Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 -( 12°C /54°F @ 5:55 am with the sun trying to break through a hazy- not quite blue sky in Atlantic Canada )- Today would have been my Great Uncle Franklin’s Birthday.

Sun behind clouds, Earth in Shadows

Before the Dawn

What do you do when you discover that virtually everything you were taught to believe in is a lie?

Your parents repeated the lies they were taught, and let you know the depth of their displeasure when you questioned them.

Your girlfriend had to leave home as soon as she could to escape a toxic, dysfunctional environment – and when a stalker tried to break into her ‘secure building’ and her apartment, the police she asked for help accused her of lying to them for attention, possibly trying to seduce a cop, and informed her that she should not be living on her own, she didn’t bother trying to explain that ‘home’ was killing her self-esteem and convincing her that it wasn’t realistic to go on believing that life was worth living. The police are not here to serve and protect you, they’re here to keep you in line and serve and protect the powerful.

Your government is not here to nurture, support and protect you, they’re here to exploit you. In the land of the free, it’s their job to strip away those freedoms one at a time. Their propaganda machines are working overtime to try to convince you to surrender your rights and freedoms ‘voluntarily’ while they ready their stormtroopers in case you don’t buy their line of bull chips.

Religion? Let’s go the ‘Western Route’ –

All True Religions come from the same Source, share the same Truth, understand the same Wisdom, are inspired by the same Love. The apparent divisions occur because the Divine Truth has to be translated into explanations that are limited by human languages, which conform to human cultures. Moses said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill!” Jesus explained that as, – “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” – If your heart and mind have been touched, purified, blessed and/or expanded- by the Divine- You know better than to want to kill anybody.

Moses gave Israel a system of moral, ethical and legal guidelines and told his people that if they lived within those guidelines, their society would thrive, grow and bloom and become an example for all. Then the money changers took over inside their temples and judges strained the laws through rationalized misunderstanding, greed and power lust disguised as ‘judgment’.

To misquote a Greek, “I have learned this from Philosophy, that I do out of choice what others do only out of fear of the Law.”

Christianity was hi-jacked by the Romans, they canonized a false prophet and re-wrote ‘The Word of God’ to suit their lack of divine wisdom and understanding.

So God sent The Prophet, Mohammed – God Bless Him Eternally – to try again and almost as soon as Mohammed left the material limitations of this world behind, small-minded men seized control and fought among themselves, ignored The Prophet’s instructions, and created factions which all claimed to preach the one true version of the Truth.

And all the above dramas and misunderstandings are playing themselves out to this day.

Argh- I could probably go on all day, and maybe continue for several more days.

But I need a bottom line here.

Everything we believed would make our lives worth living turns out to be a lie.

So now what do we do? Give up and maybe go out in a blind stupor, or get really pissed off and go out in a blaze of – inglorious furor? Nah, that won’t help.

Suicide doesn’t work, sorry, I’ve been to the other side and you don’t just stop being. You find yourself in an emotional amplifier and any little pain you ever caused another becomes worse than the Fundamentalists’ visions of hellfire and brimstone.

Is there a God?

There’s Something ‘Out There’ and “Inside You” that is pure Love and Guidance. The only thing that keeps it from reaching us is our own misunderstanding, fear, and guilt.

Yeah, yeah, but that doesn’t help at all, does it?

“If you try to stay on top of the water, you sink. If you try to sink, you float,” – Alan Watts.

There is a purpose behind the painful state of disillusionment. Some of us never learn. Some of us never had to. You have to realize that all your ‘human sensibilities’ can’t save you. But ‘Something Else’ can.

While the chaos of apparent hell is screaming at us from all sides at once we have to find a way to sit down and close our eyes and whisper, “Help!” and then listen until we hear whatever it is that ‘Our Higher Selves’ and ‘The Loving Spirit that Created all Universes’ is trying to tell us. You’ll know you’ve found it when it hits you. And then you have to sit there and embrace it, and figure out how to hold all the Love and Wisdom and Understanding you could almost happily drown in – hold it inside and feel it change the world around you, all by Itself.

——— Cryptically Yers,

~~~~~ Jim


Insight #20150616-?

Cat on the back of a couch, mon amour fou on her computer.

Moe supervising Cathi as she works on her laptop last night – a bit grainy, but it captured the moment well.

The richest guy on earth couldn’t afford to pay the least among us half of what he or she is worth to the mind and soul of the universe.

And the material universe is the smallest of three we can reach from here.

The material universe is the size of a basket compared to the hot air balloon sized Astral, or “Dream” universe – the home of all emotion-

And the Astral universe is again the size of a basket compared to the hot air balloon sized ‘Causal’ or ‘higher mind’ universe.

And we hear rumours that beyond the Causal universe there is something too mind boggling for humans to contemplate, which has been called the vast unmanifest realms of creation. But our senses are too dull, or too gross to be able to appreciate or touch what might be out there, or in there.

Dark Moments

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 -( 12°C / 53°F with cloudy skies and light rain @ 6:30 am in this little corner of Atlantic Canada )-

Storm clouds ahead.

Storm clouds ahead.

— The powers that be -those who believe they have a claim to power in this world-  Who belieive they own you -believe you owe them more than your life because they ‘allow you’ to exist in an area they believe is under their dominion- Are deluding themselves.

— The power that created you knows better.

— But, be prepared, because there will be moments when all of life appears to be lined up against you, and everything in this world seems to be stripping you of your sanity, your moral rights, your breath, your life itself.

— Don’t give up ( -Even if it appears that George R. R. Martin has killed off Jon Snow because he believes his vision of our reality would be better served if we concede that he knows better than anyone, who, in his imagination, should have the power of life and death over everything and everyone, in a world controlled by his sensibilities and vision of what we should embrace as our entertainment- In his quest to convince the money people that he’s a better story teller than God- )

— Schnarr

~~~~~ Jim

Frustration Engines

Monday, June 15th, 2015 -( 19°C / 66°F – Sunny & Bright in Atlantic Canada @ noon )-

Bridge, clouds, birds, river, grass, trees

Local bridge on a stormy day last summer

— “Your Government” is a frustration engine, designed to convince you that you are helpless without them. I am not coming at this as a rabid conservative. I’m not a libertarian. I do not believe that anyone should be able to kill and eat their neighbours as long as some registered Republican makes a profit on it- I’m a dyed in the wool truth freak, a Spiritual Seeker and one of those whistle blower types who can’t believe that anyone in power in this day and age believes they can get away with half of what they are getting away with. So when we speak truth to power and anyone we believe we’re defending goes ballistic and points at us like there is something fundamentally wrong with us, we go into shock. And in this current “Shoot the Messenger” culture where corporate fascists are lying straight faced right at you, and you’ve been convinced that the reason all automobile manufacturers have to raise their prices above the level of ‘obscene’ – ‘it’s because Ralph Nader blew the whistle on them and now they have to spend your money to make their vehicles safe enough for your cherished children and grandchildren to ride in, and, of course, none of that was ever neccessary-‘ ((( Bull chips! )))

— Research This: CAFR1.com : An accountant, someone who spent his life advising others how to invest, told us a couple years ago that taxes comprise about one third of any government’s income. Other income streams, especially since the post World War Two days, make up most of the National, State or Provincial, County or Parish, local and municipal governments’ cash flow. If they are not bringing in twice the amount of money they are telling you that they bring in from taxes – which is the only income stream they allow you to know about-  it’s more like ‘shame on them’ than anything else. What I saw while I was recording and editing local town meetings for the cable teevee company I used to work for was like this: The provincial government told the municipal governments (in a huge Canadian province) that if they didn’t start charging taxes that they hadn’t been charging up to then, and if they didn’t add surcharges to water bills and anything else that applied, the municipalities could kiss their share of federal and provincial revenues goodbye. The mayor apologized to the small audience that watched the broadcasts I was paid to record, produce and broadcast, which meant that if one hundred people saw that on their televisions, that was way above average.

— I could probably rant on all day here, but you’ve all been dumbed down to the point where you might not be able to follow this much-

— sigh,

———- disillusionedly yours,

~~~~~ Jim