I Think We Survived The Monster Storm –

Mar27-2014-SnowPiledupThursday, March 27, 2014. -10˚C/+16˚F Wind Chill @ -20˚C/-4˚F @ 7:30 am.

The above photo somehow lost its caption: This is what our driveway looked like when we gave up early this evening. ( 6 o’clock pm- ish ).

We did not get the worst of yesterday’s monster Nor’Easter. Although:

black & white saellite image of monster storm..

Re-tweeted image of yesterday’s big storm.

It was a big one, and it clobbered areas not far from here.

Snow piles at the end of the driveway.

This is almost the same shot as the one at the top of this post, taken last week, on the 21st.

And the photo below these words is of Cathi, trying to dig out the wood piled in a snow cave under a tarp…

Lots of snow, woman in blue with shovel.

Cathi, digging into ice and snow to try to get at our wood pile.

Like I said, we gave up. We couldn’t get the shed doors open, but we did hack and shovel through the ice bomb riddled mini mountain of snow the plows tried to kill us with… And I did manage to get out and drive 3 kilometers to get coffee at Tim Horton’s down the road a piece.


Photoshopped cardinal with a scarf, warm hat and jacket.

This photo & message were zinging around on facebook and Cathi go a good laugh when I “shared” it with her.

—Um, so, -Yeah, We’re still alive. The snow I shoveled today was packed so hard it would have been easier to cut it and carry it away and stack it as bricks, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this before, although my Alaskan relatives might have a couple words to describe it… (wink)

—But anyway, Happy Friday? ( It took me a while to find files and stuff and it is now 12:15 am Friday, the 28th of March, & it’s -5˚C / +23˚F … Wind Chill something like 14˚F / -7˚C ? )

—Shrug, Temperature sources might not match…

—Hang in there, we’re supposed to get ice pellets on Sunday…


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