Lost some photos yesterday

Sunday, May 18, 2014.  -( 13˚C / 55˚F @6:27 pm )-

plastic covered minigreenhouse on a wet day

Cathi’s Greenhouse- We put it together yesterday and two or three photos I took disappeared into a black hole or schnarr…

I think we had a quick little electrical glitch yesterday. While I was trying to download photos from my SD card. quite a few photos became really messed up and ‘unreadable’. And I got the error message that I had removed a USB device improperly and might have issues with scrambled memory or something like that.

Orange cat glaring at camera

Moe, a couple photos of this guy were lost, but had already been saved in several places. Here he is staring golden triangles into the camera (Hint, the ‘apex’ of those triangles is pointed straight down)

So I spent several hours last night backing up what was left on the SD card onto several computers and several Hard drives connected to those computers.

White Birch, Evergreens, stone retaining wall grey day.

Trees on the hill (without deer this time) in the rain.. buds of leaves hinting at their existence…

I had to restart a couple of those computers a couple times because internal or external hard drives had vanished (and/or the firewire chain had fatal problems).

White Plastic Garden cart with wheels on a wet porch.

Garden Cart I picked up at the Habitat For Humanity “ReStore” that our GPS tried to say was at an address that couldn’t possibly exist.

Today, we managed to pry ourselves out of bed and zoomed off to the Kent hardware & lumber store to pick up a few things including seeds for Cathi’s Garden, bits of lumber to fashion a more functional place to stash firewood for next winter. & Yummy pie at Frank’s Fifties Style Diner.

Inside corner of a porch with pants, suncatchers and odds and ends.

Cathi’s ‘Zen Corner’ (just the interior, not the view) on the porch which she believes is just perfect for sitting and enjoying four legged and winged friends while playing her guitar and drinking in the beauty around us.

And finally, we’re back home dealing with wild and crazy (but always interesting) pets, waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones… Thinking about a run to Tim Hortons in a couple minutes…


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