Today’s Round of Catastrophes & Fixes —>

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 – 9:50 pm outside of Ithaca, New York

- Notice the gap between the two areas-

– As she began to Re-Join the areas – This is what Annnie saw – Notice the gap between the Vale to the left and the Valley to the right –

— { The above is the first of three screen shots Annie missed after she worked all day Tuesday to re-join the Vale and the Valley – The green outlines tell us that the two areas are now touching where they need to be joined – And you will probably notice the gully or gulch or canyon between the two areas. — Depends on how large a screen you are viewing this on. }

= = = = = —djo — { Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 – 4:08 pm— Jim’s birthday reminders that his calendar sends all of us – tells us it’s Connie G’s Birthday }

—> Reports from Xhyrean & Rachel :

— First, from Xhyrean :

  • Annie discovered that Keltic Valley had sailed away from The Vale – and set about fixing that – Nikki helped – Nikki reached the point where none of her commands to alter the landscape or basically do anything helpful got results, so she ran south as far as she could go while Annie twiddled her thumbs and waited for ‘reality’ to catch up with her queued commands.
  • Nikki did fix a glitch between the border of the Valley and ‘001’ and ran up east of center through 001, through the cave and back out and managed to get to the border of Stone Lake, but couldn’t cross into Stone Lake. Then she turned around and thought she could race back to Annie’s side, but got stuck at the northern border of 001.
  • We will probably have to fix that when we’re through with all our other little fiascoes.

{ & he included Annie’s Screen-Shots }

—–> Shantivarta

= = = = =

—– Then Rachel :

– Yeah, Nikki got stuck, we probably have to re-do the borders to ‘001’ – plus, i think we did a decent job- the girls did good work. 🙂 – now let’s see if I have the presence of mind to actually attach my screen shots —-

—– Raitch —

{ & she included Nikki’s Screen Shots }

= = = = =

— Let me get the screen shots in order:

Julienne in the North-East Shield Mountains

– Julienne explored the North-Eastern Shield Mountains late last night / early this morning – She was impressed with the clouds as evening fell –

— The North-Estern Shield Mountains are beyond the North-Eastern Plains. Julienne had a break between her bard-like engagements and thought she’d get away from it all – Like the caption says, she was really impressed with the purple evening clouds in the mountains.

- Yup, The valley district came unglued from the Vale district.

– Annie’s first Screen-Shot of the day – Everybody was so busy yesterday getting the inland sea back in place, that we missed the fact that, indeed, The Valley had divorced itself from the Vale. –

— That is a mess –

- "Border Gaps"

– Apparently,The Vale and the Valley used to overlap considerably –

— After they brought the two areas into alignment, they saw that there was a gap of several yards or meters between the landmasses that used to be connected. They made an executive decision to link the areas together with that gap – and bring up that impassable gully, & do some heavy duty landscaping / earth moving to match the real estate on both sides of that ‘canyon’?

- What it looked like as Annie began Repairing the Eastern Edges

– This what Annie saw as she began to match the edges between the Vale { on the right } and the Valley { left } –

- After Annie matched the Eastern Edges -

– And this is what the Eastern Edges looked like after Annie used the leveling tool to bring the edge of the Valley Area down to match the Vale’s –

- A bit of a plateau formed when they brought the edges of the bordering districts togethe. -

– When they ‘glued’ the edges of the two areas together – They had to ‘fly’ up and see what they were doing from a distance – Then back on the ground, they had this bit of a wall blocking the road. –

— If you’re seeing this on a big enough screen – Annie is trying to look over the top of a wall that suddenly grew between her and the gateway into the Valley District. If they left that there almost no players that couldn’t fly would ever be able to ‘Get there from here-‘ – but – that is really easy to fix with the right bulldozer / Leveling tool – { Ya just gotta be careful with that tool or you may find a line of weird pillars across the land you probably spent a lot of time and effort to ‘landscape’ just right. Luckily, we taught them well and they were careful – } – And, they made another executive decision, to bring the very steep hill up from the Vale to the Valley — down a bit.

- :The View From The Valley Side Of The Border -

– After Smoothing out the road from the Vale to the Valley – they began to use the leveling tool to Bring the hills on one side of the border up to the same height as their counterparts on the other side. –

— I think they told me that Nikki bulldozed the road down to level from the Valley side, and then did a lot of slope smoothing on the Vale side to grade the road into something more passable, and less steep. But – from this screen-shot, you can probably see that first efforts to match the hills on both sides of the gully that wasn’t there before — together… gave them some weird, and not very pleasing – results.

- "Getting There"

– This is a long shot of the road work Nikki completed – making the slope up the hill from the Vale to the Valley a lot more pleasant, and traversable. –

— Nikki labeled this screen shot “Getting There -” It shows her handiwork in smoothing out the road’s climb.

- Steep sides on both sides of the road -

– Nikki’s bulldozing handiwork. The road into the Valley, through the gateway – used to be that much higher than it is now. –

— Where else could you bring a whole neighbourhood down several meters in altitude in less than an hour and make it work? Our two young women then had a lot of hill-sculpting and other landscaping to do before they were satisfied with the way this area looked. –

- The view from way beyond the western edge of these two areas.

– The young women stopped their efforts to ‘pretty up’ or make the entire west side of both areas match and/or look the same from out here in the ozone. –

—  When they saw that bit of a lake on the edge of the valley – on our right there – Annie and Nikki couldn’t be sure there wasn’t another area linked to the valley up there, and so stopped trying to make the western edges here look like one heck of a thick chocolate bar. –

— Annie told me there were at least two screen shots of her work on the eastern edges of both areas – that she missed when she sent us her screen shots of the day – She’ll get them to us tomorrow – and one of us will have to edit them into this article { and/or ‘posting’ } –

- Annie & Nikki on their lunch break -

– Annie and Nikki posed for the screen shot person before they took a break to eat something before resuming their efforts here. –

— Yeah, ‘Real Life Adventures’ sometimes get in the way of game world building – But these two made sure they documented their presence before they had to go eat something before one or both of them dropped dead from acute low blood sugar -ness. – { I have a poetic license and I’m not afraid to use it – }

- Almost Midnight in the game world -

– Most of the rest of these Screen shots deal with ‘selfies’ of the two young women. –

— The more they did, the longer their computers hung up with serious lag. They moved mountains and carved hidden valleys but couldn’t take the time to capture that work in screen shots without taking the chance that  just a little more effort might crash their software and they could lose a lot of what they’d already done today. And that would be a tragedy and a half.

— But I think there may be one more shot out of the fourteen they sent us today that should go here:

- "Midnight Blue Clouds"

– Annie took this last screen shot as electric blue clouds swooped in low over Keltic Vale. –

— I think it’s a wonderful thing, that these two young women – up to their ears in dirty work, still noticed things that gave them a lift, like the strange atmosphere in this game world producing some odd and wonderful coloured clouds….

— And now it’s time for me to get ready for my night shift –

— Take care, Be safe – wear your CoVid-19 masks and try not to scare little kids to death —

————— Douglas Jay Otterson  { — djo — }  —>  Finished Editing-in the last 3 photos/Screen-Shots @ on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 – 3:20 pm Ithaca Time –

Mother’s Day Massacre 2020 –

Monday, May 11th, 2020 – +15˚C / 59˚F —> Sunny with some high white and grey clouds to the East @ 7:27 pm Atlantic Time –

"You Have Been Disconnected"

– This came at almost exactly 4:00 am here – after we worked all day to correct some weird glitches. –

— We had one temporary area that was causing problems – This area has a bunch of assets some of our team can’t get through their not quite top of the line set-up.

— So Jim this time, warned us ahead of time and went in and removed a ‘seamless’ connection to the area that was experiencing the glitches. That seemed to have gone well.

— Then he ‘moved’ it, attached it to another area where somebody wanted to clone and move assets to the area she was working on.

— But then, really weird schnarr hit the fan.

Still Broken after we fixed this problem three times and it looked fine -

– “Still Broken after three of us fixed this problem at least once each and it looked fine – but then-.” —>

— From here that might not look like much of a problem – but “Down on the ground” we have a lot of “Can’t get there from here” problems. Everything in five areas came unglued. And there is an area to the left of those mountains you can probably see at far right middle? And the water? The “Inland Sea” water has very weird black diagonal stripes.

— This was at about 9:30 pm yesterday –

— Then Jim came back from a late-ish dinner with Cathi – who is working on Vancouver time from home near Fredericton –

— Jim said, “Okay, let me try one last thing -” —> Made sure all areas that were connected to the inland sea removed their “Seamless Links” —> Removed the inland sea, then re- added it. Then Re-added two more sections of the inland sea bed to “Del-Vahria” { Where the Delvahrian miners find most of their gems and rare ores – } And voila! 95% of the Sea Bed yawned and said, “What’s all the commotion about??” — & it pretty much popped into place where it shouldda been all along. We had a minor bit of slope smoothing to redo – and applied bandaids to all the edges where they connected to other areas – and we parked a couple builder characters in strategic spots, told them not to move, just kind of stand there and twiddle their thumbs – because weird stuff often happens if the builder characters log out or get booted by a system overload or if some of their last several commands haven’t been processed yet.

— So then most of us waved goodnight with our characters still connected – and Jim, who’d been trying to fix things since 12:30 pm { 9 hours ago – } deleted the weird water and went in and ‘created’ some new sea water –

— Unexpected problems with the sea water —> His builder character was standing on the dry sea bed way the heck out there when he ‘created’ the water by clicking on the ‘create’ & ‘mirror / water’ links inside the world creation & modification software window.

— Then there were problems with the water not wanting to stretch to the size it had been before the Mother’s Day Catastrophe — He worked that out and left his builder underwater for a while while he and Cathi watched a post season-ender program put on the “Curse of Oak Island” guys – and when he came back, things looked stable enough –

— He had his builder character swim to the nearest shore, climb out and run around back down to the ‘Del-Vahria’ shoreline, thought he might get a nice happy glimpse of moonlight on the water – but – the water was invisible.

— Jim did not drop dead from a heart attack, he winced, sat back, sighed a few times, thinking he might have to spend a couple more hours trouble shooting – but then thought of something, ran back around to a spot near where he was when he ‘created’ the water and yup – there it was – happily lapping on the shore.

— So – working in stages, he ran halfway back to Del-Vahria, looked again, and – yup, the sea was still there, still looking virtually wet – So he went into the ‘properties’ tab – clicked on the sea, and sure enough – The sea thought it belonged to the North Eastern Plains area. So inside the ‘Area’ tab there’s an option, “Bring assets here -” which he clicked and then selected the sea again, and now it thought it belonged to the Isthmus area.

— Then – because the Isthmus area is not directly connected to the Keltic Vale area, he ran all the way down to Del-Vahria and went through the ‘properties’ click – ‘Areas’ click – Bring assets here – click – and now, almost twenty two hours later – the sea is still there, and it’s still visible to everybody who wants to see it. —> We hope 😉 –

— It took Jim 2 hours to get the sea back where it was supposed to be.

Screen Shot - Annie Plantig Flowers on the Isthmus.

– Annie planted flowers around the building on the Isthmus – The thing is – the building got ‘wonky’ on us. –

— The building above got a little bit weird after the Mother’s Day Massacre – That was the first thing we noticed. Annie tried to go into the building and ended up levitated – my best guess? ten feet above the ground…

Screen Shot - "Flying Annie"

– Annie couldn’t move, couldn’t turn around, couldn’t do anything but hang there. In the past when anything like this happened, we learned we could just wait a couple minutes and our builder characters would come crashing to the ground, no bones broken – no problems – but this time, half an hour later, she swas still floating. –

— So Annie – knowing that if she ‘exited’ her building software, things might become even stranger – tried teleporting to another area and back again, and this time she could walk right in at ground level – but she turned around to leave and there were gaps between the inside walls and the outside walls. She tried to fix that for about an hour or so and nothing she could do could get the walls to line up right.

— She called Jim. Jim came over and tried to fix the problem – but after ten minutes, realized the building was just too far out of sync and deleted it. – He also discovered that part of the weirdness he was working on had raised the Isthmus what looked like several meters.

— Annie had noticed that, and rather than bother Jim earlier, fixed that by angling a hill from north eastern corner of Del-Vahria up to where she fixed the slopes and bandaided the edges together and —

— Jim thanked her, and they didn’t think that had anything to do with the levitation problem, but Jim shrugged and thought it might be Aesthetically more pleasing to have the building, which now sat on a higher bluff with the Northern Sea with all its blustering storms battering against the walls – He raised the bluffs a bit and carved a protected  area into a fairly level space with the higher bluffs to the north and a bit of a smallish rocky hill to the south. Then he importated another version of the building that had gone wonky and they checked it out and everything looked fine.

- Nikki & Annie during a sunset Heat Inversion - Screen Shot

– Meanwhile, ‘before the fit hit the Shan’ – Saturday Eveing, Nikki – had suffered a weird teleportation glitch the day before, and ended up naked with short blond hair and somebody else’s face – which never happened before —> to any of us.

— Nikki went and had a summer make-over – got a new outfit and new boots, – new everything – and here she is clowning with her ‘BFF’ Annie during a sunset temperature inversion while Annie was showing off her horticultural skills.

— Yeah, so luckily those of us with wives and/or Mothers who – thankfully, didn’t mind being left mostly unbothered all day while we went nuts fixing things – still have stuff to do and time to do it. Thanks to the CoVid-19 Fiasco all around us….

— { “Have a good life …. }

~~~~~ Xhyrean Shantivarta – { – inter-dimensional time traveler stuck on Earth for a while longer – finding you ‘Earthlings’ almost as amusing as you are irritating…. }