Earthquakes – Thursday, 25 September, 2014 :

Thursday, 25 September, 2014-   { ——— This is from Jim W ———  —jda—  }

Earthquake Map, September 25, 2014.

“Seismic Monitor 22:00 hours Atlantic Time, 25 September, 2014”

The above map is a screen capture from

I believe that yesterday, the 24th, there was a 6.0 quake in Chile, South America- On the pretty blue map of the world above, according to interactive mouse over tech- there was a 5.1 off the coast of Central Chile, and a 6.2 ‘next-door’ to that one, in Jujoy Province, Argentina.

News this morning: on a crawl on CBC news programs there was a notice that there had been a 6.3 quake near the Solomon Islands. This may have been modified down to a 6.0- More recently, there’s been a 6.0  quake near Anchorange, Alaska-

& There’s a 5.1 quake on the purple line east of Argentina ‘in the South Sandwich Islands Region’.

-Update- There was also a 5.1 quake in Pakistan.



Busy Day and Evening in the “Tweet-Us-Sphere” –

Tuesday Evening, 23 September, 2014.  Bruce Springsteen turned 65-years-old today [ insert shocked smiley face here? ]

I became very disctracted checking up on Twitter for New Brunswick election results: Sit back, this may take a while:


Person In A Polar Bear Costume Sitting on the ground with Protesters on Wall Street.

“Polar Bear Protester gets busted at Wall Street Demonstration”


Obamam Face And Quote.

“Obama speech on Open Internet circa 2007?”


"Flying Raccoon" caught by Police Person with a long pole.

“Solidarity with Flying Racoons?” & I Remember somebody telling me he thought that “Celibate You!” might be a more effective curse word than over use of the eff word- it’s worth considering.


Cartoon Of A Man Chained To A TeeVee Set.

“Voluntary Slavery-“


Cartoon Calling Stephen Harper A Hypocrit.

“We must denounce heads of state like Bachar Al-Assad who poison their citizens with toxic gasses,” Sez Stephen Harper with toxic smoke rising from the oil sands behind him.


G7 Speech Vs Truth.

“Facts in red, speech in white” G7 speech vs Truth?


Elizabeth May & Others Tweet.

Elizabeth May and others tweeting comments on September 23rd, 2014. This may be hard to read, but you might be able to copy and paste a couple links from this.


2 Tweets About Mother Frackers.

“Premier David Alward resigns as head of N.B. PC party and Fracking goes on hold, for now?”


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Interesting Clouds & Stuff –

Saturday, September 6th, 2014 –

Dark Clouds Over a City.

Dark Clouds Over Fredericton.

We had some spectacular clouds as we were bopping around, trying to get a few things before a big storm hit.

Blue sky showing through as clouds run away.

But we did have our share of beautiful clouds, and interesting cracks in clouds…

The storm never quite clobbered us the way it had clobbered Toronto on Friday.

Birds Caught in flight as they prepare to land.

Bird Landing- Fredericton from North side Looking South toward Fredericton South – on the other side of the St John River, the bird looks almost hyper-realistic to me.

And we got to see some bird acrobatics.