Thursday, 04 September, 2014 – Canadian News Headlines –

Copied & Pasted from “Radio Free Earth News”  — Jim W —


Thursday, 04 September, 2014  -( 58˚F / 14˚C & Grey out there in Ithaca @ 7:30 am )-

{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }

{ I’ve been doing this because I believe that the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media here in the U.S.A., AND not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }


Cartoon complaining about jobs in canada

-Couple days late- But it’s the thought that counts- Not from the CBC –


Lead Articles:

-Updated- Ukraine crisis sets the stage for toughest NATO summit since Cold war ended   { “NATO’s top official accused Moscow outright on Thursday of attacking Ukraine as allied leaders gathered for a summit to buttress support for Kyiv and bolster defences against a Russia they now see as hostile for the first time since the Cold War.” – “We are faced with a dramatically changed security environment,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters on arrival at the summit. “To the east, Russia is attacking Ukraine.” }

Russia warns NATO against offering Ukraine membership   {   }

BC teachers’ union rejects gov’t demand to suspend strike   { Another link to the same article replaced “gov’t” with “premier’s” }

Manulife buys Standard Life Canadian assets for $4B   {  }

-Updated- Canada sending 13 soldiers to Ukraine peacekeeping exercise   {  }

-Analysis- Why Barack Obama’s disengagement abroad may not be such a bad thing: Neil Macdonald   {  }

Happy Endings: 5 tips to keep TIFF from hurting your tush   {  “TIFF” = Toronto International Film Festival. This article flirts with becoming, “How to sit through 400 films without breaking your back” }



Miserable, retching Great Dane binged on 43 & 1/2 socks   {  *Jim & Cathi- don’t let Jassper read this.* But, I’m wondering who had to count the socks and how did they come up with that 1/2 a sock? —djo— }

Albino cobra on the loose in California suburb   { I remember hearing that Alice Cooper’s pet snake escaped from its cage while Alice was doing a gig in Las Vegas, NV and got into the plumbing and came up out of a sink in the bar. The news guy who read that wondered how many people in the bar that night rad to their nearest AA meeting house. }

Huge hippo sculpture inhabits London’s Thames river   { Yesterday’s ‘Must Watch’ video moved to ‘offbeat’ section & given a ‘more fun’ headline. }

Colour-blind artist hears colours with skull implant   { * Unrelated*: The artist who has a lot to do with the Television Series “Heroes”-the guy who came up with all the wild paintings and the comic book- is color-blind- I think he might just ‘ink’ the cells and has somebody else do the fill-in? & completely unrelated to this article here today –  We hear that ‘Heroes’ is going back into production with a new cast of characters and possible cameos or more from original cast members. }


“Most Viewed”

Pro sports cheerleaders: Are some modern-day slaves?   { Another link to the same story: “Cheerleaders complain of poor or no pay from multi-million-dollar employers.” }

Regina teacher accused in student sex case guilty of misconduct   { Not enough details in this article I don’t know if the teacher was found guilty on the strength of a student’s accusations or if there was any kind of due process type hearing or what?  }

‘Knee defender’ passenger ‘ashamed’ but won’t stop using airline seat gadget   { “Knee Defender” is a pair of clips that attach to a tray table and prevent the person in front of you from reclining into your face. The devices are ‘prohibited’ by some airlines, but are not illegal. If the greedy idjits who run the airlines made sure there was enough room for everybody, this would not be a problem. }

ISIS: How to to ‘degrade and destroy’ the militant group   {   }

Toronto mayor’s race: Who has the best plan to fix the city?   {  }

Library time and book access limited for federal prisoners, advocates say   {  }

2 Nova Scotia daycares failed to report suspected child abuse   {  }

-15 Photo Slideshow- Venice Film Festival 2014   {  }

-Blog- Teen boy sues DMV after being forced to take off his makeup   { – South Carolina – “According to the Associated Press, the gender non-conforming teen (who identifies as male) has filed a lawsuit against the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for forcing him to remove his makeup in order to obtain a license.” – “It’s not likely that 16-year-old Chase Culpepper expected to have the time of his life when he went to a South Carolina DMV for his first driver’s license photo in March — but he didn’t expected to leave feeling humiliated, either.” }



‘It’ll take a number of years’: The challenges of destroying ISIS   { Some of my favourite people are conspiracy theorists, or fans of conspiracy theories- But suppose for a minute that they might be right- and ISIS is the product of a C.I.A. training program. -If not the C.I.A., then another ‘intelligence’ operation with a ‘black ops’ budget. They find people who are a little bit over the edge already, and encourage them to become stark raving fanatics, kind of like: wind ’em up and let ’em go- But their wind up toys never know who it was, exactly, that wound them up / encouraged them to let their natural frustration and anger fester and become a solid force to be manipulated by puppet masters ( or idiots who believe they are puppet masters ) Give an angry, brainwashed person a gun, show him how to use it, convince him that he can go to heaven and pick and choose his 72 virgins because he’ll be killing creatures that his understanding of ‘god’ didn’t make, no, the infidels were created by the devil, by false gods… and blah blah blah- and then sit back, tenting your fingers together, smug as all get-out, and see what happens. Al-Qaeda means ‘The List’ – this was the C.I.A.’s list of ‘friendly’ nationalistic / religious partisans who wanted the Russians out of their country and would be happy to take C.I.A. money and guns and training and run around creating havoc –  and then remember everything they learned and use it against the U.S.A. when they invaded their country / territory.  So, if Al-Qaeda were originally C.I.A. assets or puppets who cut their strings and went after the puppet-masters, then went out and trained a whole new crop of wilder and crazier fanatics and called them ISIS or whatever they call themselves, and remember- if you mispronounce a name in their neck of the woods, or desert- that’s an insult- But anyway, the point of this whole silly rant is- if the C.I.A. or some similar group trained these guys or at least trained their trainers, ya’d think they had some kind of fail-safe – like for instance, a shipment of nerve gas bombs programmed to leak and kill the fanatics who were about to use them on innocents- But wait a minute- either these puppeteers are lousy at their ‘craft’ – or they don’t want to take down their golden egg laying gooses / scary Islamic fanatics –  hey- while most of the people in this world are scared out of their minds that they might walk around the corner in Main Street, USA and see a wild eyed fanatic dressed like an Arab with an AK-47 in one hand and a grenade in the other- heck- while Mr and Ms USA are checking under their beds for wild eyed fanatics, they won’t be watching the puppet masters, who are robbing them blind, fitting them with strings and getting ready to play their funeral march. What was Alfred Hitchcock’s theme music again? Funeral March of the Marionettes? – Who’s pulling YOUR strings? —djo— }

-Analysis- Toronto mayor’s race: Are there any free rides out of city’s traffic jams?   { & Where are those hover cars that everybody who went to the 1939 world’s fair believed we’d be flying around in by now? I saw television specials in black and white about that world’s fair. Unless I’m reincarnate from then, I wasn’t around to see it myself in person. }

‘I did my best’: Steven Sotloff’s fixer recalls effort to have U.S. journalist freed.   {   }

-New- Former PMs, aboriginal leaders announce new partnership today   {  }

Kashmir floods: 70 missing as bus swept away in stream   {  }

Rob Ford campaign staffer assaulted, police say   {  }

Tesla taps Nevada for $5B battery ‘gigafactory’   { Tesla, the car company, not Tesla the genius engineer. The engineer died penniless and had all his papers stolen by bad guys who are now using his technology against all of us. }

-Must Watch- Iceland eruption   {  Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano is spitting out lava but experts say it’s not a threat to air traffic, yet }

-Must Watch- Heavy rain, landslides in China   {  }

-Editor’s Pick- Canadian beekeepers sue Bayer, Syngenta over neonicotiniod pesticides   { Bayer did so much for Hitler’s guys in World War II that they were calling their US enterprises ‘Miles Labs’ until they figured it was safe to come out of that closet. Who would believe that a fascist organization secretly took over the U.S.A. a long time ago? Bet you didn’t know that Henry Ford send Adolf Hitler the equivalent of $40,000.oo U$ dollars every year on his birthday. }

-Editor’s Pick- How the Iraqi jihadist group has grown   {  }

-Politics- Stephen Harper and the obsession with Franklin   { On his photo-op trip to the ‘way up north’, Prime Minister Stephen Harper toasted the search for Sir John Franklin’s ships, the Erebus and Terror. They were lost in a 19th century quest to find the Northwest Passage. }

-Business- Ontario chambers of commerce fight ‘aggressive’ U.S. incentives   {  }

-Arts & Entertainment- Where are the women? Why there are so few female movie roles? { -Um, because all the best parts for female actors are in “The Game of Thrones”?   —djo— }

-Technology & Science- The race to capture solar energy at U of T   { Researchers at the University of Toronto are re-imagining the solar cell as scientists and engineers around the world are racing to find alternatives to ‘fossil fuels’. They should look in the smoky back rooms of oil industry manipulations to find all the advances the ice holes have ‘buried’ to keep their strangle hold on your wallets. There is no gas or oil shortage. They’re lying to us. But there are cleaner ways to get our energy, and the Amish have the right idea in refusing to be at the ‘mercy’ of utility companies.   —djo— }


“Local / New Brunswick”

How can New Brunswick improve the way students learn math?   { Have them count the lashes when we whip the evil manipulating politicians who want to keep them stupid? Learning is fun. All kids start out loving to learn. Almost every school system on this planet makes learning a drudgery- and exposes wonderful, bright kids to bullies and teaches them that they should expect to spend their lives at the mercy of manipulating ice-holes }

Dr. Eilish Cleary heading to Nigeria to fight Ebola virus   {  }

Brian Gallant suspends Liberal candidate after fraud charges arise   { The accused candidate says the charges are ‘baseless’ and questions the timing of the accusations. }

CRA seeks public apology from David Alward   { The Corporate Research Associates want New Brunswick premier David Alward to apologize in public for his quip that the group that does scientific polling was ‘playing games’ when it released its latest findings that revealed that the premier is doing badly in his bid to impress the voters. Unless the PC Party in New Brunswick can buy an election the way G.W. Bush did here in the states, Alward will be looking for a job in a couple weeks.  * & This “CRA” is not the Canada Revenue Agency, which Canadians love to hate as much as we hate the I.R.S. –   but they don’t have the possible ‘out’ of learning that their federal tax agency never was legally adopted by the prerequisite number of states. The I.R.S. only has legal status because the congress passed laws to put Al Capone in Alcatraz for ‘tax evasion’. If you live or work in the United Snakes of Amerika, the U.S. Government is committing fraud every time it demands that you pay income tax.  }

David Coon pledges to cancel forestry deals, hike corporate tax   { David Coon is the ‘leader’ of the New Brunswick Green Party.  }

Deportation order for Dieppe family from Tunisia lifted   { Yay! }

Saint John movie extras still waiting to get paid   { The producer of the movie ‘Dominion’ – about the final days of Dylan Thomas the poet – blames a clerical error for the 2 month delay in paying extras who were hired for the film. There is a photo of half a dozen actresses who played ‘swooning groupies’ who would flock to Dylan Thomas’ public poetry readings- & ‘The cheques should be in the mail within 2 weeks’. }

Voting machines erode secrecy of spoiled ballots   {  Apparently, spoiling one’s ballot was a person’s right – that can’t very well be practiced when voting on a machine. Best guess, it’s a way of saying ‘none of these candidates are worth voting for’. (?)  —djo— }


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Bonjour –


Thursday, 04 September, 2014.  -( 14˚C / 57˚F & Dark @ 2:12 am )-

Maereh raireh!

“Now, this is serious – Did you bring me any mice to play with? Or should I think about shredding you instead? Don’t talk to me if you have no mice for me to play with – Oh –  Greenies? I like greenies, You’ve got greenies? That’s almost as good as mice —” This is Moe. He’s the world’s sweetest cat. & Might be the world’s biggest pain in the rump.

This should be our new ‘Sticky’ greeting. I’m not sure I like the colour of this main font ‘default’ that somebody else thought I needed- Deliver us from idiots who believe they know better what we want than we do ourselves.-

—03 October, 2014— I think we figured out the font colour problem and fixed that a while back. 


Wednesday, 03 September, 2014 — News Headlines –

{ Copied & Pasted from Radio Free Earth News // {{ This is the first time we published Copied and Pasted Serious News stuff ( a lot of which was re-tweeted or copied from other sources. ) This was an initiative started by our friend, Doug Otterson of Ithaca, New York.  This also began a collaboration between Jim Wellington and H. James d’Aerendel { a.k.a. —jda— } in New Brunswick and Douglas Otterson in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. ————— Jim Wellington }}  ———-jda—— }


Wednesday, 03 September, 2014  -( 69˚F / 20˚C &  Cloudy in Ithaca @ 10:10 am ET )-

{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }


{ I’ve been doing this because I believe that the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media here in the U.S.A., AND not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }


US President Obama and some other guy.

President Obama was in Talinn, Estonia ahead of Thursday’s NATO summit. Their caption doesn’t say who the other guy is.


Lead Articles

Obama reiterates support for Ukraine ahead of NATO summit   {  }

Steven Sotloff beheading video authentic, white house says   { -Obama vows to ‘degrade’ ISIS as video deemed authentic.  }

Omar Khadr tries again in $20M suit against federal gov’t   {  }

Bank of Canada  holds key rate at 1%, as expected   {  }

Que. dad who killed 2 kids seeks release pending new trial   { * If he’s getting a new trial, shouldn’t the headline read ‘who allegedly killed-‘?  —djo— }

[Dr.] Arthur Porters’s wife surrenders to Montreal police   { -calls herself a ‘pawn’ in fraud case. }



Billboard message lands job seeker a Google interview   {   }

– & that’s the only new offbeat news today? –


“Most Viewed”

Jennifer Lawrence photo hack: The phenomenon of the naked selfie   {  }

Why the type of diet you are on doesn’t matter   {  }

Henry McCollum, Leon Brown declared innocent after 30 years in prison   { This happened in North Carolina, U.S.A. The two half-brothers were 15 and 19 years-old, intellectually disabled, and barely able to read when police handed them pieces of paper after long, intense interrogations and told that if they signed the papers they could go home. Those papers were confessions, stating that they raped and murdered an 11-year-old girl. DNA evidence linked another man, now serving a life sentence for raping and murdering an 18 year-old [woman]. —djo— }

How to keep your private photos from running wild on the web  { * How about- “Don’t put them there!” ? —djo— }

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 expected at Unpacked event   {  }

B.C. teachers’ strike: After a wasted summer, stalemate rules   { *And nobody’s cleared up the “Is it a strike or a lock out?” question for me. —djo— }

Justin Bieber charged in latest ‘bad boy’ incident   { -Assault and dangerous driving in Ontario? And the photo they posted with this one gives me the creeps  —djo— }

-Blog- #LeakforJlaw: 4Chan pranksters encourage women to tweet nude photos in support of Jennifer Lawrence   { * Might be more interesting if everybody photoshops & tweets variations of Gahan Wilson monster appendages inside a flasher’s type london fog raincoat —djo— }



-Live- Samsung announces new Galaxy Note smartphones, VR headset   { * ‘Smart meters’ set your house on fire, ‘smart appliances’ fill your home with weird radiation. ‘Smart’ phones can make you sterile- & earbuds connected to smart phones put high levels of nasty microwaves inside your skull—> “Smart” anything is probably not a good thing-  ———djo——— }

John Baird arrives in Iraq with NDP, Liberal MPs to urge ethnic tolerance   { * Now, if only John Baird and the rest of his Conservative Party colleagues practiced any kind of tolerance back home—  —djo— }

-New- Ex-Quebec construction boss starts 2nd day of testimony at corruption inquiry   {  }

What Canada could offer if West opts to attack ISIS   { * How about a voice of sanity? And a nice, friendly, “Don’t do anything stupid!” }

U.S. missionary infected with Ebola to speak about her fight with deadly disease   {  }

-Video- Reg Sherren: Are polar bears a threatened species or political pawns?   {  }

Man arrested in abduction and sex attack on 9-year-old girl   {   }

Cartoonish hippo sculpture in Thames River, London, England

Giant hippo sculpture towed in the Thames River in London, England

-Must Watch- Giant hippo sculpture in London   { “A 21-metre-long hippo sculpture by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, known for his Rubber Duck installation, is towed up the Thames to London’s South Bank” }

-Must Watch- Gold rush hits U.K. beach   { “Hundreds of homegrown prospectors descend on Kent beach to hunt for nearly $20K in gold buried as part of Folkestone Digs art project” }

-Editors Picks- NATO vs Putin: Ukraine crisis redefining much more than borders   {  }

-Editors Picks- Meat prices expected to soar, writes Don Pittis   {  }

-World- Horror over ISIS could distract NATO leaders from Ukraine crisis   {  }

-Politics- Harper defends defence budget against NATO criticism   {  }

-Politics- Government now open to roundtable on missing and murdered aboriginal women   {  }

-Business- Canada falls to 15th in global competitiveness ranking   {  }

-Business- Average Canadian spends $954 a year online: study   {  }

-Health- ‘Win at all costs’ violence giving kids concussions called a public health issue   {  }

-Health- Burning wood indoors to cook raises health risks for billions   {  }

-Health- Too much screen time creates health risk for children   {  }

-Health- Flu shot policy for health workers reviewed   {  }

-Technology & Science- Could a Google Glass app that detects human emotion help those with autism?  {  }

-Community- Quebec ‘no homework’ experiment splits CBC news audience   {   }


“Local” / “New Brunswick”

New Brunswick’s education system is too centralized, expert says   {  }

New Moncton downtown centre may get indirect federal funding   {  }

Pot-smoking Mountie Ron Francis begins trial on 3 charges   {  }

David Alward accuses CRA of ‘playing games’ in past polls   {   }

Moncton survivalist store linked to Justin Bourque closes   {  }

Bay of Fundy FORCE study looking at tidal power turbine potential   {  }

ATM stolen from Moncton restaurant   {  }

“New Brunswick Votes 2014”

>>—-> <—-<<

Brian Gallant’s Liberals hold wide lead in CRA poll   {  }

Education reform: Beware of ‘policy talk’ from politicians   {  }

PCs, Liberals vow to remove politics from education   {  }

New Brunswick early French immersion issue hits campaign trail   {  }


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Hopewell Rocks

Monday, 01 September, 2014 –

We finally made it to the Bay of Fundy, as far north and west as you can go on the bay’s shore.

It’s pretty-

Water, silhouettes, glowing rocky coastline in the distance.

Cathi really likes this photo. The ‘glowing’ coast line, due north is probably somewhere between Moncton and Sackville.

We went there on the 29th of August, a Friday- and we didn’t get going as early as we wanted to. I wanted to get a decent photo at ‘flower pot rocks’ to replace the upper left hand photo on my ‘German Newspaper’ themed News Blog- And what I got was darker than I would have liked, but the more I look at it, the more I like that photo

Very ineresting rocks.

“Flower Pot Rocks” with people for scale.

The photo that I actually used for the blog was taken soon after this one, with one young woman clowning, posing for her mother’s smart phone camera. That’s the one that came out so dark. But it has a really interesting ‘feel’ to it.

Interesting rock formations

Darker photo with young woman posing for her mother.

I probably should not clog this posting with too much- But there was a lot to look at and appreciate, Yeah- Mother Earth does good work, don’t cha think?

Interesting rock formation.

The same rock formation, from the other side. At high tide this would be under water.

But I have to include just one more photo here-

Looking South West?

People brought their dogs to this place, but it’s probably a good thing we didn’t bring Jassper. He would have wanted to dig his way across the bay and I don’t think he would have left willingly until he realized the tide was in and he was thirty feet under water.


Might this be working?

-Sunday, May 18, 2014.  -( 13˚C / 55˚F @6:27 pm )-

Cathi's Greenhouse We put it together on May 17th.

Cathi’s Greenhouse- We put it together yesterday (May 17, 2014) and two or three photos I took disappeared into a black hole of schnarr.

Cathi’s Greenhouse- We put it together yesterday (May 17, 2014) and two or three photos I took disappeared into a black hole of schnarr.
I think we had a quick little electrical glitch yesterday. While I was trying to download photos from my SD card. quite a few photos became really messed up and ‘unreadable’. And I got the error message that I had removed a USB device improperly and might have issues with scrambled memory or something like that.

Moe, I like the golden flash reflected in his eyes.

Moe. A couple photos of this guy were lost, but had already been saved in several places. Here he is, staring golden triangles into the camera.

Moe. A couple photos of this guy were lost, but had already been saved in several places. Here he is, staring golden triangles into the camera.
So I spent several hours last night backing up what was left on the SD card onto several computers and several Hard drives connected to those computers.

Trees on the hill behind Jim W.'s House.

Trees on the hill (without deer this time) in the rain, buds of leaves hinting at their existence.

Trees on the hill (without deer this time) in the rain, buds of leaves hinting at their existence.
I had to restart a couple of those computers a couple times because internal or external hard drives had vanished (and/or the firewire chain had fatal problems).

Garden cart, picked up at the 'Habitast For Humanity' 'ReDtore'.

This is a garden cart, which i picked up at the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ ‘ReStore’ that our GPS tried to tell us was at an address that couldn’t possibly exist.

Today, we managed to pry ourselves out of bed and zoomed off to the Kent hardware & lumber store to pick up a few things including seeds for Cathi’s Garden, bits of lumber to fashion a more functional place to stash firewood for next winter. & Yummy pie at Frank’s Fifties Style Diner.

Cathi's 'Zen Corner'

Cathi’s ‘Zen’ Corner (just the interior, not the view from within) on the porch which she believes is just perfect for sitting and enjoying four legged and winged friends while laying her guitar and drinking in the beauty around us.

Cathi’s ‘Zen’ Corner (just the interior, not the view from within) on the porch which she believes is just perfect for sitting and enjoying four legged and winged friends while laying her guitar and drinking in the beauty around us.
And finally, we’re back home dealing with wild and crazy (but always interesting) pets, waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones… Thinking about a run to Tim Hortons in a couple minutes…


I Think We Survived The Monster Storm –

Mar27-2014-SnowPiledupThursday, March 27, 2014. -10˚C/+16˚F Wind Chill @ -20˚C/-4˚F @ 7:30 am.

The above photo somehow lost its caption: This is what our driveway looked like when we gave up early this evening. ( 6 o’clock pm- ish ).

We did not get the worst of yesterday’s monster Nor’Easter. Although:

black & white saellite image of monster storm..

Re-tweeted image of yesterday’s big storm.

It was a big one, and it clobbered areas not far from here.

Snow piles at the end of the driveway.

This is almost the same shot as the one at the top of this post, taken last week, on the 21st.

And the photo below these words is of Cathi, trying to dig out the wood piled in a snow cave under a tarp…

Lots of snow, woman in blue with shovel.

Cathi, digging into ice and snow to try to get at our wood pile.

Like I said, we gave up. We couldn’t get the shed doors open, but we did hack and shovel through the ice bomb riddled mini mountain of snow the plows tried to kill us with… And I did manage to get out and drive 3 kilometers to get coffee at Tim Horton’s down the road a piece.


Photoshopped cardinal with a scarf, warm hat and jacket.

This photo & message were zinging around on facebook and Cathi go a good laugh when I “shared” it with her.

—Um, so, -Yeah, We’re still alive. The snow I shoveled today was packed so hard it would have been easier to cut it and carry it away and stack it as bricks, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this before, although my Alaskan relatives might have a couple words to describe it… (wink)

—But anyway, Happy Friday? ( It took me a while to find files and stuff and it is now 12:15 am Friday, the 28th of March, & it’s -5˚C / +23˚F … Wind Chill something like 14˚F / -7˚C ? )

—Shrug, Temperature sources might not match…

—Hang in there, we’re supposed to get ice pellets on Sunday…


Jassper Walking –

Sunday, March 23, 2014. A bit chilly and quite windy.

We decided to treat our ‘puppy horse’ Jassper to a walk on a walking trail along the Nashwaak River. When we got there, I was able to walk along the trail, which has been used this winter by snowmobilers, and is packed down fairly well, but I didn’t think Cathi would like the idea of needing to get the dog out of the way if a snow mobile came charging out of nowhere… She had gone to get the Jeep and move it closer to where we were. When she got back I handed her the leash and pulled the video camera out of an interior pocket.

Woman with dog about to venture into quiet street in winter with high snow banks.

These are shots from a ‘FlipCam’ pocket video camera. That’s Cathi with Jassper.

happy dog and woman going for a walk.

Jassper clowning for the camera, Cathi trying to see were they’re going.

Dog rolling in snow

Jassper, bonding with the snow.

Jassper either likes rolling in snow or is trying to squirm out of the halti and leash, maybe both.

Dog with a silly grin

Jassper grinning, about to shake snow from his nose. He does have a silly grin, and an I.Q. higher than most politicians….

Dog on leash looking up the street.

“Oh hey, what’s that?”

I have no idea whether he spotted something or is trying to trick us into looking away so he can squirm out of the collar and lead us on a merry chase.

Dog and woman walking up the street.

This dog should have a harness and a wagon to give rides to kids, although it may not be all that easy to keep him from racing around at scary speeds.

Wooman and dog running.

Cathi thought a bit of a run back toward the jeep might be fun. So did Jassper.

This was a decent walk with a dog who wants to bound around and leap about, who believes a dog’s place is three feet above the ground. Enthusiasm are Jassper. The wind was stronger and colder than we expected and we had one nearly anxious moment as a younger couple walking three dogs came the other way as we were crossing the bridge. Cathi on her own might have gone flying through the air as Jassper galloped over to say hello (without looking both ways for traffic) (approaching dogs who might have been a whole lot more fiercely territorial than he is. Sometimes I think this guy is a perennial puppy, every now and then he does growl at another dog who might not be as unfriendly as Jassper might perceive or maybe crosses some line in doggy appropriate behaviour?)

Anyway. We had a good time and Jassper got a cookie when we got home and my back was not permanently pulled out of line and we did find out where to park, next time.


Springtime In The Great White North

Tuesday, March 25, 2014.  -15˚C / +5˚F @ 2:08 am (( Wind Chill = -21˚C / -6˚F ))

Maereh raireh!

This is Moe. He’s the world’s sweetest cat. & Might be the world’s biggest pain in the rump.

Like the photo says, Moe is the sweetest cat to ever turn and drive his dew claw through my thumbnail. (ouch) But anyway, Moe is the original escapee cat. He wants to run outside, get about three feet from the door and sit down and smile, looking like he’s saying something like “Nyaaa nyaa, I got out” but just wants to sit there and enjoy life and maybe chew on some grass. But this year there is something out of place.

Moe Snow No Go -

Moe stares out at the snow and says, “But- but- That’s not ‘outside’ – That’s Snow!” and he looks at me with a plaintiff, “Make it go away-“

Last Thursday was the first day of spring. Jassper enjoyed playing in the snow…

Jassper in the falling snow.

Jassper, sticking his nose in fresh falling snow.

I should stop for a moment and see how this is formatting here… Hmmm, not too bad…


Somewhere out there is Canada Street. Photo taken on March 20, 2014

There is at least two feet of snow covering every square inch of ground out there, looking east from what Cathi calls our back door. The snow covered north and south main road along the west side of a river is out there, this side of the house you can see beyond the trees and the falling snow.

What the first day of spring looked like in all white.

Panning down, that’s a bit of Jassper’s fence. He likes being fenced in a lot more than he liked being chained every time he wanted to go out and poop or pee.

I thought the photo without the fence was more appealing, but I included this here.

Part of a tree, corner of a fence and a lot of snow.

That’s the North East corner of Jassper’s fence.

You can get an idea of how deep the snow is here, I think the fence is four feet high. The snow is not packed down hard enough to support Jassper’s weight,  if he ever thought he could casually stroll away, up and over the fence. He’s probably thought of it, but soft snow up to your shoulders (and snout) can be discouraging.

More snow, snowy trees, houses.

Looking out through the porch doorway.

Cathi calls this our front door. The snow that had been plowed across the street had very interesting shapes a couple days before this shot was taken. Now it’s all smoothed over. There is a hill to the left, that is not all snow there. But between 3 and 5 feet of what you see on the left is snow.

—I should quit here and move on to the next sequence.


Saturday Morning –

Saturday, March 22, 2014. -( a “5” day )- –(( a 22 / 4 day in a 3 month in a 7 year == 25 + 7 = 32 == 3+2 = 5 ==  (( or 7 + 7 = 14 / 1 + 4 = 5 )) complicated, isn’t it? ))–

Cousin Debi’s Birthday 🙂 🙂 Jim & Cathi’s Anniversary 🙂 🙂

-2˚C / +28˚ F @ 10:30 am. Possibility of light snow later? Right now we have bright sunlight reflecting on very white ground covering snow.


(ache ache, being a human barometer isn’t always fun.)

~~~~~ Jim 😉

Four Legged Visitors

Friday, March 21, 2014.  +2˚C / +36˚F @ 7:30 pm.

Two Adults, two younger deer.

I think we have – maybe two herds or extended families of deer who visit us almost every day.

These guys are not quite tame. Here, they’re about 10 feet from our porch window, looking for anything they can find to eat.

3 of the 4 deer.

I think the mother is trying to convince the young ones that they should be cautious around humans, even if those humans are an exhibit behind glass.

Our neighbour up the hill out of the photo to the right, feeds them oats through most of the winter. There was a deer nibbling on a tree about 20 yards / meters up the road the day we moved in here. One of the oddest sensations I had involving deer was me, stumbling around the living room one morning half awake at about 8:30 on a Sunday. I looked out the window, toward Canada Street, and a single full grown deer was casually walking up the sidewalk.

Deer & hints of window frames etc.

Here they are with the window showing for scale, perspective. whatever –

The photo in the lower left corner (I trimmed most of it away) is 7 inches wide. An always watchful deer is on the left, curious guy in the centre, hungry guy on the right, don’t know what the one in the back is doing.

But, ya know, I never heard them say a mean thing about anybody?

🙂 Jim 🙂

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