Monday – June 4th 2018 –

Monday, June 4th, 2-18 —> -1˚ C / +29˚ F —> & the sun is shining on a clear brisk morning in Atlantic Canada @ 6:35 am on what used to be Tom & Claudia’s anniversary —

Kaeren on a hill at the border of Keltic Valley & Delvahria

– Kaeren – ScreenShot Taken this morning @ 12:42 am – Kaeren is standing on a hilltop at the edge of Keltic Valley – Looking toward the Seaport on the inland sea. –

— The Screen-Shot above is Kaeren, at the border of Keltic Valley and DelVahria – looking toward the Keltic Valley Seaport on the North Inland Sea. (In the fog) –

— Not much to say – There was a discussion between builders last night. – The conscencus was something like —>

— [ Doug Speaking ] “The most highly evolved people we’ve encountered are Creative types – Those who have glimpsed the ‘Divine Purpose’ behind ‘all of Creation’. Creative people want to Visualize, Design, Build, and Enhance their environments  so that everyone and everything can find happiness, fulfillment and ‘Experience the delight of love and learning and growing the way children do – forever -”

— { At this point, Rachel laughed and came over, joined those of us who were sitting around the camp fire with, “Whatever you guys are smoking, I want some” }

— Doug scowled at his grown daughter and continued hypothesizing about personality types :

— “- The least evolved people are ‘Controllers’ who want to control everybody and everything.”

— Rocky stoked the campfire and passed around the wine skin.

— Doug continued his philosophical reverie:

— “- ‘Destroyers’ are those who exhibit the lowest traits of ‘Controllers’ – they delight in burning and destroying everything they can’t control, and torturing and killing anybody who resists their will to power…

— “- “Bankers”, and other purely profit motivated Economic Types are ‘controllers’ taking a temporary side trip – testing out the viability of attempting to control everything through Economic Slavery and Economic Warfare – { Economic Manipulation } …”

= = = = =


— At this point Doug paused and stared into the flames for quite some time, then continued almost as if he’d been talking uninterruptedly –

— ” – Most other types aren’t interested in the big picture, aren’t committed to either the light side or the dark side – In the grand scheme of things they are pawns and distractions, allowed by the deep state to exist mostly because they complicate and confuse the efforts of those who struggle to help the Creators in the struggle between the Positive/Nurturing and Empowering – Creative Forces and the Negative/Controlling & Destructive Types.”

= = = = =


— When it became obvious that Doug had either run out of philosophical steam or become tired of hearing himself speak, Rachel gave a wine bottle a skeptical grin and whispered to Daerrikk, “Did he get all of that from a bottle of Keltic Valley’s best vintage?”

— Rocky was just near enough to overhear that, and gave Rachel a wink, “We had a good day, we got more accomplished that we set out to do. – Spring has returned and it sounds like some of our most creative producers can wax poetic in peace.”


~~~~~ Jim

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