“Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories

12  February, 2010 / UTC  (9:37:10 pm)

Posted by indigonighteagle:

I did a startpage search on “indigonighteagle” to see if it would link me back here : one hit. (Almost Direct)

My first entry was listed on a wordpress page : Conspiracy Theories ((http://en.wordpress.com/tag/conspiracy-theories/))

I think I’m impressed.

But- do they know what I’m thinking almost before I do? (Try to look dull eyed and stupid, ya know, like everybody else. They only attack the ones they can’t control.)

(insert wicked grin)

I’m an experientialist. If you haven’t experienced something, it doesn’t exist for you.

& sunnamagun… we’ve experienced a lot, ya think?

—————Night Eagle