Eslyn’s Vision

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 —

Strange sights in the Shadow Lands.

– A tower was discovered jammed sideways into a mountain –

— The day began with reports that a flying tower had slammed into the side of a mountain and was hanging there, precariously, sideways – And somebody else { A credible witness } had seen a mountain get up and sail over the Eastern fringes of the Shadow-Lands –

Sailing stones and crashed buildings.

– Boulders had crashed near a bridge where at least one more tower had embedded itself at a weird angle on the ground –

— After a long day with reports of the usual flying stones, boulders, ghost buildings and solid buildings crashing to the ground – Solid boulders barely missed the Rangers and Healers who have been trying to nurse the devastated Shadow-Lands back to health – mostly in daylight – And a very solid wagon full of what looked like an old sculpted dragon, maybe looted from a temple-? had appeared near that same bridge.

Eslyn verntured out into a night with dangerous skies.

– Eslyn reported for duty in a very active ‘hot-spot’ –

— Eslyn began her night shift – where one strange rock formation had been seen circling in a random pattern for several days – almost as if it was looking for some familiar spot to crash to the ground – She walked carefully, watching the skies for flying debris – talking to herself, repeating the warnings she’d heard every day for years – “Do not – under any circumstances – allow yourself to fall asleep out there – You might never wake up.”

Eslyn hovering near a tower's turret.

– Eslyn felt herself rising into the dangerous night sky –

— When she felt herself rising into the night sky – she resigned to the idea that she had been killed and was probably flying up toward Heaven.

Eslyn in the sky with boulders.

– She stopped rising and felt several large boulders just miss hitting her head –

— When she stopped rising she began to fear that she was in real trouble. Huge boulders missed her by less than an arm’s length. She’d felt the wind blow her hair with their passage.

— She heard the screams of dying children and their parents. She felt the heart breaking agony of loving craftsmen watching their life’s work torn to pieces in front of them as they felt themselves dying. She thought she could feel the bricks and wood feel the pain of being ripped apart.

Eslyn looking toward the sky.

– She surrendered to the idea that her death was near –

— She gave up any hope she had left that she might survive this, turned her eyes toward the sky and began to pray.

— And as soon as she began to wonder what to pray at a time like this, the rocks, the buildings, the boulders all changed their courses through the sky and sailed away from her.

— She almost thought she heard a voice say, “You have nothing to fear – I am with you.”

— She shuddered and asked, “Are You an Angel?” – she could see pretty far in almost every direction, but could see no person she could associate with that voice.

— The Voice answered, “The ancients knew me as ‘Shanti’. I was born during a time of intense war between those who wanted to enslave and rule the younger races and those who wanted to guide and protect them. My parents named me with the Sanksrit word for ‘Peace’.

— With the crazy skies over the Shadow-Lands almost quiet for a change, Eslyn listened to the voice and hung on to every word as if her life depended on it.

Eslyn looking calm as the flying debris moved away from her.

– She felt very calm and ‘saw’ everything the woman’s voice described –

— She felt amazingly calm – amazingly loved by the voice that continued –

— The woman she couldn’t see almost apologized, “I must go now- be at peace and tell the others what I have told you -”

— She slowly felt herself lowered to the safety of the ground, and then felt like she knew every rock and bit of wood by name. She felt that the air rejoiced in her awareness. She felt loving little bubbles of air rush past her and caress her skin as they did.

— When she stumbled back into the watch headquarters the Rangers and Healers there later told her that her eyes had sparkled so brightly they could light up any room. More than one of her friends and colleagues wanted to know, “What the heck were you smoking last night?”

— She thought she could feel the peace that Shanti had given her touch everyone she saw as she shook her head, “I didn’t smoke anything, I flew up into the sky right over there and had a vision -”

— Her friends really got worried at that point, but they listened as she went on to explain, “Someone who told me her name was ‘Shanti’ told me all about what all these flying artifacts are all about and why they’re coming here.

— “The dark side tried to gather up every rock and piece of a building that was filled with agony and terror as the ancient residents of this area were butchered in that war a thousand years ago –

— “The dark side thought they could use all that negative fear and emotion and amplify it and use it as a powerful weapon in their next war against us.

— “But Shanti and a legion of Angels intervened, communicated with the stone, the wood and the lost souls who’ve never gotten past the horror filled moment of their deaths – She told them that we were healing this land and She was guiding us, and we would make them a home that was safe and loving where they could live their next lives in peace and harmony and heal the thousand year old wounds in their souls…

— “Shanti promised to watch over everyone and protect them from their baseless fears –

— “These rocks and these buildings are coming home!” she beamed a smile she thought could melt the toughest heart.

— A lot of Rangers laughed. Quite a few shuddered and looked at her like they hoped she wasn’t contagious.

— One very old ex-ranger who these days could only push a broom around and clear the others’ plates after a meal – came to her and gave her a hug, “Many of our ancestors thought of Shanti as a Goddess. They credit her with forming a religious sect that taught many to Love, and forgive, and protect the defenseless – in a time when everybody else thought that war was the only answer to anything.”


~~~~~ TaleRocker


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