Committee Breakfast May 15, 2015

Friday Morning, May 15th, 2015 -( 9°C / 48°F @ 8:15 am, Sunny & Bright in our little corner of Atlantic Canada )-


7:30 am- 3 deer looking a bit scruffy as they get ready to shed their winter coats. Photo was ‘auto adjusted’ in PhotoShop. That made the greens greener.

Deer grazing on a hill.

I’m taking these photographs through windows that still have plastic on the inside. It’s not as easy to notice the blurry sections as a few earlier photos taken through the same windows.

Four deer on a hill looking like three.

There are four deer in this photo. I like the “push me – pull you” effect created by the two deer in the middle. One standing guard, looking away from the camera, the other munching on oats I tossed out onto the hill about an hour earlier.

— These photos here are larger than I usually upload them. The grass is beginning to turn green, Spring is here. I think we survived another nasty winter. The bad guys might be trying to bluff us into believing most of the world is going bankrupt while they’re “laughing all the way to the bank”. The sun felt warm even through the windows and across the room. & The guy who owns the field the deer are in either came here and cut the tree that fell down last summer in the Storm they named “Arthur” or paid somebody to do that.

— I can’t think of anything clever to finish this off with just now. Still kind of ‘shell shocked’ over the death of a pet. It feels like life goes on – and silly me, after a couple “Near Death Experiences” myself, I’m pretty sure I’ll see those pets again in the ‘next life’ — But that didn’t make it any easier. And every time life drops one of its ‘little surprises’ – all of our priorities seem to come up for review and have themselves reshuffled. You find out again who your real friends are and suddenly you’re locked in an echo chamber where ideas like: “Nobody ever comes back from a near death experience with the Divine message that they should have spent more time at work-” reverberate in your body, mind and spirit as if they’ve been double or triple underlined.

~~~~~ Jim

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