6 pm – Part Two of the Sunday Blizzard?

Sunday, February 15th, 2015  -( -14°C / +7°F & Snowing in Atlantic Canada @6:10 pm Atlantic Time )- & -( -19°C / -3°F & ‘blowing Snow’ in the Ithaca area @ 5:10 pm Eastern Time )-

— More photos after we shoveled a path for the dog so he can move inside his fenced in area & Another path from the porch door to the snowblower shed on the driveway side of our house:

Interesting 001

Interesting (?) bit of wind blown natural snow sculpture at our porch door.

Interesting 002

Same odd bit of wind sculpted snow at the door from a straight up and down angle.

interesting 003

3rd angle of the same bit of wind blown snow.

interesting 004

The path through 3 feet deep snow drifts. It was tough shoveling, couldn’t look into the wind to see what I was doing- but I managed.

interesting 005

More interesting wind-sculpted-snow-drifts – looking toward the buried jeep at the corner of the house where the mailbox is (around the corner there).

interesting 006

And I hope you can see the nice ridge, higher than the van’s headlights, that the friendly neighbourhood snowplow left us – before the plows were pulled off the road (?) because they couldn’t see where they were going.

— About fifteen minutes ago, we had an apparent lull in the storm and wondered if it was time to go out and try to make a first pass with the snowblower. When I got to the door, I saw that the snow was still coming, it was so fine you couldn’t see the individual flakes on the security/deer cameras. But the wind was still blowing and it didn’t look like a good idea to go charging outside and use up all the gasoline we have left until we can get out and get to the nearest gas station.

— And now, the bigger wind-driven flakes are back in the visibility range – one interesting aspect of this storm. One camera that is still indoors, facing a window, can see only a sliver of black above a window full of wind blown snow.

— Heavy sigh.

~~~~~ Jim


Expecting the next major snow event —

Saturday, 14 February, 2015 -( -15°C / +5°F & just a few early flakes dancing around in Atlantic Canada @ 11:10 pm )-

— I took Jassper le Boof – our too smart for our own good hundred and twenty five pound Labrador Retriever for a bit of a walk up the street at about 9 pm. It was a bit nippy. When we got about halfway up the shortish street we live on here, we noticed that the snow banks were piled up taller than me (I’m 6′ 3″ tall) and wondered how tall those walls will be after tomorrows projected monster storm. We got a break last week, after three or four major snow events in two weeks. I thought we got almost as much snow in those two weeks as we did in most of last winter. Maybe I didn’t count the April Fool’s Day blizzard in that. After all, April’s supposed to be in the springtime, right? Jassper is a handful. We took him to puppy school and we were doing fairly well with an almost well behaved, over-enthusiastic brute of a dog -but not quite as brutish as ‘Bear’ a Newfoundland dog maybe one and a half times Jassper’s size, who acted like he would bite Jassper’s head off if he tried to get too friendly without Bear initiating the friendliness, and Bear had a thing for a cute, comparatively little Cocker Spaniel and didn’t want Jassper to get any ideas about being friendly with her… But anyway. We had a ‘guest’ visit for a couple weeks that turned into a couple years and he blew most of Jassper’s training out the window. I spent 75% of our walk calling out, “Slow down- Take it easy!” “Easy!” “NO! Let’s not go there-” “No- Don’t even think about entering that little dog’s territory-” “Easy-” “NO- you don’t want to dig anything up there-” “No, you can’t eat that-” “Easy- Easy-” “Slow down-” And the second half of our walk was down hill and I had to constantly rein him in, hold him back and do my best not to slip on the hard packed snow and bits of ice- But we survived and enthusiastic to a fault perennial puppy got home and had a couple treats and went through his, “Okay- I’ll pretend it’s time for bed- I get another treat for that, right?” Routine, and he went into his crate, we closed the door, and pulled down the sheet that used to keep him safe and quiet all night, but now lasts maybe twenty minutes if we’re lucky. Then we dealt with two cats who keep trying to demand their evening routine a few minutes earlier every day-

— The first few snow flakes showed up on our ‘security’/deer cam at about 9:30. And it’s acting like the first few scouts from an incredibly massive army of invading snow people, zooming in, looking around, blowing off to check out the neighbourhood for choice locations to land and set up sites for mind blowing communities of intrusive snow flake beings.

— My co-editor in the blogged news world is already dealing with heavy snowfall in “Upper New York State” and we might skip our issue tonight- but we’ve been a bit sporadic lately due to ‘widespread flu outbreak’ red filled areas of the Map of the USA, and Both Cathi and I have been battered by something- be it a weird cold or flu or combination of the above-

— So I’ll look through the famous birthdays on February 14th and list a few below:

{ Today’s Birthdays : — You can find all this and more at http://www.historyorb.com/today/birthdays.php & They have a ‘Follow on Twitter’ link on their site.

February 14th: 1572- Hans Christoph Haiden, composer. 1818- Frederick Douglass, African-American abolitionist/lecturer/editor (exact year unknown). 1894- Jack Benny, [Benjamin Kubelski], Waukegan Ill, “Oh! Rochester!”.  1896- Arthur Milne [Edward Arthur Milne], Hull Yorkshire, English Astrophysicist (kinematic relativity). 1902 Thelma Ritter, Brooklyn New York, American actress (Miracle on 34th Street). 1913  James Pike, bishop (Beyond Anxiety), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma &  Jimmy Hoffa, Teamsters leader who disappeared in 1975 &  Mel Allen, Birmingham Alabama, American sportscaster (voice of NY Yankees). 1916- Edward Platt, Staten Island NY, actor (Chief-Get Smart). 1921- Hugh Downs, Akron Oh, TV journalist (20/20, Concentration). 1922- Murray “the K” Kaufman, NYC DJ (5th Beatle). 1929 or 1931- Vic Morrow, American actor, Bronx NY, (Combat, Roots, Twilight Zone the Movie) (d. 1982). 1934- Florence Henderson, Dale Ind, actress/singer (Carol-Brady Bunch). 1943- Eric Anderson, vocalist (Avalanche, Be True to You), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1944- Carl Bernstein, Washington Post investigative reporter (Watergate). 1945- Gregory Hines, actor/dancer (White Nights, Taps), born in NYC, New York. 1948- … Teller, Phila, magician (Penn & Teller). 1960- Meg Tilly, [Margaret], actress (Big Chill, Impulse), born in Los Angeles, California  1963- Zach Galligan, actor (Gremlins), born in NYC, New York.  }

— && That’s more than I expected to write here tonight-

— Good Night, Sweet Dreams- Hope you had a wonderful Valentines’ Day   —jim w—

Thursday- Yes, we are in a snow tunnel –

Thursday, February 5th, 2015  -( -4°C / +25°F & very snow globe like outside right now in Atlatic Canada )- Today would have been my uncle Bob’s birthday.


Un-retouched Photo of our driveway this morning at just after 8 am. This would have been the first almost normal snowfall in two weeks of ‘Major Events’, which included at least two verified blizzards. We only got about 4 inches so far, which used to be enough to cancel school while I was growing up in southern New England. But the delightful people who plow the streets cut a little deeper into what they left behind last week and gave me a hip deep mountain to attack with a snow blower this morning. Hip deep on me is about 40 inches when I’m wearing boots.

Driveway 2

Almost the same shot as above, but I was standing on a bit of an embankment / snow-bank, and the flash kicked in.


A couple days ago I took a photo of the Jeep’s mirror. This is the same mirror this morning, with the van still in the driveway for comparison?

snow fort?

Like I’ve said a couple times in the last week. This could have been a snow fort beyond my wildest dreams as a kid.

Deer Path

Looking back along the path from where we feed deer through the winter.

burried swing.

The lawn swing is pretty much buried in Cathi’s ‘Zen Corner’ That’s about four feet of snow everywhere. Last year we got clobbered with a lot more snow than they’re used to getting up here. This year we got as much snow as we got all last year, pretty much in two and a half weeks.

Snow Cave and Tool shed.

The shed we keep the snowblower in- Is more than six feet tall and pretty much buried in wind blown snow. & the snow cave beside it where we keep our firewood more or less out of the weather? Next year we’ll have to make our wood shed a little more weather proof.


“Artsy” Shot of everygreens at the top of a stone-wall-reinforced hill. Ya can’t see the wall, can you, not with four feet of snow that’s beeh whipped up and blown around a bit.

— Okay, well both Cathi and I are aching and feeling like we’re being attacked by some kind of flu or virus, or are they both more or less the same thing? So, in keeping with our “Picture’s worth a thousand words-” I should leave this as it is and post it. The weather forecast called for another five cm or two to three more inches? this afternoon, and possibly another big storm over the weekend? Any insanely rich people out there want a truckload of snow for some tropical birthday party?

— Wink?

~~~~~ Jim

Tuesday, Digging out again – & a flock of orbs are flying around my security camera –

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015  -(-17°C / +1°F & cloudy @ 7:30 pm here in Atlantic Canada )- 

— Today is singer-songwriter Melanie Safka’s birthday & I thought today is Ian Anderson’s Birthday, but no- He’s an August-born kid. But Dave Davies of the Kinks was born the same day, same year as Melanie, & I liked most of what the Kinks recorded and released, they also told the world they were depressed about the state of things in interviews back in the sixties. — I think this Melanie -( “Candles in the Rain”, “Look what they’ve done to my song, Ma”, “Beautiful People” and a lot of other songs I liked a lot )- was the first celebrity I was aware of who went by just her first name. Blythe Danner’s birthday also (I thought she had amazing eyes) & Pretty Boy Floyd -Who might be the closest thing to an American Robin Hood & ‘turned to crime’ robbing banks and leaving thousand dollars behind to poor people who were kind to him when he was on the run; all this after he was framed for robbing banks by banksters who had fleeced their own banks and got away with it back when things were black and white – was born on this day in 1904. & How about Norman Rockwell?-1894. — Elizabeth Blackwell, credited as being the first woman Physician was born in Bristol, England in 1821. & Gertrude Stein was born in Pennsylvania in 1874.

— Yup digging out. It looked like another foot of snow when I opened the door and sighed. The official word from news outlets was ‘we got 22 centimeters – That’s 8 & 2/3 inches. I think they’re lying to us 😉 –

Snow - one

Partially dug out – before 8 am. I had to dig a path from the door to the shed that houses the snow blower.

Snow two

There’s a 2005 Jeep Liberty under that snow, all we can see from here is the rear view mirror.

Snow three

Partially dug out. I waited for Cathi to go to work before I finished blowing snow out of the driveway, but –

snow four

The first rays of sunlight hit the birch trees here just before 8 am.

snow five?

But Cathi had to go to work. A couple hours earlier I would have guessed there was no way in hell anybody would have been expected to drive anywhere in that storm. St John, New Brunswick – 100 kilometers/ approx. 62 miles south of us – was still under a blizzard warning and calling for a state of emergency so they could charge people with crimes for parking on their streets. The house across the street there has crimson Christmas lights they still light up at night. We’ve never met or talked to the people who live in that house, but the lights are a nice touch.

— There was a wind chill of -32°C while I was outside using the snow-blower. My fingers were burning and stinging hours later. I made sure I carved the path to where the deer come looking for handouts almost every night these days. And later went back to toss some oats on top of the fluffy new snow. They come when it’s impossible to see them right now through the plastic window covers and darkness, around 7-7:30 pm.

— Continuum is back on the “Showcase” channel up here, I missed a few shows, they’re working through season one at the moment, Kiera’s ‘CMR’ was hacked this morning and Alex managed to keep her from killing anybody by remotely shutting her off. She collapsed in a heap as she was about to shoot her partner and a couple minutes later woke up looking dazed, “What just happened here?” They were investigating a gaming software company that had developed advanced mind control capability by using technology that came from 2077 with people we’re supposed to believe are ‘bad guys’ at this point in the developing plot.

— Sigh, Last night the dog was such a pain, whining and scratching  outside our bedroom door that I knew Cathi wouldn’t be able to sleep if that went on, I got up and tried to do some computer schnarr and then tried to hybernate in the recliner with the weather network never quite giving us their full weather reports, cutting the forecast stuff in half, probably a user error on their part, somebody pushed the wrong switch and then didn’t pay attention to their New Brunswick feed. I had a twenty five pound cat on my chest and a 125 pound Labrador Retriever moaning and groaning nearby, but I did get enough rest to be able to try to freeze my fingers off and give Cathi a nice clean end of the driveway to drive away through.

— Tuesday? Yesterday I got really discombobulated and thought it was Friday again. -Wishful thinking?-

— Sigh again. I should quit here and post this.

— I have no idea what is flying up toward the security/deer cam – it looks like snow but you can’t see anything with normal human vision. We get this effect during a fog event. Best guess? There are 20 to 50 orbs visible flying up and around most of the time. Looks like a convention of curious little orb creatures checking out those weird humans. Maybe it’s a tour conducted by orbs from the future? 😉

~~~~~ Jim

Monday – Waiting for the 4th major storm in two weeks.

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 -(-23°C / -11°F & cloudy @ 5:30 am here in Atlantic Canada )-  Bitterly cold, waiting for another storm. Lisa S.’s birthday, & Ricky S.’s birthday, & my Cousin Lyn’s birthday, too.


Solar Power Versus Corporate Polluting Nonsense?

— Sitting here, staring into space. Some of my favourite people have birthdays today. And there are 99 people ‘following’ me on twitter? to be honest, some of them will disappear when they realize they’re not about to sell me anything. One guy’s profile says, “Buy followers on Twitter.” Gaaaaa- I don’t follow anybody who probably wouldn’t post stuff I really want to read and/or check out.

— But, anyway, our fourth blizzard in two weeks is supposed to start up this afternoon. I should probably rest up and be ready to clear the driveway again, and again and —

— Should I scream now? Or enjoy the idea that I now have a ‘snow fort’ for a driveway that I would have given anything for as a kid?

~~~~~ Jim

Thursday, Waiting for another shoe to drop?

Thursday, January 29, 2015  – Cousin Joan & 2 relatives & 5 ex-co-workers have a birthday today.

— Funny thing, for a long time today was the day on which I knew the most people celebrating their birthdays, & while Aquarians are not always the easiest people to get along with, I pretty much liked and gravitated toward everybody with today’s birthday.

"Weather Underground" photo and information for January 30th - edited in after the fact on Thursday's post.

“Weather Underground” photo and information for January 30th – edited in after the fact on Thursday’s post.

— We’ve had our two big snow storms within a week and we might be getting another one tomorrow night into Saturday. I’m aching all over from slipping and landing on hard ice twice, once for each storm, during the snow-blowing part. And that’s pretty much what I’m thinkin about. Other, maybe deeper concerns have been relegated to the back burner for now. I’m listening to Baroque music and loving the timbre of the stringed instruments. And that sounds like snowy day stuff.

— The dog and the cats seem to be taking a day off from insisting that I drop everything and deal with their exigencies….

— So, yeah, I guess I feel like the whole world is on hold and I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop here.

— Shrug–,

~~~~~ Jim


Tuesday, The big bad blizzard is here?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 -( -12°C / +10°F & Snowing @6:30 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

Snowing in the driveway

Um, This was @ about 5:30 pm here -Atlantic Time- After we tried to clear the end of the driveway and a path to the shed and the path to the deer feeding spot.

Security Cam shot

“Security Cam Shot” after we carved a path through the yard with a snow blower. The blown snow was over two feet deep, spots where the wind whipped around vehicles in the driveway were almost clear.

Security Monitor

Slightly blurry, hand held, flash off = shot of the security cam monitor’s partial view / half of the eight panels – Deer Cam upper left, Basement ghost cam upper right, Office-Jim Cam lower left, Office Jim Cam-2 lower right.

— We thought it might be a good idea to clear away the end of the driveway and a path to and around the van, in case we ever wanted to get out of here again. We’re probably not even halfway through this storm and we had areas where the drifts were four feet deep, and spots where the wind had whipped around the van and other obstacles, down to bare driveway. Right at the door the wind had sculpted a nice 18 inch / 46 cm low spot. Two feet from the door the top of the snow dune was 22 inches / 56 cm above the deck. Off the edge of the deck the dune was over 3 feet high. We have a 27 inch wide – probably 24 inches high – snowblower. There were spots I could have attempted to tunnel through the drifts with that. We will, no doubt, need to go out and do that again, maybe more than once before the storm is over. I’m thinking last year’s April Fools Day blizzard hit us harder, but it might be too soon to tell.

Flip Cam shot

“Flip Cam Shot of Security Monitor” Closer to 7 pm. The funny thing was, I went for the camera when the screen was a mess of shooting white lines, I came back with the camera on the tripod and we hit a lull. No activity at all. Another interesting thing. in some of these single frames there were odd bits of light, usually vertical streaks or horizontal areas lit up that vanished in the next frame. Hmmmmmm-

— Very fine snow. But it’s blowing in ‘white-out’ intensity. That, coupled with the wind catching what I was blowing with the snow blower – It’s hard to clear a driveway when you can’t see the front of the snow blower- My fingers felt like I hit each one with a hammer when I got back in after half an hour outside in the storm.

— I have some more shots coming, uploading from a flip cam onto the laptop, will then grab a couple ‘snapshots’ from the videos and copy them from laptop to here and get them up.


— Oh goody… The plow just went up the street again. It’s 7:45 pm & parts of my fingers still sting from two hours ago.

— Um, I better quit before I want to look for a lawyer who might go along with the idea that if the city wants to plow three and four foot mountains between senior citizens and the real world, they should either come back and plow or shovel a path through their mountain or face charges of attempted murder. That should go over like the good old lead balloon.

~~~~~ Jim

Feeling a bit stiff, but not that bad –

Monday, January 26th, 2015  -( -17°C / +2°F & Still light outside @5:22 pm on Catherine E’s Birthday 🙂 )-


Icicles hanging from the roof over the porch Sunday morning.

— A couple days ago Cathi meditated on our future by visualizing going to her safe place in the upper astral world and opening doors. The last time she did that, every door she opened showed her chaos and ‘really weird’ futures. Between then and now during another meditation she asked her higher self what those weird futures were all about and why hadn’t she found one she could love and believe in. The response she received was, “You can open more doors-” So, this last time she opened several doors onto weird futures, closed and locked them and then found one that she really liked. ‘Weird stuff’ that has been happening to us in the past couple years wasn’t there. Both of us were really getting somewhere with our writing and we were both working on writing stuff that had publishers very interested. She could see that she really didn’t need to work outside – no more ‘day job’ was necessary. –> She visualized that she stepped through into that future and closed the door on this one behind her. — Almost immediately after she told me that I started feeling the need to ‘tidy up around here’. I actually got things done from my ‘to-do’ list. I finally cleaned up the top of her desk in this office here, contacted a long lost cousin in California, had a great online conversation with him, actually called Mom and Sharon in Alaska like I said I would. We skyped for almost an hour. Today, I’m looking at the entrance to this room and thinking I need to get the clutter off the bookcase and maybe start a file/scrapbook for that stuff I want to keep and trash the stuff I don’t. This is a real step forward.

— Today is somebody’s birthday. When I was feeling like my life was pretty much over, she came along at the wrong place in the wrong time and flirted, and convinced me that I still had something to offer and maybe all my dreams could actually come true instead of continually being squashed by evil authoritarian ice-holes all around me. I wished her happy birthday in email.

— I was stiff after slipping on the ice yesterday and landing on my backside. I think I landed on the best possible angle so I was jarred, but I didn’t send the top of my spine up through my brain or anything that catastrophic. I had a bit of a rough time last night lowering my head into sleeping position. There was a big black dog on my side of the bed and he’s too big for me to pick up and move through sheer muscle and grit, I could still pick up the 125 pounds of Labrador Retriever, but with him squirming and fighting back, I would probably throw something out in my back worse than landing on my rump in the driveway yesterday did. I tried to sleep in the recliner in the living room. I immediately had purring orange cat help and that complicated things a bit. But I did manage to sleep with a 25 pound orange cat trying to tangle his claws up in my beard without messing my back up any worse that it was when I sat down.

— Monday is garbage day, I pried myself up a little after 7:30 with Cathi getting ready for work and got myself together enough to get the garbage and recycling out, started the van to warm it up before she had to sit in a freezing cold environment and started getting a little bit of new ice off the windshield. After she got out I puttered around, looked through email and stuff and waited a bit, then gave the animals their morning routines and then went back to bed. Again, it was a bit difficult lowering my head past a certain point, my jarring yesterday had the muscles at the top of my back, and in my neck, complaining, but I got into a position that worked and did waft off into dreamland.

— I know I dreamed, and I think the dreams were consistant, like visiting alternate dimensions more than creating a whole weird universe inside my head – at least that’s what it feels like lately – but right now, I don’t remember any details. Which is sort of good, I was not terrorized by nightmares or anything. And here I am, less achy than I was before I went back to bed and thinking about further sprucing up my web pages.

— It’s a lot easier to add stuff to a wordpress page than it is to open up DreamWeaver or any of those earlier web editing ‘apps’ The only weird thing is, you have to ‘log in’ to you different pages one at a time, which is still a lot easier than firing up DreamWeaver and an ftp client and getting things done that way. And, if you have all the pages in different versions of wordpress on your website linked to the same account, same username and password, you don’t have to log in to each one individually. That helps, too.

— Interesting stuff about my long lost cousin in California. He was born on my 13th birthday. Back in those days it would have been scandalous, we heard that my aunt had ‘female problems’ and had to go into the hospital while she was in California, visiting a relative who lived out there. Eighteen years later we met her ‘female problem’ and I thought he was pretty cool. Last night he told me that I was pretty much the only person he met when he came out here to meet his biological parents that he could relate to. That felt great. He’s also a sound recording engineer with his own sound studio out there. He’s got a couple children and we will probably talk quite a bit in the very near future. — Yay!

— So now, in keeping with my weird sudden nesting instincts kicking in here -shudder- I should save this and go clean up the corner of the bookcase nearest to the desk I uncluttered the other day.

— ‘Have a nice evening,’ he said to the world. And the loving bits of this universe smiled and said, “He knows we’re here!” and chattered among themselves wondering how to show him that they appreciated being acknowledged. [ insert wide silly grin here ]

~~~~~ Jim

Saturday, Snowing in the Evening.

Saturday, January 24th, 2015 -( -1°C / +30°F & snowing at 11: something pm. )-

— Made some progress, dealt with some frustrations earlier – Took a nice warm shower, took some clothes that were getting sloppy on a wardrobe shelf, refolded them, put them back in 2/3 the space they took up when they were messy – now I feel a lot better- but what the fupp? Am I getting weird and having some kind of idiotic masculine nesting instinct kick in? Nah- It was just a weird day in the frustration department and I didn’t want to look at a messed up shelf on top of all that.

— But:

Cathi's desk

I cleaned up the top of Cathi’s desk- which was buried in my clutter in the office here. Still not easily accessible, but it’s a start.

Bimmy's work station

For contrast: Cathi’s desk is against the south wall, You’re looking at the north wall here. All’s that’s missing is my “A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind” sign, which is buried under some of that stuff up there somewhere.

Cathi's desk with Nano Winners' shirt

Somebody asked me if I got this year’s NaNoWriMo Winners’ shirt. Cathi saw the dragon and knew I needed that. It was my Christmas present 🙂

China Solar

There’s a lot going on in China that makes me think I’m glad I don’t live there, but they may be leading the charge in the Clean Energy department. Why aren’t we doing that? Because we’re controlled by a lot of what a friend calls ‘evil manipulating ice-holes waging economic warfare on us’? —shrug—


I hope this is an officially endorsed John Lennon twitter account. Yoko & Co. would probably have it taken down if it wasn’t. But I took one look at that photo and knew exactly how he felt.

New Zealand

I really needed something nice to look at here, so I grabbed this from our news blog – a retweet – “South Island, New Zealand” Looks good to me.

— Whattaya think? Yum?

— I wanted to skip over all the frustrating stuff, but I will say it began with Microsoft hijacking my workhorse computer with another of their daily frustrating ‘must have’ updates. & When they claim you need their security updates are they telling you the truth? Or is their ‘must have’ security b.s. something the NSA wants you to have so they can more easily collect ‘intelligence’ on every thought you ever had and every person you ever thought of and every web site some stupid re-direct brought you to, sometimes against your will? -grumble grumble grumble-

— But I feel a lot better now.

— Yay?

~~~~~ Jim


Dream On?

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 -( -5°c / +23°F & cloudy @11:30 am in Atlantic Canada )-

— My head’s on fire. Two hours ago I sat down in here to add last night’s dreams to the ‘dream jernil’ here and I noticed a problem with one of my pages. I think I fixed that problem, but discovered two or three more.

— But, if I don’t drop that and get on with this, it will never get done.

— And I should probably mention the fact that before I thought I should write down what I can remember of those dreams, I was going to sit down and see how far I could get with the next chapter of my ‘1963’ novel.

— You can see how far I got with that.

grumble grumble

— Dreams: Both of the dreams I remember a lot of details from were long dreams in a stable dream world. More like a visit to an alternate reality than something I made up that could fluctuate and change the physics of its universe at the snap of a finger.

— Dream One: This was sort of a Vampire world. Vampires were coming to my home there, starving, because humans had suddenly developed the ability to burn Vampires with Spiritual fire at will. Starving because the alternative was much worse. They were trying to become human again. I didn’t have the secret they needed on how to to become human again, but I did have immense unconscious power to protect myself and anybody else in my house. When one vampire decided to give in to his hunger and tried to attack me it was like the world’s most powerful bunsen burner ignited and a firestorm of white light exploded from behind me and flowed upward through and around me with power and force that I found astounding. It slammed the vampire up against the ceiling and burned him to ashes quicker than I could have stopped it if I wanted to. I woke up wondering why I was dreaming about Vampires.

— Dream Two: I was in New Zealand. I’m not sure how I knew I was in New Zealand, but I knew I was in New Zealand. I was an adult visitor to a school for young children. It looked like a small school where the grades were grouped together, like first and second grades in one fairly large room, third and fourth in another, fifth and sixth in a third, and seventh and eighth in the last class room. I think they were having some kind of team building play time. I think the lowest four grades -first to fourth- were in the same room with their teachers asking the kids for ideas while steering them toward ideas that were supposed to be important to this game. I thought it was a bit on the heavy handed side with the teachers pretending to be asking their questions, but leading the whole game, almost manipulating it. I heard that the kids had chosen “Star Wars” as their theme and had to build teams with as much diversity as possible. No team could be all athletic stars, or all the smartest kids, or the best artists or the most sensitive, or anything like that. The teams had to be set up so the kids would learn to appreciate that the weirdest kids in the school might have hidden talents that could save the day and help them win their game. The point wasn’t to win the most points, or finish the fastest, all kinds of tasks had their own problems and solutions. There were physical games where it wasn’t the guy who kicked the ball the farthest scored the most points, but where they had to kick a ball to each member of their group and then run to another spot to receive a kick and pass the ball on to the next person. The idea was to hit all four corners of the field, were goals were set up, collect a flag from each corner and then get back to where that game started. Then they all went inside and had to help each other solve puzzles. I didn’t quite get why they included all the different types of games they were playing, some of it seemed like a complete waste of time and energy to me. I did understand that the teachers were implimenting some kind of agenda that was supposed to make it obvious to all the kids that they were all basically equal, and somebody who isn’t the best athlete would be a whole lot better than the best athlete at some other important part of life.  — I did like running around and kicking balls and then sitting down and trying to guess what the point of the next puzzle might be.

— And here we are. I got up around seven a.m. and it is now after 2 pm, and I pretty much got almost nothing accomplished so far.

— Shrug–,

~~~~~ Jim