About Us

There are several of us who have been working on “Aerendel – The Inter-Active Role Playing RPG-MMO game”, on and off since 1989.

This project began with Jim Wellington reluctantly joining a couple of friends who were raving about a game called ‘Dragons Gate’ on GEnie. In those days it cost $6.00 and hour to play between the hours of 6 pm and 8 am on weekdays and $18.00 an hour to play between 8 am and 6 pm – with weekends being $6.00 an hour from 6 pm Friday until 8 am Monday – He believes the Holidays were $6.00 an hour all day.

After doing a lot of work on his own, and having the platforms he was writing the game for disappear before the game was anywhere near ready, Jim was contacted by the folks at the ‘Hero Cloud’ and given a free account when the Hero Cloud administration people needed to know their servers worked when loaded with the maximum number of accounts/games.

Maybe we should admit that Jim’s first working version of the game was written in Applesoft Basic, when programs had a 32k size limit. He learned to link programs together and had a text game that his nephews could play and enjoy with room for only sharp weapons skills, healing skills, finding stat raising herbs and moving around inside 6 ‘rooms’ – you had to search the rooms to find auto attack robots and after their first swing at your character the robots would just stand there and wait for you to swing your sword at them before retaliating or trying to retaliate. Jim’s nephews loved it.

The first character rolling program was purely text-based and written in a wimpy version of “C” which boasted that it could handle any size program, but became extremely wonky after compiling and trying to run any more than one megabyte of text. The solution was to link 5 one megabyte programs together to roll each character. – There were extensive explanations and just as extensive opportunities to change your mind and either start over from scratch or go back to a point before you made your last couple decisions about what race you wanted your character to belong to or what type of skills you wanted that character to have. This was intended to be the ‘long version’ of the character rolling program with quicker and less detailed versions to follow.

And – Now – we’re working on a massive 3D world inside the ‘Hero Cloud’, and actually getting somewhere.

Our present staff includes:

Jim Wellington – Chief World Designer and  Concept Originator/ Editorial Cop –

Cathi Harris – Artistic Director and lead Artist

“Dave” who might not want his last name to be circulated out there in the real world – Designer/Consultant/Chief BetaTester

Doug Otterson – Character designer and trouble shooter.

Hermann J Van Arden ( a.k.a. “Jim d’Aerendel” ) World designer, character designer, chief critic – web-master and usually the first to ask, “Is that what you really want to do here?” –  Skeptic in charge of Reality checks.

Jassper LeBoof – Nutritional consultant and chief ‘you really should get out and get more exercise’ nag –

Stan Newmann ( a.k.a. ‘Moe LeChaat’) Duty Skape Goat and combat engineer.

There are others who wish to remain anonymous until they’re sure we can actually pull this off and go live with it.

{{{ We may or may not post contact information when and/or if we decide that might be appropriate. }}}

& As this page came with the WordPress blog as the original ‘Sample Page” – we left this silly link to our:  dashboard because we know some of us will forget how to get to this blog’s log in page to post their updated information on our public or private (password protected)  areas. Have fun!??

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