Bonjour –

Thursday, 04 September, 2014.  -( 14˚C / 57˚F & Dark @ 2:12 am )-

Maereh raireh!

“Now, this is serious – Did you bring me any mice to play with? Or should I think about shredding you instead? Don’t talk to me if you have no mice for me to play with – Oh –  Greenies? I like greenies, You’ve got greenies? That’s almost as good as mice —” This is Moe. He’s the world’s sweetest cat. & Might be the world’s biggest pain in the rump.

This should be our new ‘Sticky’ greeting. I’m not sure I like the colour of this main font ‘default’ that somebody else thought I needed- Deliver us from idiots who believe they know better what we want than we do ourselves.-

—03 October, 2014— I think we figured out the font colour problem and fixed that a while back. 


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