birthday, too 🙂 —

Cat driving a car
This is a photo I re-tweeted last September, I think it’s appropriate for a ‘dream jernil’ .—

— I woke up aching all over and ‘tired as he[-ck?]’ but the dog wanted to take my spot and I didn’t feel like arguing with him –

— So I thought I’d make sure my email computer didn’t blow up terminally last night during our 3.5 hour ‘unplanned’ blackout/power loss.

— & WordPress wanted me to do some manual updates and yeah – I could handle that.

— I fell asleep for maybe as few as 15 seconds with my fingers on the keyboard { & Might be lucky I didn’t compose any Donald Trump-like messages while I was unconscious on the Earth plane? }

— This very quick dream went like this: What looked like a Sid Meier’s “Civilization” game played this in front of me: —> Ships carrying refugees escorted by military or civilian militia body guards were attacked and sunk near a shore-line close to a darkened area of the game’s map { = either unexplored or ‘fog of war’ darkness? }

— Then I saw shadowy movement through the water, to the land – and movement like swarms of tiny shadows into the darkened area, which brightened as they arrived – and then a new ‘city’ appeared.

— Before I could see the name of the city – I woke up.

— & While I was yawning and realizing I’d been asleep and remembered the dream, I also remembered a weird dream I had years ago. At the beginning of that dream I felt dizzy & frustrated about thinking I’d been drugged and dropped in a maze I couldn’t find my way out of in that drugged condition. Still inside that dream, I then ‘heard’ a voice I didn’t recognize narrate as images flowed:

— [ Narrator: ] “My name is Joe Barnes and I live out on the track – [ I saw a disused race track and thought it looked like one of the race tracks in the New York City area – a place I’d only seen on t.v. and in the movies. The property had high walls and barbed wire all around and guards that looked like militarized swat teams standing around with M-16’s and body armor and Kevlar helmets with blacked face plates that may have had night vision capabilities. Inside the walls of this ‘prison’ there were almost wall to wall addicts lying on the ground, unable to move, with their own caked-on feces and vomit and urine covering them and all around them. ] “The government has a new drug that is the most addictive substance known to science. They combine this with a weaponized substance that attacks the central nervous system and renders their victims paralyzed, and in extreme pain. The drug targets the dream centres of the victims’ brains and gives them a very intense ‘rush’ of exalted self-esteem -” [ I could see the hallucinations of several victims – beautiful young women dressed in silver and gold lamé with shoes to match were strutting around in groups of threes and fours, with their arms around each others’ backs, looking like the “Rockettes” from the 1950’s & 60’s. ] “One very common ‘dream’ induced by this stuff they call ‘electric milk’ convinces a lot of its victims that they are starring in a Broadway Musical production. The ‘crash’ – falling back down to reality – is physically, morally, emotionally and psychologically devastating. Before the victims realize they’ve been transported to this facility, government agents dressed like theatre ushers (wearing masks to protect themselves from breathing the fumes) blast an aerosal spray the drug into the noses of those whose euphoria, they can see, is wearing off. The victims then get a second rush that exhilarates, then weakens them. The agents, who are projected into the hallucinations as ‘hot’ love interests then escort the victims deeper into the facility where they believe they are going to bed and experiencing the best love-making they can imagine in a mansion, in a bedroom with a huge and very comfortable bed with satin sheets, surrounded by mirror balls and wonderful sound-track music. They wake up, too weak to get up off the ground, surrounded by putrid garbage, rotting corpses, and armed guards with guns at the ready. After a third dose of the drug, nobody has ever been able to ‘kick’ their addiction, and most have lost their ability to get up and walk, the nerve damage and complete lack of muscular control, complete loss of control of all bodily functions – occurs with five doses or less, leaving the victims unable to speak – unable to do anything but lie in their own filth, gasping for breath and feeling like every nerve and muscle has been set on fire. No one has survived longer than two weeks. Most succumb in five to ten days.” [ I saw what looked like a movie’s ending with the camera panning back and up into the sky to reveal a mess of rotting bodies and clouds of sick greenish smoke rising from the whole compound. ] [ Joe Barnes continued his narration: “I was military myself. And then I became a law officer and detective in both the homicide and vice divisions for twenty years. I was targeted after I learned of this dark government project, shot in the back and left for dead after I told my supervisor that, no, I couldn’t just leave this alone, I was determined to get the word out that our own government is killing anybody they believe has a chance to cause them any trouble. They didn’t realize that I managed to crawl away and was found by a crazy old Viet Nam war-era corpsman who was able to patch me back together and get me back up on my feet. We’ve been spreading the word and now have a small army of crazy old vets and disillusioned investigators, and investigative reporters who still know who they can trust. We won’t move until we know we can win this thing and survive the backlash. They’re going down. We’re almost there-” ]

— That dream gave me the creeps. I wondered if ‘Joe Barnes’s ghost had found me and communicated his nightmare. Had he died in his attempt to put things right? Was this something that actually happened somewhere – or is happening in a parallel Earth? – ‘Why Me?’ – Or, had my wild and crazy imagination exploded with one heck of a weird and disturbing dream? How could any unconscious mind come up with such vivid details?

— Shudder — ,

~~~~~ Jim

Looking For Pieces of a Lost Car at Somebody’s Wedding?

Monday, May 22nd, 2017 —>  15˚C / 59˚F —> Grey & looking like it wants to rain @ 10:38 am in Atlantic Canada —>  It’s Victoria Day —

— Dream: —>

— I was at work. It looked more like my Trucking Company job from the early 70’s than anything since then. One of the guys I was working with was somebody I knew in the eighties when I was working at the Post Office. —> The supervisors sent me and this guy about 20 miles away for something. I had my father’s old 1951 grey Dodge & drove us both to where we had to go – looked like another kind of job site altogether – we got a tour of the place and then I had to go pick something up – My friend got to work and I drove away to pick up the ‘whatever’ – I was on the highway in the rain and the car overheated. I got off the highway and waited, then started up and shifted into drive when the car cooled down. I drove a bit, but the car wasn’t performing, it had slowed down to ‘ridiculous’ – I tried to pull over and ended up driving into an area where I couldn’t go anywhere, but down a steep, nearly un- navigable series of hills and then stopped at the edge of somebody’s property. I looked around and at that property dozens of people were getting ready for a wedding to be celebrated in their garden. I asked a couple guys to help me get the car out of their way. The guys picked up the shell of the car without the wheels, undercarriage or engine and carried it into a barn with the shells of dozens of other cars, all piled ‘willy-nilly’. Somebody had pulled the wiring harness and reduced it to a long rubber coated cable with loads of white plastic square connectors. I watched them take that somewhere and looked around for the rest of the car. I couldn’t find any part of the car anywhere while I was walking around in the middle of bride’s maids who seemed to have become familiar enough with my presence so it didn’t bother them at all that I was there. —> Somehow or other, my friend from work arrived there and looked at me like he was sorry for me, but wanted to make like he didn’t know me, because that would have been too embarrassing in front of all the dressed up, good-looking women at the wedding. —> I kept looking for my car, ended up walking around the house on top of bushes and around a dog that I hoped wouldn’t get territorial and want to bite me. I made it to the front of the house and seemed to be locked out and totally ignored by everybody inside.

— Weird — ,

~~~~~ Jim

Easter Sunday – April 16th, 2017

Easter Sunday, April 16th, 2017 —>  +12˚C / +53˚F & Cloudy & damp @ 1:24 pm in Atlantic Canada —> Happy Easter / Happy Anything you want to celebrate today 🙂 —

Happy Easter
– “Blessed & Happy Easter” – Tweet from ‘Novelicious’ – I like the fact that she credits where the painting/image came from –

— The latest dream, just before I woke up this morning —>

— I was ‘Inside the head’ of a ‘clever’ junior employee in the online division of an Irish Newspaper — Other employees eagerly looked forward to the ‘original’ angles of the daily polls this person came up with – Last week’s theme seemed to be regional with ‘Questions’/Topics like, The best looking potentially romantic partners in Ireland come from: —> And the possible ‘votes’ included every County in Ireland. Another Day’s ‘Question’  was “The nicest people in Ireland come from:” with all the counties in Ireland, plus an “Other” write in category which received a vote that was published the next morning “Other Lands”. —> This morning the junior employee was inspired to work on the following poll: “The best looking / most interesting possible romantic partners in Ireland come from:” And the list of possible answers included: “Large Cities” / City Centres / Medium sized Towns / Rural Communities / Ports / Universities / “Next Door” / “‘Other’ : please write in suggestion box: Best answers will be published-”  🙂

— { I skipped a couple days here because one morning’s dreams were so ‘creepy’ they upset me and left me feeling sick all day & I did not want to share that ‘inspiration’ with anybody. } —

~~~~~ Jim

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017  —> +5˚C / +41˚F & raining & foggy in the dark @ 5:22 am Atlantic Time —

— I dreamed I had a large amphibious motorhome. It was a couple years old and hadn’t been in the water for a while, but a friend – a woman I did not recognize as someone I know in this life – wanted to know if she could load a lot of her things into the motorhome and then maybe pull a boatload of things we couldn’t fit into the motorhome behind it – I was wondering exactly how much ‘stuff’ she had and how far she wanted me to take it.

— I woke up a little after 4 am & was drifting back to sleep when it sounded like the north wall of the house was shaking – or something outside was shaking – { Could Possibly have been snow sliding off the roof or something like that } The shaking came in waves, I think maybe 3 times, a couple minutes apart. I got up and walked around, looked outside into the mist and rain and darkness and couldn’t see any signs of anything that could explain that shaking –

— Shrug — ,

— Part Two :

— My father was sitting in his old grey 1950 Dodge with the motor running while I was standing outside the car in a large automotive garage setting – a man out there told me and my father that when he finished with what he was working on he could give my father $250.00 for that car and went on to say that that would give my father $60.00 in profit. —> When the man and i tried to open the hood it wouldn’t budge. I said something to my father who gave me an evil grin and reached under the dash to release a lever that allowed us to open the hood with no problem. When we raised the hood we couldn’t help but notice between six and a dozen small leaks in the heater and coolant hoses shooting fine streams all over in there – I woke up looking at the various lengths and sections of hard rubber hoses that we needed to replace.

— Shrug again — ,

~~~~~ Jim