– First New Post In Quite A While –

Friday, July 12th, 2019 – +18˚C / +63˚F & Raining at 5:00 pm in Atlantic Canada –

"The Committee" munching oats

– Cropped Version of the Committee from May of, duh—> 2016? –

— I should probably go find the original photograph and not just the highly cropped version above – That cropped version was used as a header photograph for another blog here – { I got a message saying I needed to update more than a dozen WordPress Blogs we use and/or host here. }

— Um, this was the first blog I started when I began using a U.S. based hosting service that doubled their prices every time I got a message to renew – and kept shutting down the blogs I had there – claiming that if I wasn’t paying large U$ dollars for their ‘protection service’ I was open to the evils of dastardly hackers – which was ‘a big pile of bull chips’, to quote Mudagus- 😉

— & I think I’m gonna publish this as it is now and see how this formats after resurrecting it and needing to update and add some plug-ins.

~~~~~ Jim

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