Four Legged Visitors

Friday, March 21, 2014.  +2˚C / +36˚F @ 7:30 pm.

Two Adults, two younger deer.

I think we have – maybe two herds or extended families of deer who visit us almost every day.

These guys are not quite tame. Here, they’re about 10 feet from our porch window, looking for anything they can find to eat.

3 of the 4 deer.

I think the mother is trying to convince the young ones that they should be cautious around humans, even if those humans are an exhibit behind glass.

Our neighbour up the hill out of the photo to the right, feeds them oats through most of the winter. There was a deer nibbling on a tree about 20 yards / meters up the road the day we moved in here. One of the oddest sensations I had involving deer was me, stumbling around the living room one morning half awake at about 8:30 on a Sunday. I looked out the window, toward Canada Street, and a single full grown deer was casually walking up the sidewalk.

Deer & hints of window frames etc.

Here they are with the window showing for scale, perspective. whatever –

The photo in the lower left corner (I trimmed most of it away) is 7 inches wide. An always watchful deer is on the left, curious guy in the centre, hungry guy on the right, don’t know what the one in the back is doing.

But, ya know, I never heard them say a mean thing about anybody?

🙂 Jim 🙂

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