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Monday, 03 November, 2014  -( 56˚F / +13˚C –  cloudy, with some sun coming and going  @ 3:15 pm near Ithaca )-  -( 34˚F / +1˚C –  Snow on the ground, grey sky overhead  @ 4:30 pm Closer to Halifax —jda—)-   —  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson & jim wellington, with help from —jda— }

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2 deer in the snow on a grey morning.

@ 8:15 am there were 4 deer up the hill, closer to our neighbour’s back feeding spot. Only 2 of them took the chance to come down to sample the oats I threw out to them.  —jda—

{ This is what greeted me this morning when I fired up my Twitter pages.  ———djo——— }

Stephen Harper sux big time

“Everybody I know realizes that Stephen Harper is bad news for Canada, bad news for the world. What I cannot understand is how the bleep does he convince his ‘followers’ to buy his bull chips?” —djo—

Ack 11-01-2014

“Income Splitting” = “We take what’s yours, good luck living on what’s left.” The Soundtrack should include Thunderclap Newman. “Because the Rev O Lution’s Now!”

Orwell on war

“George Orwell Quote” = “If you draw your sword, you’ve been bought and sold by the dark side.” -djo-



“Conspiracy Watch” was busy last week. This is one of a dozen similar quotes they posted. I’m not sure whether this was the original word for word phrase that may have been edited since Ben Franklin uttered it, or not. Wouldnt it be weird if we learned that many nuggets of wisdom we cherish were uttered in a drunken stupor? -djo-

{ – “Oh, Dang! There’s just too many good and topical tweets this morning. If we post them all here, we’ll never get to our Daily Schnarr-Fest.” –  —djo— }


 { We’ve been doing this because we believe the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media in the U.S.A., & not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }
{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news.— & You can also find a link to the web cast of the most recent broadcast of “The National” the CBC’s ‘flagship nightly newscast’ under the “Must Watch” heading on their main page. — Thanks. — & Jim W convinced me to take credit for this, above.  ———djo——— }


 Other Sources:

FFTF Nov 2014

“Call out the instigators, because there’s something in the air-” NEVER Surrender! —djo—

Comcast Horror Stories

Comcast Horror Stories

{  Um, most of the people I know would have told you to ignore Comcast if they were trying to double bill you. Don’t cave in to ice-holes – when you do, they win. When they win, they come down harder on their next victim. You aided and abetted their extortion operations.  —djo— }

War Is Terrorism

War Is Terrorism

{   “Anyone who would give up a little liberty for a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” —Benjamin Franklin   }

{ “Any politician, police, military, or would be authoritarian of any stripe, who would capitalize on an event like yesterday’s in Ottawa: clearly does not deserve any respect at all, let alone the authority they demand.” — douglas j otterson }

 { Here’s a quote for you, not about yesterday and Ottawa but the philosophy applies: “The critical studies about #Ferguson in a decade will be fascinating. Because we are building this plane as we fly.” —deray mckesson }




{ “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies” —Thomas Jefferson }

French Cartoon.

“What can one do to reduce the fear of terrorism?” / “Click!”


{ “On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

2nd verse of  “Defence of Fort M’Henry” By Francis Scott Key }


70,000 dead fish in Ohio.

Tweeted, “It is the legeslators who should go to Jail for this-” 70,000 dead fish in Ohio? —Frack Halliburton?—


{ Everything above this line should probably be on a separate page — Or a Separate ‘Sticky Post’ – But we keep seeing things that look and feel too important to ignore — & Below this begins our usual CBC News Headlines }



Lead Articles: Today’s Theme?: New salt in old wounds? / Fear Mongering 201- If you have no new atrocities to report- keep the old ones alive and make them ever more scary?

Woman with green hair

Lena Dunham of ‘Girls’ fame.

-Live- Health minister gives update on Canada’s latest Ebola response  { * “Health Minister Rona Ambrose is in Winnipeg today where she is updating Canadians on the federal government’s latest response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. is carrying the news conference live starting at 3 p.m. ET.” *  —djo—  }

‘I will miss him forever,’ soldier says of ‘best friend,’ partner killed in Ottawa shooting   { * “Branden Stevenson — the friend and fellow army reservist who was guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa with Cpl. Nathan Cirillo when the 24-year-old father was fatally shot — gives his first public statement about the tragedy.” *  —djo— }

-New- Cpl. Ron Francis had no business in criminal court, judge says   { * “On the day now deceased RCMP Cpl. Ron Francis was to be sentenced on charges of assaulting fellow officers, a provincial court judge in Fredericton made a statement he hoped would bring comfort to Francis’s family and his community.” *  }

Lena Dunham disputes abuse allegations in Twitter ‘rage spiral’    { * “Lena Dunham, actor and creator of the hit HBO series, Girls, lashed out on Twitter over allegations she sexually abused her little sister.” * —djo— }

Income splitting would not benefit low-income single parents, minister says   { * “Income splitting would not benefit single parents because the majority are considered low income, says Minister of State for Social Development Candice Bergen.” *  —djo— }

===== >>—-> Begin ‘Developing’ flash queue >>—->


“Radio-Canada meteorologist Bill Bourque says up to 30 cm of snow may hit New Brunswick this coming Sunday.” —jimw–

Monday: 03 November, 2014 – “Developing News” Flashing Headlines:

French president says Ottawa shooter ‘defiled’ Parliament   {  }

Partner of Cp. Nathan Cirillo to resume duty in Ottawa   {  }

Quebec police investigate ‘Spookland’ assault allegations   {  }

Judge says Mountie with PTSD shouldn’t have been in court   {  }

Canadian fighter jets drop laser-guided bombs over Iraq   {  }

Bank of Canada says job creation lagging behind during recovery   {  }

Canada’s protective Ebola equipment now in Africa: Ambrose    {  }

Manitoba  premier shuffles cabinet after 5 ministers resign   {  }

===== >>—->  End of Flashing headlines <—-<<



Bert & Ernie


Sunny Day! Sesame Street turns 45  {  }

Too soon?! Christmas music playing in stores now is too early   {   }

Hello Ktty turns the big 4-0   {   }

2,000 sheep take to Madrid’s streets in protest   {  * No, the sheep are not carrying picket signs. & a teevee spot said the shepherds have the right to use their tried and true old routes. *  —jda— }

-Last Week’s Most Notable?- Ivy League school offers ‘wasting time on the internet’ course   { * I kept this one up, even if the CBC didn’t.  —djo—  “UPenn is certainly generating a lot of buzz this week with its new English department course “Wasting time on the Internet,” but it’s not the title of the class that has academics excited — it’s the content of the syllabus, and the views of its professor (world-renowned poetKenneth Goldsmith.) – “We spend our lives in front of screens, mostly wasting time: checking social media, watching cat videos, chatting, and shopping,” wrote Goldsmith in the course’s syllabus, which is live on UPenn’s website. “What if these activities — clicking, SMSing, status-updating, and random surfing — were used as raw material for creating compelling and emotional works of literature?” –  “Could we reconstruct our autobiography using only Facebook? Could we write a great novella by plundering our Twitter feed? Could we reframe the internet as the greatest poem ever written?” the syllabus continues. “Distraction, multi-tasking, and aimless drifting is mandatory.” * & maybe they shouldn’t forget to eat GMO food and drink GMO soft drinks and reak havoc on their brains w sugar. && make sur haf th wrds r sp3lld rong.  —djo— }





SpaceShip Wreckage in the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

“Most Viewed”

Jian Ghomeshi allegations addressed by Kathleen Wynne   {  }

Branden Stevenson says Nathan Cirillo was ‘like a brother’  {  }

Lena Dunham disputes abuse allegations in Twitter ‘rage spiral’   {  }

Tamra Keepness map on Reddit gets attention of Regina police   {   }

Cpl. Ron Francis had no business in criminal court, judge says   {  }

Credit card charges after ex-girlfriend steals Visa leaves B.C. man on hook for thousands   {  }

Premier Greg Selinger replaces t cabinet ministers   {  }

Luka Magnotta complained of hearing voices, doctor testifies   {   }

MP Dean Del Mastro wants case reopened following guilty verdict   {  }

Ebola outbreak: Rona Ambrose to announce Canada’s latest response   {   }

-8 photo slide show- Virgin Galactic SpaceShip2 crash site in Mohave Desert   { * & It was announced on television news today that investigators ruled out an explosion due to the new experimental fuel mix they were using. *  —jim w—  }

-Blog- 4Chan tries to convince people that Doritos are infected with Ebola  { * Sounds like a black ops shadow government disinformation plot to me — *  —djo— }



photo of man changing clocks

Daylight saving time 2014 ends this weekend. Clocks fall back at 2 a.m. on Sunday in most of the country.


Map on Reddit suggests location of missing girl’s remains  {   }

-New- Luka Magnotta complained of hearing voices, doctor testifies   {   }

Russel Williams’s pension out of bounds in lawsuit for now   {  }

-Go Public- B.C. man on hook for thousands after ex-girlfriend steals Visa card    {  }

-Updated- MP Dean Del Mastro wants case reopened following guilty verdict   {  }

-Updated- Manitoba premier replaces 5 cabinet ministers    { * They resigned, saying the premier wouldn’t listen to them. *  —jda— }

-Analysis- Canadian military aims to ‘disrupt and degrade and attempt to defeat’ ISIS threat   { * Didn’t we hear that somewhere before? From somebody else’s mouth? *  —djo— }

Cocaine wrapped in Louis Vuitton logos seized at Halifax port    { * Before cocaine was rendered illegal by whatever ice-holes make decisions like that, enterprising good old Amerikan investers tried to transplant coca plants to Asia where the climate was perfect, but the plants were attacked by a bacteria, virus, or fungus or something like that which rendered the psycho-active components null and void. I betcha that if the ‘brilliant’ ice-holes in our ‘brilliant’ government really wanted to, they could spread that virus or fungus or bacteria or whatever throughout South America and nobody would have to worry about the “Cocaine Problem” ever again. I don’t know, is there any legitimate medical use for that stuff? *  —djo— *** I think maybe the ‘Cocaine Problem’ / ‘War On Drugs’ Problem could be easily solved if we did something about the calibre of idiots we allow to pretend they’re our ‘political leaders’ && send all the banksters into the nastiest parallel universe we can find. ***  —jda— }

‘Spookland’ Halloween party organizers to meet after sex assault allegations    {   }

-Exclusive- The shots that captured the shots: CBC video offers fresh detail on Parliament Hill shootout   {  }

Brittany Maynard takes her life in Oregon after public right-to-die debate   {  }

-New- Much ado about poo: Scientists find virus DNA in 700-year-old caribou dung   {  }

U.S. human gene patent ‘like patenting water or air,’ Canadian hospital CEO says    { * Didn’t we mention that last week? or in the recent past? DNA researchers and/or unethical government types want to patent and/or copyright your dna and then take you to court, threaten you with insane fines or even jail time if you try to mate with somebody they don’t approve of. *  —djo—  }

-Analysis- Mr. About-face? French president’s visit roils Quebec’s austerity debate   {  }

Bats likely carry Ebola to humans, but may also carry cure   {  }

-Must Watch-  Peru floods   {   }

-Must Watch-  Quadrennial Route du Rhum yaght race begins    { * “91 skippers helm this year’s gruelling race from France to Guadaloupe.” *  —djo—  }

-Must Watch-  SpaceShip Two crash update   {   }

-Editor’s Pick- Deradicalization programs aim to ‘get ahead of the curve’ on extremists    { * “Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Germany have comprehensive programs”  — Now lemme get this straight? First, the evil economic manipulating ice-holes behind those elitist weirdo groups like ‘skull and bones’ and international bankster organizations — get the C.I.A. to create groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS -with your tax dollars- then get other ice-hole organizations to research and come up with bogus de-programming, de-radicalization nonsense programs to try to justify stealing more ‘tax dollars’ from you — and all the while, you are their target. They want you to spend your life scared out of your mind so they can very easily manipulate you into giving them what they want- which is -complete control over you. And you- you happily turn over every right and freedom and liberty the people you worship suffered and died for? Why do you allow this to go on? *  —djo—   }

-Editor’s Pick- Movember moustaches may helf find new prostrate cancer tests    { * “Breakthroughs expected in the search for alternative to PSA testing” —  “Money raised through past Movember men’s health campaigns is helping fund the search for alternatives to PSA screening for prostate cancer. — The test costs an individual about $30. In B.C., the province covers the costs, and its billed about $11. — And Jackie Manthorne, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network’s preseident and CEO. says: “Don’t throw PSA tests out the window until we have something viable to replace it with.” — Ya know? I can’t figure out why they’re making such a big deal over this. Somebody – um, ‘Stuart Edmonds of Prostate Cancer Canada says genetic testing “is one of the areas there are likely to be big breakthroughs in the future-“.’ — link this message to one of today’s articles, above, -where- if unethical ice holes are trying to patent and copyright your dna so they can charge you big $s in the future, is this another thinly disguised ploy to get you to let them test your dna and sign away your rights and your future children’s and grandchildren’s rights to own their own dna? Gaaaaaa!  —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- Radical rest homes: Old people should live everywhere   {  }




“Radio-Canada meteorologist Bill Bourque says up to 30 cm of snow may hit New Brunswick this coming Sunday.” —jimw—

“Local / New Bruswick”

Cpl. Ron Francis had no business in criminal court, judge says   { *Okay, the judge is trying to say that the RCMP, or whomever, had no business charging Cpl. Ron Francis with criminal charges while he was trying his darnedest to get help for his PTSD and they were screwing him over any chance they got. This stupid headline sounds like the judge is accusing the victim of something wrong. *  —djo—  }

Snowstorm in New Brunswick prompts frustration for drivers   {  }

Justin Bourque shooting response by RCMP plagued by communication gaps   {  }

4 men from Esgenoôpetitj missing after working in the woods   {  }

-Yesterday- Brace for up to 30 cm of snow on Sunday, meteorologist says  { * That’s about twelve U.S. inches. *  —djo—   *** We might have gotten about 4 inches at most- —jda— }



Becky Big Canoe

First Nations seek justice.

“First Nations”

-Opinion- Kahnawake First Nation attacking the human rights of its citizens  { * “Waneek and Kahente Horn-Miller say that their community’s “marry out, move out” rule is fracturing their First Nation from within.” *  —djo— }

Manitoba teacher recognized for interactive teaching of First Nations students  { * “Connie Wyatt Anderson, a teacher at Oscar Lathlin Collegiate in Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Man., has been awarded a 2014 Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History.” *  —djo— }

No caribou rendezvous: Hart River caribou wander alone in Yukon  { * “Yukon’s 2,200 Hart River caribou usually find safety among the over 197,000 Porcupine Caribou this time of year. Now the larger herd is in Alaska, prompting the Yukon government to close the hunt in their shared stomping grounds.” — Anybody else find this unnerving? What’s going on? Are the ‘American’ border guards arresting and charging their caribou with treason if they try to go home? *  —djo—  }

Tamra Keepness map on Reddit gets attention of Regina police  {  }

Canada leading global study on Inuit suicide prevention  {  }

Nunavut man asked to change residency for health treatment  {  }

Residential school survivor looks to halt distribution of education credits  {  }

Washington Redskins controversy: Protesters ramp up pressure at Vikings game  {  }

Former Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller among Mohawks suing Kahnawake council  {  }

Indigenous physician brings unique perspective to her practice  {  }

First Nations take action in alleged killings of 3 aboriginal boys, 50 years ago  {  }

-7 Photos- Arviat youth use art workshops to discuss difficult topics  {  }


{ The ‘First Nations Page’ is actually called ‘Aboriginal’ on the CBC web site, but some First Nations object to that title, so we renamed it here.  —djo— }


{  6:11 pm EST — We are Ready to Rock and Roll —  — & Thanks again for your help, Jim W,  ( especially since he is working today with a bruised rib, ouch! )   — And  thanks to “—jda—“     ———djo——— }

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