“Cat Sitting” by Jim Wellington –

Sunday, February 28th, 2016 – -1˚C / +30˚F — Overcast and Damp in Atlantic Canada @ 2:19 pm —

I’m sitting here, copying very long posts the hard way because the spiffy “All-in-one WP migrate” plug doesn’t like our server.  But I found something here that is a bit amusing –




Cat Sitting Insights


The cat –

hiding behind the leg of a chair

-I didn’t know she was there

As I – alone in the house as usual –

prepared for my bath


The cat

-not the friendliest cat in this world

banished to my odd companionship

while her master and mistress

were out of the country –

traipsing about Europe – trying to bond with themselves or each other –


The cat

must have thought I pulled the fur from my body

as she lost all sense of caution and gasped –

stepped out into the open – and looked very worried.


All I did was smile at the cat –

she turned tail and ran so fast her feet slipped on the floor –

she almost fell as her chin nearly hit the highly polished wood –

must have thought she was running for her life –

must have thought I was about to skin her alive –


too -?


– Jim Wellington  February, 1999 –




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