28 November, 2014 — Boof! —

Dream Jernil? Friday, November 28th, 2014 – { 1 day in an 11 month in a 7 year = 19 = 1 ? & Gaaa, it’s been years since I was obsessed with numbers. }

woke up concerned with two clusters of people standing in the woods, one at #80 something road and the other at #84, 86, or 88? -of the same something road. I was thinking that something added up to 16.

but the dog was shuffling in the hallway outside the bedroom door and I knew I had to feed him.

so I got up.

And fed the animals

and here I am

staring into space between lines.


—Today’s Cosmic Calendar says it’s a good day to play hooky from work you would rather not accomplish? the moon is making its monthly polarity —does that mean it’s in opposition? Do these guys get points for cryptic non-explanations?— & unless you are ‘naturally lucky and the gods and goddesses of the higher realms often seek you out to give you celestial favors. Ceres is squaring off at Chiron. Does that sound sirius?


Thursday, November 27, 2014 – Enjoying A Relatively Quiet Nor’Easter –

Thursday, November 27th, 2014.  -( -1°C / 30°F with ‘light’ snow @ 5:45 am here in New Brunswick )-

Snow Falling - Photo taken with Flash.

Taken with flash at about 8 am – —jim w—

I just shoveled off the porch and maybe one shovel wide for about twenty feet toward the Van that Cathi might be driving to work in a couple hours. Then I got a measuring tape. With a tiny bit of wind out there, one side of my shoveled bit was 12 inches high. Where the wind had discouraged snow from piling up it was more like 6 inches deep. If you’ve been brain washed into accepting and/or depending on metric b.s. that would be 15 cm in the low spots and 30 cm almost everywhere else. If I was scientific about this I might guess we got between 9 and 12 inches already, the snow started falling at about 5:30 pm yesterday afternoon/evening and made the world look fantastic by around 8:30? So let me guess, we’ve gotten 20-30 cm already?

And, when I stopped typing this morning my NaNo unofficial word count was at 117,652