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T-R +Castle + Anomaly +Night

– TaleRocker – Outside the castle walls in the Anomaly –

— { Background : } “The Anomaly” is hinted at inside Aerendel – the game. It was created by highly advanced members of ‘The First Race’ when ‘The Last Wars Of Magic’ were not only raging – But threatened to wipe out 99% of the sentient life in the Material Universe. “The Brotherhood” – A.K.A. ‘The Brotherhood of Power’ / ‘The Brotherhood of Knowledge’ / ‘The Brotherhood of Magick’ had started what they called “The Last Wars Of Magic” – Because they were sure that their sworn enemies – ‘The Children Of Light’ { The Brotherhood swore the ‘children’ were their enemies. Most members of the “Children Of Light” Religion / philosophical group / ‘Spiritual Alignment’ – believed that no one was their enemy, that there was hope for everyone, that there were only two kinds of beings in all of Creation: “Angels in Training” and “Angels in Distress” { “And some of us have one foot in both camps-” – “- And many of us are centipedes.” } The Brotherhood started the “Last Wars” – and several other Pan-Galactic/ Pan-Dimensional wars before the war they claimed would end all wars – to force the Children of Light to share their deepest secrets of Magic/Knowledge & Power with the Highest Council of the Brotherhood.  – The Children of Light never bragged about keeping anything secret from anybody, but did hold a lot of very dangerous knowledge about deadly magic spells and deadly weapons in secret from anyone who hadn’t proven themselves beyond any doubt to be someone who would never use this knowledge, this magic, these weapons for personal gain at the expense of any other living being. And many members of ‘The Children Of Light’ believed that all of creation was alive and sentient – often in ways that less advanced beings could not comprehend as being alive or sentient.

— But as the “Last Wars” progressed, the Brotherhood unleashed hints of weapons and spells that they hoped indicated that they were willing and able to destroy all of creation if the Children of Light did not capitulate and share every last bit of knowledge, no matter how dangerous – with the kinds of ruthless individuals who would use that knowledge, those spells, those weapons for their own personal gain and aggrandizement.

— In secret – Many young members of the Children of Light created what they called a ‘pocket dimension’ and gave it artificial intelligence, consciousness and empathy – and the ability to connect with all levels of Creation, all dimensions, every universe possible { and possibly some worlds that most believed were not possible – }

— As the Wars dragged on, many dedicated members of the Children of Light carried out small to large-scale operations, collecting individuals of every race, species and level of being they knew about and had discovered, and kept widely disparate communities protected and peaceful near portals into the ‘Pocket Dimension’ – which they began to call ‘The Anomaly’.

— One Family in particular – who identified themselves as Highe Elves – but may have been members of a very early generation of ‘The First Race’ – which was rumored to have shape shifting and highly advanced Spiritual Creative & Healing abilities – The “L’henjalian” family – Spent a lot of time on a very dangerous and highly ravaged world, collecting refugees and animals and plants, and crystals and rocks, and forms of life that most sentient beings can’t imagine could possibly exist – and were moving millions of refugees toward portals into the Anomaly.

— The Anomaly had the power to open wild portals to any point in time and was especially geared toward letting refugees from very near the premature end of their cycle in Creation and connecting them to the earliest possible point in time where a planet – be it Physical, Astral, or Causal – or ‘parallel dimension’ – whether it was actually a planet or nothing like that at all —> could support their form of life. —> If The Brotherhood was going to destroy every last corner of Creation that they could not control – The Anomaly would be able to ‘ferry’ millions, billions or unfathomably huge numbers of creatures and life forms – no matter how fine or how dense – to safety where the refugees and their descendants would have billions more years – hopefully in Peace – To grow, prosper and develop Spiritually –

— When the last battles of the Last Wars of Magic were raging on every level, in most worlds – simultaneously  – The most powerful Members of the Children of Light captured the Most powerful members of the Brotherhood and let them know they could ‘un-create’ every last member of the Brotherhood and never have to worry about any of them starting another war anywhere, in any time. —> The Brotherhood admitted they’d reached a stalemate – and many of them committed what they believed was a convincing form of suicide and met and re-grouped in a very remote and hellish section of the universe, where only a handful of the most powerful among them could escape – Where, they believed, the Children of Light could not detect their presence. The Brotherhood also sacrificed at least trillions of their ‘pawns’ and low-level soldiers in the hopes that the Children of Light would take that bait and believe they had all left Creation completely.

— But The Children of Light knew what the Brotherhood was up to and posted Gargoyle like guards anywhere the Brotherhood and its minions might try to emerge back into the more pleasant realms and levels of Creation, and they have been Hyper-Vigilantly watching ever since.

— Billions of years have passed since this ‘stalemate’ occurred, and most of the creators of the Anomaly have gone on – achieved what some of you would call ‘transcendence’ or ‘ascension’  and the existence of the Anomaly has virtually passed from the memory and/or knowledge of 99.99999….% of the sentient living beings in this cycle of Creation.

— Members of the Children of Light still secretly guard the Anomaly. And members of the Brotherhood – in whatever form they have secretly infiltrated any level of this cycle of Creation – have sniffed out rumours that the Anomaly just might exist and just might be able to grant them access to all points in Time and Space and Beyond… and they believe that if they can find and gain access to the Anomaly, they can go back and win the war that ended in stalemate and completely rule over all Creation, and they are ruthlessly seeking any knowledge or clue, or preferably – access point into this Anomaly – ‘with extreme prejudice’.

— Unguarded, unknown sections of the Anomaly, with its empathic sentience fully active, have saved and protected all kinds of beings and listened to the dreams and hopes of countless beings, and aided the sometimes spontaneous evolution of loads of races – including flying humanoids, Cat-People, Otter-People, Bear-People, Reptilians, Amphibious Elvish People, Dragons, Unicorns – and probably quite a few races and species of sentient beings that might be ‘unclassify-able at this time’

— Um, There are rumours of wild portals in the caves below Aerendel Castle that some claim have the ability to transport unwary wanderers to any world or time in any known or unknown kingdom, realm or world that ever was, ever will be, or just might exist somewhere way beyond reason….

— And there is a very highly skilled – secret – group of guards and rangers that guard those portals, and explore any realm {etc. } those portals might connect to, no matter how stable or unstable those portals might be.

— One unusually stable portal has transported, created or ‘borrowed’ what almost looks like a full-sized replica of a pristine version of Aerendel Castle from about a thousand years ago – and regularly transports sleepy, or half drunk individual residents from all around the principality of Aerendel to nearly identical dwellings and surroundings in and around the pristine version of Old Aerendel Castle – which is in the Highlands – quite some distance from the real Aerendel Castle – And if you noticed the artist’s rendering at the top of this article, you have seen evidence that this pristine bit of Old Aerendel Castle actually exists.

Sunset outiside the Anomalous Castle's walls -

– This is evidence that the Anomaly has the ability to ‘edit’ itself. You may notice that some rock formations in the rendering at the top of this article are missing from this earlier artist’s rendering. –

— Directly above here is another, slightly earlier rendering of the Castle.

Aeslynne guarding the Anomous Castle at night.

– And here is a rendering of Aeslynne guarding the castle from another vantage point outside its walls at night.

— We will keep you posted when any new evidence of the area around this castle changing – for the better or not for the better – As soon as we have that evidence.

~~~~~ jrw

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