– It Used To Be Friday –

– Saturday – June 13th, 2020 – +15˚C / +59˚F – dark & partly cloudy @ 1:42 am on my friend, Bob Balough’s Birthday –

Draelen & Nikki in the guard house in the "Norff Land" area

– Draelen & Nikki on guard duty together in the guard house in “Norff Land” – The chosen and highly defensible ‘New Homeland” of quite a few Ymmps –

— Not long after I took this screen shot the world we’ve been working in went ‘Down’ – { Schnarr! } It went down at about 6:31 Friday morning and it’s still down as of the last time I checked, maybe half an hour ago –
— I spent hours last evening thinking I could copy and paste the page of “The sentient Races of Aerendel” that I laboured over and put together painfully in HTML sometime between 1995 and 1997? – Before I could get my hands on a working copy of Dream Weaver. Long story – You don’t want to hear it. It’s all about me joining the vast hordes of unpaid US home health care providers trying to keep my father alive and then being so burned out I couldn’t work for a couple years.

"Norff-Land" The Ymmps adopted homeland.

We were building this new area and adding the sea to its south – This is about as far aw we got –

— The rocky coast of “Norff Land” { Ymmps, wiff dere demented senses of humor love making fun of language and talk funny for the plus perfect hell of it. } – They’re also hunted by the goblin-like race in this world who, if they can capture an Ymmp, and cut off its tail, and locate the correct glands and process the oily juice they can squeeze out of those glands just right – and survive the hallucinations and near-death experience they go through when the drink the stuff – become almost demonically powerful after having been born sickly, weak, stupid and generally useless – Ymmps are fun characters, ‘old souls’ who just want to laugh their way through this life and have as good a time as they can – And they all develop a ‘spell’ they call fire breath – which can kill bad guys, maybe ten at a time, but then they’re exhausted and need to rest and hope there are enough other Ymmps around to protect them and kill off the crazed attackers who want their tails – literally. I was raising steep hills along the jagged coastline while Nikki’s player was sleeping and had left her there as a place holder in case I tried to do too much at once and crashed out, if it took me a while to get back on I wouldn’t have to twiddle my thumbs for a minute or so while the world ‘spun back up’ and allowed me back in to get back to the business of building the landscape of this world – which is coming together and looking a lot better than I thought it could when I started this.

Julienne in Glacier Valley

– Julienne in Glacier Valley – with the early spring melted snow reflecting the absolutely gorgeous terrain behind her. –

— Looks like a ‘Visit Aerendel and Stay as long as you like’ Post card above, doesn’t it?

Juvenile Palm Trees.

– “Juvenile Palm Trees” – Besides checking a lot of minor problems with ‘Seamless Links’ and making some cosmetic changes, putting finishing touches on several areas – I’ve been working my way through ‘Speed Tree” tutorials and here’s some of the results –

— Palm Tree Saplings? 19 + feet tall? – The pink sphere is a collision thing – no characters can run between the young trees – I was thinking I could ‘sink them into the ground’ and have myself a jungle like look –

Tall twisted Palm Tree.

– Here’s a slightly twisted palm tree guaranteed to react to breezes – I wasn’t a big fan of palm trees, but I know where I can put this –

— A “66.21” foot tall palm tree that’s been buffeted by Trade winds? I randomized this from another palm tree that was 50 feet tall and couldn’t resit. I’ve got some more reading to do before I make sure it has all its intended features and close my eyes and push the button to send it through the pipe line with a couple whole forests waiting to join it. I liked the trees that disappeared with a server upgrade – I forget how many years ago – but these are a lot more interesting.

Tosha - without her axe

– Now this was an interesting occurrence – Tosha did a lot of work landscaping the other day and somewhere along the line might have actually lost her ‘Gear-Axe’ .

— I want to know if her axe magically reappears next time she pops in to help me here, but I guess I’ll have to wait –

— Have I done enough damage for one day? If I don’t get some quality rest I’ll be in trouble, deep.

— “Have a good life -“

————— Jim

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