Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 – Characters & Backstories – Jeff Karrlson

Tuesday, April 10, 2018  —> +3˚C / +38˚F + sunny + clear with blue skies in Atlantic Canada on Earth { NorAm=Can+Mex+USA [-05] } @ 12:11 pm —

Jeff between the beach and Daelen hills.

– Jeff Karrlson – Near Fort Daelen –

— Jeff Karrlson { pictured above } is from “{ NorAm=Can+Mex+USA(-07) }” The only variance we are sure of between (-05) and (-07) is that the Maine, USA – border with Quebec to the north and New Brunswick to the East is quite different. — The Map for ‘(-05)’ has Maine extended about 25 miles farther East and Extending North and West beyond the north flowing section of the St John River, which forms the Quebec border in ‘Variance (-07)’ Edmundston is in New Brunswick in both Variances. – But Preque Isle, Caribou, Stockholm, Acadia, New Sweden, Carriveau Mill, and Sinclair are all inside Maine in ‘V(-05)’ and all part of New Brunswick in ‘V(-07)’.

— In ‘V(-07)’ Jeff’s Alcoholic father won over one hundred thousand dollars in the US multi-state lottery and celebrated by taking Jeff’s mother, two sisters and younger brother to dinner, got drunk – passed out at the wheel – and slammed into a tractor trailer pulling heavy earth moving equipment on his way home.

— Jeff had gotten his father that lottery ticket the night before, had noticed that the clerk had not entered the numbers his father played all the time correctly, went to another store, another clerk, filled out the ticket – double checked it more than once, and brought his father the ticket his father had demanded. The ticket with the wrong numbers, which Jeff pocketed, netted him 3.6 million dollars after taxes. He would much rather have had his family back.

— He quit his job, (peed all over his abusive supervisor’s desk), bought a slightly used Motor Home and drove around the USA – Mostly New York and New England – in the hopes that avoiding routine and seeing the earth come back to life in the spring time might help him get over his deep shock and depression over losing his family like that.

— He crossed into Canada a couple times. Canada felt different to him, looked more interesting. The people seemed to be more friendly. The French speaking people seemed more interesting and maybe even more intelligent and friendly that the people he’d grown up around in the USA – But he developed a great deal of trouble trying to sleep and then had trouble getting to sleep, experienced multiple nightmares, hearing – especially his little sister’s – dying screams every time he fell asleep for almost one month, before he became totally confused and lost in his exhausted state of mind, crossed into Canada at the Vermont-Quebec border, crossed back into Maine at an unguarded border and hadn’t realized he’d crossed back into New Brunswick until an RCMP officer stopped to ask him if he was all right when he’d pulled to the side of a narrow rural road, then finally parked where that young and friendly RCMP officer told him he could pull over and park, where he hoped to rest and maybe even sleep for the night. Like I said, he hadn’t realized he’d crossed back into Canada after accidentally driving across an unguarded rural border crossing two days earlier. But he didn’t explain that to the officer. He just yawned, admitted he was lost and looking for a spot to pull over and get some sleep.

—Later that night, the RCMP officer checked the information Jeff had given him, and confirmed that he’d gone through customs at the Vermont-Quebec border and thought it was reasonable that he’d driven around Quebec and then crossed into New Brunswick, and when the story about his family dying in an accident in which alcohol was involved also checked out the RCMP officer dropped his suspicions and became concerned.

— That night Jeff dreamed that a scientist – being tortured by some kind of dark-ops rogue military group somewhere inside the USA – told him to look after his [ the scientist’s ] niece, ‘Kaeren’.

— In the morning Jeff woke up as young school women walked near the parked motor-home and heard one woman call another ‘Kaeren’. He discovered a ‘For Sale’ sign describing a muti-acre parcel with logging trails.

— The young RCMP officer who’d told Jeff he could sleep there the night before stopped by that morning to check on him and told him where to eat and where not to eat in the area, gave him a ride to the officer’s favourite diner and introduced Jeff to the farmer who was selling that parcel of land at the request of his old friend (and Kaeren’s uncle) who had gone missing and was presumed dead after so many years had passed.

— Jeff had ‘gotten lucky’ when the news reporters in the states got both his name and address wrong when they reported the lottery winning. { He’d paid an out of work actor to pretend to be him for the official photographs and the actor used that money to move to Hollywood and found a modest rent, got a job as a waiter in a bar out there – and had enough extra cash to last several months while he went to every casting call he could – }

— After the farmer left the diner, Jeff told the officer more details about the accident that killed his family and the series of events that gave him his winnings and the fact that the reporters all got his name and address wrong and said he’d really rather not broadcast the fact that he had that much money, he was still in mourning and didn’t want to wonder whether anybody who seemed like a friend was only friendly because of what he had in the bank and the officer agreed to keep Jeff’s secret. He drove Jeff to the farmer’s farm, left him there with the farmer about to drive Jeff out to the property that was for sale, under the guise that Jeff’s rich crazy uncle wanted to buy property to keep it out of the hands of developers and corporations. – At the top of a steep hill, the farmer stopped his four wheel drive vehicle at a logging trail-blocking mess of fallen trees. They walked around the mess and followed a deer path to where a whole section of hills and trees had been swept away by a ‘freak storm’, that left a nearly flat, but uneven rocky bed behind. “Well, that’s different-” the farmer nodded, “Huh!”

— “Looks like a stone lake-” Jeff thought out loud.

— The farmer agreed.

— He later found out that the owner of the property, who had disappeared and was presumed dead, was Kaeren’s uncle, George. It’s a long story, but Jeff, Kaeren and George escaped a deadly encounter with the rogue dark ops military guys and crossed over into another parallel Earth that we haven’t quite classified yet – and from there, Jeff and Kaeren blundered across into another parallel world and ended up in Aerendel – where they have been temporarily separated and are trying to get back together.

— { Sorry, didn’t mean to be this long winded, but – that’s Jeff’s side of the Jeff and Kaeren and ‘Stone Lake’ saga. }

= = = = =


Jeff & Kaeren in Daelen

– Jeff & Kaeren = Reunited ( photo #1 ) –


— Update – They found each other. One odd thing that happens to some inter-dimensional travelers if they stay in Aerendel for any length of time – many, but not all, undergo subtle to radical changes physiologically.  Kaeren began showing hints that she was becoming a little more ‘Half-Elf’ every day, before Jeff began showing any changes at all. Jeff’s parents and family, including a favourite uncle who had died mysteriously in his home dimension, were alive in one village in Aerendel. They were 100% Human and quite bigoted about that – They shunned Kaeren, and Kaeren, wanting to keep the peace ( she was born under the Earthly Astrological sign of Cancer ) left with a troop of Half Elven Rangers to learn to develop and control the healing abilities she discovered when she came to Aerendel.

— When Jeff’s ears began to get slightly pointy – his father disowned him ( which didn’t mean much to Jeff’s financial status – but hurt him when he was barred from seeing his sisters and brother ) – he found another troop of Half Elves and joined them.


Kaeren and Jeff showing how close to the sea shore they are.

– Kaeren and Jeff – taken with Kaeren’s contraband cell phone – shhh! –


— Now this is interesting – In the photo Rocky took with Jeff’s contraband cell phone, Kaeren was not holding her ‘gear axe’. And in the photo that Rocky took with Kaeren’s phone, Jeff was unarmed. Hmmmm- that is interesting….

~~~~~ Jim