“About Indigo Night Eagle”

{ I first became aware of “Indigo Night Eagle” several years ago when he sent me email asking for permission to copy and paste something I had posted, kind of a book review of “The Energy Non Crisis” by Lindsey Williams. I replied, said it was okay. A couple months later he contacted me again, asked if I wanted to contribute to his blog. I said I wasn’t quite sure what the blog was all about and he replied to my reply, saying he wasn’t sure what his blog was all about either, and told me he’d given me an account and a password, I tried signing in, it worked. — I haven’t been able to get in touch with him since 2013. I think he posted something some time in 2014 – but did not answer the messages I sent him since. I’m not even sure who he is or where he is. But here’s what he had to say about himself:  —djo— }



–April 30, 2013:

— Why “Night Eagle”?

— One of my “Explorations” led me to the book and cards published as “Medicine Cards”. I do not believe that Native Americans ‘worshipped’ animals. I try to recognize propaganda as lies and manipulations whenever I can.

Medicine Cards
Cover of “Medicine Cards” – Book and Cards included.  —djo—

 Medicine Cards Web Site

— I did a 9 card spread to test the theory that I could use this method to learn who my animal guides were. For the guide over my head, who tells me how I relate to the ‘Great Star Nation’ I drew ‘Owl’. (The whole spread seemed to be amazingly ‘right on’ -accurate as an explanation of where I was in life and how I related to the various aspects of life, community, friends etc.)

—Some Native American traditions view Owl as a bad omen, as a messenger of death. This tradition saw Owl as ‘Night Eagle’ a silent hunter who represents ‘deception’.

—This kind of confused me at first until I realized that my Owl guide was teaching me to see through deception. ((I tell ya- I have a hard time dealing with news broadcasts lately. It’s worse than the old fingernails dragging across the blackboard sensation. Even when the ‘reporters’ and ‘news anchors’ believe they’re telling the truth.))

—Part of this realization was learning that the lying manipulators are afraid of me. They don’t always know why, but they dislike and fear me on sight. This explains a lot of the persecution and other nasty b.s. I’ve had to put up with all my life.

—April 26, 2013.

—I just learned that I’m a Metatron Angel, ((Cosmic Scribe, I report directly to the ArchAngels)) (((Um, this makes sense to me.)))

—One of my higher guides shows up as a Merkabah/Star (Gold, White Light and Yellow) The first time I saw this guide I was deep in meditation, saw something fly out of the Sun, (I saw white wings and not much else in the bright white light with yellow radiating here and there) and in a child-like attempt to express appreciation, my left brain said- “A Sun Duck”- I was quite surprise when I received a laughing response, “Okay, I can live with that- you can call me “Sun Duck, I’ll know what you mean.” My heart jumped, I felt loved and appreciated. And I was quietly amazed that a being who was that high up on the evolution scale had a quick and easily expressed sense of humour.

—“Sun Duck” is about as high a guide as we can have, and is both male and female. A facilitator on my journey to discover who my angels/guides might be told me ‘Sun Duck’ is actually a God Source- a guide/messenger who is plugged directly into the “Divine”. So this means that I have almost direct access to the “Force” or whatever It is that most of us call “God”. (That’s how it was explained to me. Which I find up lifting and humbling.)

————— (More Later)