28 November, 2014 — Boof! —

Dream Jernil? Friday, November 28th, 2014 – { 1 day in an 11 month in a 7 year = 19 = 1 ? & Gaaa, it’s been years since I was obsessed with numbers. }

woke up concerned with two clusters of people standing in the woods, one at #80 something road and the other at #84, 86, or 88? -of the same something road. I was thinking that something added up to 16.

but the dog was shuffling in the hallway outside the bedroom door and I knew I had to feed him.

so I got up.

And fed the animals

and here I am

staring into space between lines.


—Today’s Cosmic Calendar says it’s a good day to play hooky from work you would rather not accomplish? the moon is making its monthly polarity —does that mean it’s in opposition? Do these guys get points for cryptic non-explanations?— & unless you are ‘naturally lucky and the gods and goddesses of the higher realms often seek you out to give you celestial favors. Ceres is squaring off at Chiron. Does that sound sirius?


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