“Cat Sitting” by Jim Wellington –

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I’m sitting here, copying very long posts the hard way because the spiffy “All-in-one WP migrate” plug doesn’t like our server.  But I found something here that is a bit amusing –




Cat Sitting Insights


The cat –

hiding behind the leg of a chair

-I didn’t know she was there

As I – alone in the house as usual –

prepared for my bath


The cat

-not the friendliest cat in this world

banished to my odd companionship

while her master and mistress

were out of the country –

traipsing about Europe – trying to bond with themselves or each other –


The cat

must have thought I pulled the fur from my body

as she lost all sense of caution and gasped –

stepped out into the open – and looked very worried.


All I did was smile at the cat –

she turned tail and ran so fast her feet slipped on the floor –

she almost fell as her chin nearly hit the highly polished wood –

must have thought she was running for her life –

must have thought I was about to skin her alive –


too -?


– Jim Wellington  February, 1999 –




& Now, back to work  —


Ack! & Them That Take Up The Word —

Thursday, 23 October, 2014

Ack! We live in a violent culture. Nobody under the age of responsibility planned it this way, at least not in this lifetime.

When the television programmes you plunk your kids down in front of are violent. When their sports are violent. When somebody out there has decided that your games and distractions should all be violent- why didn’t you see this coming?

Good, honest young men and women are being duped into taking up arms to support one lie against another. Embrace the love of life. Embrace the love of love. Embrace the preciousness of every life on this planet. Support each other.

To hell with the ideas that kill. To hell with philosophies that say it’s okay to kill for king and country.

We were not told, “Thou shalt not kill unless your government tells you to-”

We were not told, “Thou shalt not kill unless the controlling, obsessive men who took over and subverted your religions tell you to.”

Do not pray for vengeance.

Pray for guidance. Pray for protection from the lies that too many of our contemporaries allow to control their lives.

Pray we call come together and dismiss the governments and (small r) religions that allow darkness to smirk and laugh themselves silly because they’ve been pulling the strings and spitting out the words that convince you that you are working God’s Will when you believe you have the right to destroy the lives of any of God’s Children.

Get thee behind us, thou dupes of the dark side.

Unzip the uniforms and find there are Children of God inside. Burn down the deceptions and realize that any true Religion nurtures your body, mind, soul and spirit, and tells you that we are all one spirit. We are all children of the same divine intelligence.

Smash your delusions and realize we are all One. Before it’s too late.