Saturday – July 18th, 2020 – the Border Fixin Squad is Out in Full Force –

Saturday, July 18th, 2020 —> +28˚C / +82˚F —> & Not so muggy in Atlantic Canada @ 5:30 pm – I think they Celebrated Cheryl W.’s birthday in South Africa & Called it a Nelson Mandela Appreciation Day. –

- Draelen notices Buildings are up off the ground in Birkenport -

– Draelen said, “Uhh – Things are kind of up in the air over here in Birkenport at the moment – Send in the troops -” –

— Another typical Saturday in the Game Building World?

— Excuse me if you already heard this, but we had to fix a few things in Aerendel City – We needed to disconnect the City from its surrounding spaces, or areas – mountains to the north- hills to the south – Highland Forest to the North-West – That was the easy part. Aerendel City had not yet been the focus of Urban Development – It was just sitting there, with lots of plans on several ‘drawing boards’.

— We worked on just the basic landscape, made no major changes in the shape or the border regions at all, smiled and moved it back into place, re-connected it seamlessly with all its surrounding areas and checked the borders and everything looked fine.

— But then a Newbie builder took a look around and a lot of things were not fine. A week before this started Nikki took a look around Landsdrop and found that Wolfe Ridge had gone wandering. Draelen checked it out, came toward Wolfe Ridge from the West, and everything was fine. But then Newbie – Skarhfe – on his way to Del-Vahria – found the same problem and ‘sketched’ the absence of Wolfe Ridge { took a screen shot  and ‘shared it’ with the rest of us. Lucky for us, Skarhfe might have been new to our team, but he knew what he was doing and he corrected the problem with, in Kaelyn’s words: “Ease and Grace” { The first time we heard that we thought ‘Ease’ might have refered to Aeslynne – and wondered who Grace was. }

— Draelen, Volffe, Niki, Evelynn, newcomers Yurgan, and Jim – set about correcting things in just about the same manner that Skarhfe had fixed the ‘Where the bleep did Wolfe Ridge wander off to?-‘ problem.

— And we discovered that if we fixed the border between Aerendel City and ‘AerWest02’ from the East – from Aerendel City – it looked fine, but when Evelynn ran around to check something from the AerWest / Highland Forest side – Things were definitely not ‘fine’.

— We thought we fixed the border between Highland Forest and ‘Mountain Range “A”-‘ where they both just come close to Aerendel City – but after things looked ‘fine’ again there – and after Evelynn ran back around to Aerendel City with nothing obviously out of place – she ran back down to Birkenport and, “Uht – oh!” – Birkenport hadn’t moved, but all the buildings and lamp-posts had jumped at least three feet in the air and hovered there. And the sea level in that important port city had dropped about five meters – and that fell under the ‘Not Good-‘ category.

— So we called out the troops, and a lot of us took turns fixing things – and when we reached the point of exhaustion we went to sleep and somebody else was always ready to take our place –

… Let me finish this later – They need me in the landscape emergency room…

- Yurgan paused to marvel at the red clouds just after sunset in the city -

– “Yurgan paused to marvel at the red clouds just after sunset at the edge of Aerendel City.” –

— The clouds look like they’re closer to a ‘hot pink’ than red to me, but I’ve been assured by others, the clouds around sunset were definitely red.  –

— Have I said too much about everybody’s efforts to repair borders etc.?

- Red Sunsets? This is the border between Birkenport and Daelen-

– “Red at night -” no – somebody might take that wrong – Red Haired Evelynn – in a reddish fog a bit after sunset – with the stars shining through –

— Somebody suggested we compile a ‘Rogue’s Gallery’ of the guys and gals on our team – Sounds okay to me –

— And I better sign off for now – It’s been a long day and a half —

————— T.R. —————

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