Thursday, 04 September, 2014 – Canadian News Headlines –

Copied & Pasted from “Radio Free Earth News”  — Jim W — ===== Thursday, 04 September, 2014  -( 58˚F / 14˚C & Grey out there in Ithaca @ 7:30 am )- { & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or … Continue reading

Bonjour –


Thursday, 04 September, 2014.  -( 14˚C / 57˚F & Dark @ 2:12 am )- This should be our new ‘Sticky’ greeting. I’m not sure I like the colour of this main font ‘default’ that somebody else thought I needed- Deliver us from idiots who believe they know better what we … Continue reading

Wednesday, 03 September, 2014 — News Headlines –

{ Copied & Pasted from Radio Free Earth News // {{ This is the first time we published Copied and Pasted Serious News stuff ( a lot of which was re-tweeted or copied from other sources. ) This was an initiative started by our friend, Doug Otterson of Ithaca, New … Continue reading

Might this be working?

-Sunday, May 18, 2014.  -( 13˚C / 55˚F @6:27 pm )- Cathi’s Greenhouse- We put it together yesterday (May 17, 2014) and two or three photos I took disappeared into a black hole of schnarr. Cathi’s Greenhouse- We put it together yesterday (May 17, 2014) and two or three photos … Continue reading

I Think We Survived The Monster Storm –

Thursday, March 27, 2014. -10˚C/+16˚F Wind Chill @ -20˚C/-4˚F @ 7:30 am. The above photo somehow lost its caption: This is what our driveway looked like when we gave up early this evening. ( 6 o’clock pm- ish ). We did not get the worst of yesterday’s monster Nor’Easter. Although: … Continue reading

Jassper Walking –

Sunday, March 23, 2014. A bit chilly and quite windy. We decided to treat our ‘puppy horse’ Jassper to a walk on a walking trail along the Nashwaak River. When we got there, I was able to walk along the trail, which has been used this winter by snowmobilers, and … Continue reading

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