Jassper Walking –

Sunday, March 23, 2014. A bit chilly and quite windy.

We decided to treat our ‘puppy horse’ Jassper to a walk on a walking trail along the Nashwaak River. When we got there, I was able to walk along the trail, which has been used this winter by snowmobilers, and is packed down fairly well, but I didn’t think Cathi would like the idea of needing to get the dog out of the way if a snow mobile came charging out of nowhere… She had gone to get the Jeep and move it closer to where we were. When she got back I handed her the leash and pulled the video camera out of an interior pocket.

Woman with dog about to venture into quiet street in winter with high snow banks.

These are shots from a ‘FlipCam’ pocket video camera. That’s Cathi with Jassper.

happy dog and woman going for a walk.

Jassper clowning for the camera, Cathi trying to see were they’re going.

Dog rolling in snow

Jassper, bonding with the snow.

Jassper either likes rolling in snow or is trying to squirm out of the halti and leash, maybe both.

Dog with a silly grin

Jassper grinning, about to shake snow from his nose. He does have a silly grin, and an I.Q. higher than most politicians….

Dog on leash looking up the street.

“Oh hey, what’s that?”

I have no idea whether he spotted something or is trying to trick us into looking away so he can squirm out of the collar and lead us on a merry chase.

Dog and woman walking up the street.

This dog should have a harness and a wagon to give rides to kids, although it may not be all that easy to keep him from racing around at scary speeds.

Wooman and dog running.

Cathi thought a bit of a run back toward the jeep might be fun. So did Jassper.

This was a decent walk with a dog who wants to bound around and leap about, who believes a dog’s place is three feet above the ground. Enthusiasm are Jassper. The wind was stronger and colder than we expected and we had one nearly anxious moment as a younger couple walking three dogs came the other way as we were crossing the bridge. Cathi on her own might have gone flying through the air as Jassper galloped over to say hello (without looking both ways for traffic) (approaching dogs who might have been a whole lot more fiercely territorial than he is. Sometimes I think this guy is a perennial puppy, every now and then he does growl at another dog who might not be as unfriendly as Jassper might perceive or maybe crosses some line in doggy appropriate behaviour?)

Anyway. We had a good time and Jassper got a cookie when we got home and my back was not permanently pulled out of line and we did find out where to park, next time.


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