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First Published @ “New Jernil” on August 3rd, 2018 – 4:06 am

Below should be a fairly long messy list of “Friendly” – Associated – Affiliated – and possibly even ‘Interesting’ Links:

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August 5th, 2018 – due to several distractions, this page has been sitting on hold for several days –

We will ‘publish’ it in its unfinished form and continue to work on it until were satisfied that it’s done.

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Aerendel Comics – a WordPress blog created mostly to feature screen shots and back stories around the scenery and characters from the various races that will be featured in the on-line multiplayer interactive game we are ‘building’ – The game and this blog may be quite interesting to on-line gamers who are more interested in role playing finesse and learning and interacting with friends than hacking and slashing  and/or killing everything in sight { but there will be plenty of blood and guts for the hackers and slashers, who will have their own challenging areas – Hard core hackers and slashers will probably not be overly interested in this blog with its emphasis on the philosophy behind the game and the background information that, for instance, “Ottarians are playful and loving – have lots of children and have a nurturing culture…”  while, “Gremlin women often ‘borrow’ loads of neighboring children and keep them around only long enough to try to prove to eligible mates that they are fertile and love making children, and then usually neglect the hell out of any children they actually give birth to…” all the hackers and slashers will want to know, is, ‘how good is this race at killing things?’ }

Anomalous Schnarr – is a ComicsPress blog with more limited options as far as our creative team was concerned, than the “Comics” blog above.  A couple of us liked the look and feel of this ComicsPress blog and will keep adding pictures and articles to it. One of us has even promised to figure out how the comic strip like function might almost work, and report back to us with the details…

Aerendel’s Inter-Active Universe – “( Background & Progress )” – Is meant to be a showcase for the Multi-Player On-Line Game we have been developing.

Awakening / The Truth Is All Around You – insights and observations dealing with Yoga and personal evolutionary practices and positive spiritual progress.

Children of the Light – is dedicated to positive articles and images to inspire those who are actively aspiring to make planet Earth something closer to the ‘Heaven on Earth’ ideal. But, admittedly, some not so positive information regarding issues that bother people who are trying to improve this life for everyone involved – do get through and maybe they shouldn’t be ignored?

Cosmic Psy-Cography.101 – – “Mapping the Universe as a projection of the Mind?)” –  ‘Cosmography’ is the ‘science’ of mapping the universe around us. Cosmic Psy-Cography is a term Jim coined to describe the study of the universe ( and maybe not just the material universe that a lot of people and scientists around us believe is the only universe we have – but maybe the Astral Universe and the Causal Universe – The Astral Universe is based on emotion- and is supposed to be where we all go while we’re dreaming. It is said to be quite a bit larger than the material universe, and has been described as being the size of a hot air balloon compared to the material universe which has been described as being the size of the basket carried by the hot air balloon. – The Causal Universe is based on the higher Mind – and beings who have evolved to the level where they can live in the Causal Universe are said to be able to manifest anything they can think about. The relationship between the Astral and Causal universes is again comparable to a hot air balloon and its basket – This time the Astral Universe is the basket and the Causal Universe is the balloon. There is also ‘something’ beyond the Causal Universe, which has been called ‘The Void’ but more recently I have heard it described as ‘The Source’. In cycles of creation and dissolving creation the Causal Universe is said to be created first, then the Astral, then the Material Universe. When Creation ‘goes to sleep’ the Material Universe dissolves first, then the Astral, then the Causal. — ) —> So, back to the original sentence, “Cosmic Psy-Cography is the study of the universe(s) as a projection of the consciousness that creates everything.” And learning what that Consciousness is all about is the biggest and most important part of this process.

Dream Jernil One  – ” Trying to keep this a ‘Dreams Only’ thing =” – Begun in July of 2012 as one of our first self-hosted blogs, this one has quite a few dreams recorded here. It became impossible to log into at one point and we started  a second Dream Journal, but then – for no apparent reason – it was suddenly accessible again.

Dream Journal Two – “A Dreams & Dreaming Journal” – Begun in April of 2017 when our original Dream Journal ceased to function for no discernible reason { and then sprung back to life for an equally un-discernible reason } Shrug —

Future Archives – “Living Footprints in the Sands of Time?” – This may have been our first attempt at designing a ‘catch-all’ Archives blog with stuff from several blogs, some of which are no longer around – because they were hosted with ‘providers’ that disappeared on us. We originally called it “Archives” and added “Future” to the title “Archives” when, during a spurt we added new stuff as well as older stuff. This one also includes writing and ‘other’ posts from before any of us became digitally literate.

Future Vision – “We’d Like To Go There With You” – This one was begun on a server we bought into as a back up in case the one that hosts most of our web pages and blogs was ‘compromised’ / hacked / or went belly up on us. That new server, that started us off with bargain prices, then went mucho expensive and began using under-handed tactics like blocking our access to our own blogs and posting “ooops – something went wrong here, contact your administrators to find out how to fix this” when it turned out that what went wrong was our unwillingness to pay double and triple the original cost to buy additional anti virus – anti-malware protection from a high priced group that was affiliated with the ‘provider’ – So we moved a back up copy we kept on our hard drive to our original and honest Canadian provider’s site and while some of the images went missing and some minor editing problems still continue, this blog, which began its life in 2013 is still with us, still needs some minor cosmetic surgery to bring it back to its original glory – and has some long “News” pieces from when three of us were seriously trying to become an alternative news provider.

H.J d’Aerendel’s Journal – This began as a blog hosted on a “wordpress dot com” server and was moved here to get around a few issues ‘H.J. d’A’ had with spammers . WordPress dot com straightened that out with an update, but H.J. had already moved his personal ‘venting’ blog here and wasn’t going to look back.  – H.J. d’A has a ‘real job’ as a web master and internet security guy and chose to use a pseudonym here, then realized that the J he was using could too easily be confused with somebody else. So, since James was his middle name, he added the H. which is his legal first initial after he had been using ” j d’aerendel ” for a while. This is not one of our busiest blogs, since he does have a lot of responsibility in the real world and not a lot of time left over for indulging in any ‘Busman’s Holiday’ indulgences.

(The) Hyper-Vigilant Dust Bin ” { Was [ a ] Back Up Blog } ” – Way back when …. we thought we could be pretty good at keeping our various blogs loyal to identifiable themes. We put this one together as an ‘anything goes’ catch-all blog. For a while we were posting copies of a lot of posts here that we had originally posted to other blogs. But then, true to the ‘dust bin’ idea – this one out-grew any ‘comfortable’ label we might have given it other than ‘dust-bin’. I think at one point somebody wanted to call it the ‘Cosmic’ dust bin, but that didn’t get past all of us and we became “Hyper-Vigilant” about keeping it weird and not just ‘Cosmic’.

Independent Canadian News = “News You Can Trust” – This one began life as “The Arnprior News” hosted on a wordpress dot com server. – At one point we had more than half a dozen authors/reporters contributing. Then we got a lot of nonsense spam. Then Doug Otterson moved this blog here and changed its name, and for a while, this was one of our busiest blogs with, I think, more than 50 followers. But then, real life got in the way and we couldn’t keep up with the kind of ‘Quality’ reporting we were aiming for and  I think this one may need a lot of editing, and maybe a little more cosmetic surgery – But Doug is another one whose ‘Day Job’ needs a lot of attention and his daughter, Rachel who isn’t nine years old any more, grew up and got married and being the father of the bride took up a lot of his time, and we hope to see him ‘fall into’ another spurt – it’s either feast of famine with this guy…. 😉

Inter World News – “News You Can Trust From Wherever” – At the height of our “Newsy” ambitions Doug said his daughter found this blog theme that actually looks like a newspaper front page and we went with it. We changed one of the static thumbnail type photos near the top of the page and we really were serious about keeping this one full of current news stuff. We still like the theme but haven’t added anything to this since August of 2015.

Lighting The Way – This was a Newsy Blog in which Jim W. tried to post mostly spiritually positive news and philosophy when the daily news the main stream media was feeding us was depressing, to say the least. This one was begun in December of 2014 and has not been really active lately, but it still might be worth checking out some of what was posted there.

Novels – by Jim Wellington – Four or five of us are writers. I think at least four of us have stuff published in ‘free to read’ form around the internet. When Jim started this Blog he thought maybe all five of us would be posting Novels, Novelettes, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction here. So far I believe that Jim is the only one who posted anything in this blog. I think he might have become slightly discouraged, but I know he’s still writing stuff, just hasn’t popped it into this blog yet.

Perspective – ” What’s It All About? ” – began as an experiment to see what the theme ‘Nirvana’ had to offer when Jim was shopping around, looking at themes that our less internet savvy friends might be interested in using for web sites they wanted to set up. – This has become another one of Jim’s exercises in flexing his philosophical muscles. 🙂

Photography & Video – by TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations – This blog was ‘created’ to showcase ‘TaleRocker & DreamCat’s” Photographic and Video talents.

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Hosted on Other Servers:

Aerendel-GDD – Game Development Documentation —> This blog is hosted by wordpress dot com on one of their servers.  It’s more a running commentary on learning to create an interactive game from the very beginning, than a down and dirty documentation of how and why and what we did in jargon that only another game developer might understand.

The World According to… djotterson  – d j otterson’s old LiveJournal Blog – There may only be three articles posted there. Doug Otterson learned that Jim was using a LiveJournal blog and thought he might give that a try – He began using this blog on August 2nd, 2006 – but Doug soon got very busy with his ‘real life’ in New York State – He’s tried a couple blogs and we may try to copy and paste his stuff from here to an archive blog we have on our own site.

Doug Otterson’s “Light-Workers Unlimited” Blog

Night Eagle Speaks “Wisdom? or at least Insight from Night Eagle” – One of our editors adopted the ‘Nom de Guerre’ —> “Night Eagle” due to his night shift work and nightly creative projects when not working. He is also interested in First Nations / Native American spirituality and philosophy and learned that “Night Eagle” is one of the names some tribes give to “Owl” whose wings are designed for silent flight. “Night Owl” is viewed by some to be a messenger of impending death, a kind of avatar of ‘deception’ OR a spiritual force that teaches us to see through deception. Our editor likes the final choice in the sentence preceding this one. He says that he understands that Night Eagle/Owl people are often feared because they give the impression that they can see through people and know when they’re lying. This blog is hosted on a wordpress dot com server.

Our Fredericton Experience

Radio Free Earth News

TaleRocker’s Jernil


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Stuff that might appeal only to a very small audience:

Mirror – This is one of our more recently ‘created’ blogs. It may have a cleaner look and it may be full of more personal articles posted mostly by Jim – He’s got photos of this year’s snow gradually melting back, but hasn’t gotten on to complain about the heat and humidity lately 😉

Latest News From Aerendel – ” ((( Mostly Positive ))) ” – This is a blog that mostly chronicles Jim & Cathi’s more personal news, including preparations for their move from Ontario to New Brunswick and ensuing adventures in New Brunswick, etc. This is also one of the blogs that does not use the ‘Mantra’ or ‘Nirvana’ theme. 🙂

Latest Insights From Canada – ” -Mostly Positive???- ” – This was a kind of General Interest Plus Personal Interest Blog that Jim ‘created’ during withdrawals from spending loads of time on the newsy stuff we were posting a few years back. It’s full of the kinds of stuff that wouldn’t upset Jim’s mother or other family members. 😉

Aerendel News & Review – “/ Words and Images – ideas, impressions, and bull chips”  – going back as far as November, 2008 – We experimented with several different themes with this, our first WordPress blog hosted on our web site. We eventually settled on the “Lord of the Rings” theme by Karen Blundell, with its Elvish scripts and { Dwarvish? } Runes between posts. – Jim really liked the fact that it came with a ‘Times’ -like serif font back in the days when you couldn’t change the fonts a theme came with unless you new how to dive into the hidden world of stylesheet editing & “.css” We have since learned a few things and went for themes we could more easily edit, but this one is still worth keeping around.

( The ) Annals of Aerendel / “( Until I Think of  a Better Title? )” —> Is using a WordPress theme based on the Lord of The Rings, created by Karen Blundell – began with good intentions, and is currently not doing much. But it has loads of potential. 🙂

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