Monday, August 15th, 2016 — Ridiculously Early In The Morning

Posted by Jim Wellington - August 15th, 2016

Monday, August 15th, 2016  — 16°C / 61°F & “Dark” @4:27 am in Atlantic Canada—

"Cartoon" version of Jim Wellington.

“Jim Wellington” Avatar created by Doug Otterson in the game world we’re working on- 

Okay, it just took me about three hours to sign in here – WordPress would not accept my password. I went through the “Lost Password” routine 3 times and copied and pasted danged new password in each time and it made me add ridiculous sums like “0+1=” to “prove my humanity”. Hey, if the ability to add one plus zero and come up with the correct answer is proof of humanity, jeeze – the worst megalamaniacal serial killing sociopath ever born could probably call himself a humanitarian.

Sigh, So anyway, here I am, sure that this blog still functions. and ready to include it in my newest, “This is the face I can show the world” web page.

The idea is not to upset anybody with political theories they might not be able to stomach right now, but talk about progress in geneology research, and stuff like that.

— Yay? –,


June 24, 2002 —> Leaving Stratford

Posted by Jim Wellington - October 31st, 2017

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 —> 7˚C / 44˚F — With a clear blue sky and bare trees that weren’t bare this time yesterday in Atlantic Canada

Gramma Dot, Dave & Harley

“Gramma Dot” with Dave and Charles, photo shot around the holidays in 1987, in the ‘old hacienda’ in Stratford, CT USA.

— I found the above photo again last week. Yesterday I found several notebooks, including the one I’m about to transcribe below :

= = = = =


— Sunday, June 23, 2002—>

— ( After a full day of emptying the last bits of ‘stuff’ from the house and into the dumpster in front of the old family home that mom just sold and the real estate agent was hoping he could charge us an extra $3,000.00 U$ dollars for taking ‘too long’ to move everything out. – The old Chevy Corsica hatchback is literally packed to the rafters – um, wait, Chevy’s don’t have rafters – I have a tunnel between me and the right side rear view mirror, otherwise the stuff that’s coming to Canada with me is packed to the roof.  I promised Mom I would take a nap in the driveway before taking off to begin my new life with Cathi in Canada. )

9:57 pm – Stop & Shop Stratford, CT { odometer = 119378.6 miles } Just bought this notebook here

10:20 pm Called Cathi. She answered. I told her I as leaving & promised I would pull over & rest if I got tired.

10:30 -ish pm a bird (or something) swooped down in front of the car – hard to tell, but I think it looked brown to me. Amir Rashid was on the air at WPKN FM as I left.

11:48 pm { 119,439.7 } $17.50 gas exit 15? i84 – Dunkin Donuts not open. Clerk told me there is one the other way, open 24 hours.

11:59 — Coffee

Monday, June 24, 2002 —>

1:05 am woke up from “Power Nap(?)” in New York in a rest area on i84.

2:00 am – Pennsylvania – { 119520.2 } – Stopped to check gas cap. Yes it was there. Maybe I didn’t fill the tank completely? ( 3/4 of a tank? )

3:12 am { 119647.5 } ( 5/8 of a tank ) Needed to stop & rest ( Outside the locked gate at a Truck Inspection Station – Sign says “No Public Use”) (Eep?)

4:20am { 119647.5 } – on Route 81, North of Cortland, NY – Needed another rest stop. ( just under half a tank of gas )

5:03 am – woke up – I can see without headlights. It’s cloudy.

5:49 am { 119681.6 } New York Thru Way – Food and Gas –

6:18 am ( +11.34 gallons = $18.25 Gauge reads over full )

7:13 am { 119737.6 } Seneca Rest Area – I was ‘blinking’ again.

7:37 am – Broke a $100.00 bill @ a roadside Burger King (Yay! they took it) (‘Bev’ took the bill into the back and returned with 5 twenty dollar bills)

8:48 am – { 119811.4 } Buffalo, NY – I called Cathi.

8:52 am – I’m on Route 290.

10:30 am – I am through Canadian Customs. ( Had to sit on a curb about twenty yards from two border guards who put on rubber gloves and went through some of my luggage and left half a car’s worth on the pavement for me to re-pack 🙂 ) I repacked, then called Cathi. She was on standby in case she had to vouch for me or something like that.

11:30 -ish = I got to Cathi’s a little after 11:30 am. She looked at me and told me I better get some rest. I sat on her bed and meditated (during the eclipse?) then conked out. She went to Erin’s graduation from some grade ceremony. Yay! I made it in one piece & the car didn’t blow up. { I forgot to write down the mileage when I got here. }

Tuesday, June 25th, 2002 :

Posted by Jim Wellington - October 31st, 2017

— I’m pre- publishing this to keep it below my previous ‘post’.

Cathi and Jim

– This is Cathi and Me on July 13th, 2002 –

— Tuesday, June 25th, 2002 :

— ( I was too tired to write this on Monday, the 24th: )

— More details about Monday: 🙂

— Cathi looked absolutely wonderful when I got here ( this was probably more than ‘just the effects of being completely exhausted’ 🙂 ) She looked even better than I remembered her looking last month, the last time I was up here? ( sigh, I’ve got it bad… )

— We cuddled and I fell asleep. She went to Erin’s graduation and I slept. I woke up hearing Ben playing with his friends.

— It was eclipse time. So, I meditated for 10 or 15 minutes – then went to the washroom. I came back and meditated for another 15 minutes — closer to the ‘height’ of the eclipse? { 5:15 -5:30? } It had rained and cooled off.

— Erin’s friend Rene came over to play with her. – Erin wasn’t feeling all that well. Neither was Rene. ( Neither was I. )

— Cathi ordered KFC with Popcorn Chicken { – Erin’s choice } I watched some of { Most of? } ‘Waking Ned Divine’ (?) ( I was in and out of consciousness ).

— I did tell Erin that I was impressed by her patience with her brother. { He was acting up. }

—Cathi got Ben off to bed after I conked out on the couch. – She brought me another pillow and left a glass of water on the coffee table.

— And that was Monday.

~~~~~ Jim

“Yesterday? Today? Or Tomorrow?” posted in Archives by Jim W-

Posted by Jassper - October 6th, 2017

Cat with a 'lion cut'

Full sized photos — Too big for this blog — Moe after his visit to the hairdresser’s 😉

Cave and other stand alone stones

The other side of the below cave- with human silhouettes for scale

A cave that had been eroded into the base of a now standalone stone at 'flowerpot rocks'

Hopewell Rocks from well below the high tide line.

Saturday, 30 August, 2014 -( 15˚C / 59˚F @ 11:11 pm )-

It’s been a busy week- Cathi had the week off. Neither one of us was feeling all that good all week. We took Moe to the vet’s to get his matts trimmed away and he was pretty darned good about it until the groomer got the ‘buzzy’ too close to spots where cats want no one to go with a hair trimmer- So- nobody got slashed or shredded and he only refused to talk to us for a couple hours and now he looks like a lion, and he can strut around showing off- Cathi said he was much better in the temperament department after he realized he could lick his fur without anything pulling.

On Friday we drove to the Bay of Fundy. The map we got with a visitor’s guide stunk. The GPS wanted to send us straight east to Moncton and then down. Friends, and daughters, had told us to take the seaside route, down to Sait John and turn left. We got going a little bit late. The map looked like we were about to make a wrong turn and I told Cathi we needed an exit that the map looked like we needed to take. So we only got a little bit lost, and the most direct route to ‘Hopewell Rocks’ had a few too many construction sites along the way, but we did stop for some home-made ice cream and made a friend, I think- Nice guy who uses all natural ingredients, he’s 73 years old and looks younger, and he thought I looked younger than I told him I am. I left him a link to a web site and an email address and never thought to ask his name. He lives on the west side of highway 114 a bit north west of Alma.

We got to the rocks at twenty minutes to closing and the light was not so good when we got there. But I think I got one decent photo to replace another photo at the top of one of my blogs and that worked out okay, I think.

Today I felt lousy and had strange fever dreams, one of Tony Soprano’s enforcers came around to axe me what was the hold up with getting my mother out of the house she had sold to a nice little old Italian lady who had bad friends and no patience. And a melancholy girl who had been kicked out of her home by her mother, supported by her grandmother for a couple years and then told not to come home without a job or money for rent and grandma and aunty didn’t care what she had to do to get it, wanted to know if she could make a lot of money posing nude for a photographer and I guess I looked like a photographer and I felt awful for her and gave her the keys to my travel trailer (In the dream I had a small travel trailer- not the tiny- made in Canada ones, but small and when I got her there she was afraid to stay in it alone, so I slept at the kitchen table while she slept in the bed and I don’t know how that turned out because I woke up.

The photos did not load where they should have- and when I tried to click on one to try to see if I could move it down and write above it- everything else on this page disappeared.

But I got it back, I can live with this- so I guess I can’t complain too loudly-




Posted by Jim Wellington - June 8th, 2017

Thursday, June 8th, 2017  —> 28˚C / 82˚F @ Noon in Atlantic Canada —> & That’s too hot. [ imagine smiley sticking its tongue out at the weather man here ] —


Another Dream of moving back to a childhood home:


I dreamed the government forced us to move back

into ‘the projects’ we moved out of in 1959

on January 8th – I was 9 years old


I pointed out the wall

my father built

between the living room

and the kitchen

where I remembered eating venison one Sunday

after my father came home drunk

before we knew what ‘drunk’ meant –

He sang silly songs and confessed undying love

for everybody

then grinned

and asked how we liked eating Bambi?

my sister, two years younger than me –

screamed and ran away crying


My father got red in the face angry and screamed,

“You get back here and finish eating what we put in front of you!”

But then he let my mother talk him out of that

And sang another slightly off key

silly barber shop song

and smiled from ear to ear

“I’d walk a mile –

for a smile -”

{ I think that might have been “Daddy’s Little Girl” ? }


– but in this dream

the two bedroom duplex

had been altered.

An archway had been cut through the wall

between one bedroom and the grumpy old neighbours’ half of the house

{ they had to be long dead by now – the husband

was a World War I vet who’d been gassed

in the trenches and sat in a chair in the shade or on his porch

all day, almost every day, unless it was raining or snowing or too cold,

and scowled at the world while he worked his dentures

without touching them

and rocked back and forth

in a chair with no rockers. }


– and

on the other side of that arch

the old neighbour’s two bedroom unit

had been turned into a store – that sold

Christmas stuff year round.

And then I heard

some kind of evangelical preacher

demand we all come to his church

every day of the week

every week of every year

and pay him

more money than anybody could make


or face burning in hell throughout eternity


I walked back to the living room,

– couldn’t find Cathi,

realized three or four families’ kids had opened up the couch

and thrown mattresses around the floor and were

making a real mess in the kitchen –

– I tried to lay myself down to rest

and one dark haired girl with a ‘pixie cut’ screamed,

“Hey – get out of there, that’s my spot.”

and I screamed back,

“This is my house, and no, I’m not moving.”


before anybody could think of a clever response –

I woke up


—– Jim


Posted by Jim Wellington - June 8th, 2017

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 —>  24˚C / 76˚F  —> Sunny & maybe too bright @ 11:11 am in Atlantic Canada —> J.J. Kacik’s Birthday – & I just realized that Yesterday was my brother in law, Roger French’s birthday  —


I’m beginning to hate bugs

a lot more than I used to

it feels like there oughtta be a way

to easily keep the damned things

out of this house.

either I need so many blankets I sweat to death

or wake up with a million bites all over

and feel like I’d rather just lay down and die

than go through another day of this –


—– Jim

The U.S. East Coast Braces for a Mega Blizzard?

Posted by Jim Wellington - January 22nd, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016 -( -12˚C / +10˚F — Sunny & bright in Atlantic Canada @ 10:30 am )- Today would be my cousin, Kathy Conroy’s, birthday –

Evening skiing scene with snowy trees.

Photo of someone skiing in a park in or near Moncton, New Brunswick. Tweeted by “See New Brunswick”.

— The East Coast of the U.S.A. and expecially the Washington D.C. area is bracing for a scary winter storm that is threatening to dump 60 centimeters / 2 feet of snow during a 36 to 40 hour storm duration.

— Up here in New Brunswick, Canada, we had a couple killer storms that dumped almost that much snow more than once in the last two years.

— But Washington D.C. is facing the possibility that the area might be completely paralized.

Pupeteer Media Magnagtes

Meanwhile – In Canada – a lot of people are upset about the fact that most news media are controlled by a small number of corporations, which are in turn controlled by a smaller number of “Puppeteer Media Magnates” / nasty rich men with not so user-friendly agendae.

— And I’m feeling kind of world-weary/punch drunk (?) from a barrage of news that I could swear was calculated to suck the optimism out of everybody silly enough to pay attention.

Gibran Quote.

How about an empowering quote from Kahlil Gibran?

— So I’ll leave you with something positive and uplifting.

~~~~~ Jim

“Deceptive Corporate News Releases? / Ekonomic Warfare?” by —jda—

Posted by Jim Wellington - January 20th, 2016

Copied and Pasted from “jdaerendel” wordpress blog:



Wednesday, 20 January, 2016 -(-5˚C / +23˚F & Mostly Cloudy Near Fredericton, NB @ 7:00 am )-

info am fred web cam shot

This is a shot from the Web Cam atop the CBC building in Fredericton, showing the intersection of Prospect and Regent Streets. This view is available every morning, M-F, on the “New Brunswick First” Television Broadcast – which is simulcast along with with CBC Radio One’s “Info Morning Fredericton”.

— A Canadian Potash Corporate group announced yesterday that they were closing down a Potash mining operation near Sussex, NB – All the teevee news broadcasts were forecasting doom and gloom for the Sussex area economy – The corporate spokespeople blame falling prices for Potash, possibly aggrivated by falling oil prices and failing Canadian Dollar in relation to the US Dollar. Some morons are trying to blame the New Brunswick Moratorium on Fracking, which the corporate spokespeople said has nothing to do with this.

— The corporation promised 75 years of Good Jobs for New Brunswickers  inside the Province of New Brunswick in return for tax breaks. One person complained that those, “75 years only lasted a total of 2 years.”

— Listening to the spokespeople left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t know – as I’m aging (Maturing?) here – it becomes more and more painfully obvious that we’re being lied to. I can hear it in their voices. And it bothers me. More and more – I’m convinced that we’re being conned – deliberately deceived and misled by greedy corporations whose agenda is to manipulate everybody into believing their propaganda – while they’re receiving record high profits and crying poverty, laying off as many workers as they can get away with and forcing the rest to accept pay cuts.

— Welcome to Corporate Fascism and The Next Phase of Ekonomic Warfare Against Your Family, Friends and Neighbours —

Job Creation Figures.

Figures on Actual Job Creation per Million Dollars invested in Various Areas.

Unions Are the Balance of Power.

Recent tweet fighting anti-union propaganda- from a group called Unions For Workers.

Minimum wages, propaganda versus reality.

Higher Minimum Wages: Propaganda/Myths Vs Reality:


“The US and Canada need to step up their campaigns to protect the Great Lakes”

Polution Kills.

Pollution Kills – More people die from the effects of pollution than from Malaria and HIV combined.

— Sigh, Good Luck navigating the wasteland of intense propaganda –,

— jda —

“Well – Duh!”

Posted by Jim Wellington - January 14th, 2016

{ Copied & Pasted from “j d’Aerendel” }

= = = = =

Categories “Deliver us from Morons who believe they know better than we do what we really want!” –, “Just give me the Truth!”, “Schnarr” is my favourite nonsensical universal euphemism –, ‘Fun With Health Care’, – duh –, Adventures in ‘Reality’, Compassion, Conspiracies –, Controlled Main Stream Media, Ethics –, Fun With Mercury Retrograde –, Life should be more fun., Life should be more relaxed., Schnarr, The evil ones will ultimately kill each other off in their nasty power struggles –, Uncategorized, We need more positive news.

Welcome (Back?) To the Age of Superficiality


– “You can’t call this ‘Education’-“


– Wiki Leaks: “How to Surrender All Your Rights and Priveleges: – Begins when you believe everything your government tells you.”

— Maybe we never left the Age of Superficiality. Maybe it’s always been with us. But was it always so glamorized? Never mind ‘Glamorized’ – it suddenly seems canonized.

— Maybe I didn’t pay attention to a lot of things in the last few years. Maybe I dismissed mindless ‘entertainment’ and ‘infotainment’ as if was totally insignificant. But wait – Somebody is paying attention to this stuff. There are way too many programs celebrating celebrity. Reality TV shows look too much like they were designed to convince us that housewives in every city in this world, especially housewives who believe they are rich and powerful – are complete idiots – and not just idiots, but mean spiteful egotistical bitches who believe they should be able to kill and eat their neighbours as long as some good conservative party member makes a profit in terms of votes for their candidates – or better yet, gold and silver in their untraceable emergency escape fund.

— Remember the song “Dirty Laundry” bu Don Henley? I thought it was brilliant. I thought I could laugh about dumbed down television news and walk away from that and never be bothered by its mindlessness again.

— But now the ‘Bubble headed bleached blondes’ are everywhere – and they’re not necessarily blonde any more – sometimes they are wearing grey hair like badges as they try to get you to spend your hard earned money to buy more life insurance (that the insurance companies welcome as ‘free money’ – maximum input with minimum output for them). – Buy more life insurance than you’d ever need so you can die with a smile on your face, safe in the illusion that your grandchildren will have hundreds of thousands of dollars to deposit as a down-payment toward a multi-million dollar education as the universities of this world become more and more greedy and less and less effective? Remember when we thought that a university education would teach us how to think effectively? Did they ever teach us how to see through shuck?

— Maybe I was able to tolerate the superficiality of many things because I thought they had no impact on the vast majority of the human race. Maybe I believed that average humans were much more intelligent and much more wise than the ‘pundits’ of Madison Avenue gave anybody credit for being. Was I wrong?

— And why, all of a sudden, with the beginning of this New Year – has it become so painful for me to sit in front of a television monitor and see smiling faces of attractive people as they try to appear completely guile-less while they attempt to deceive anybody stupid enough to believe they might be telling the truth as they read their news or sell the garbage we never wanted and never believed we needed until some hyper-attractive young member of the opposite sex smiled at us with his or her eyes dilating at the prospect of engaging in possible sexual fulfillment with the proud owner of whatever it is that they’re trying to sell you at the moment?

— Or am I completely insane to believe that, if for instance, you want to do something for the good of humanity, like feeding starving children in third world countries – or smuggling innocent followers of non-sanctioned religions out from under the military dictatorships in countries where the ‘leadership’ believes they have every right to vivisect anyone who doesn’t follow their proclamations to the letter and then sell their precious bodily organs to the highest bidder –– you should do that anonymously – and you should do it because you know that it pleases God and strengthens everything that makes life on this planet worth living? The fact that you would be doing something selfless and good for the benefit of all life on this planet is one thing. Handing somebody a huge cheque on television, more concerned about how you look while you’re doing it and ‘who you are wearing’ at the time the cameras are rolling is not what charity is all about. Is it?

— And like I hinted at a couple paragraphs up. Why has knowing that this kind of activity is going on become so much more painful in the last two weeks? Have I given up believing in the sanctity and sovereignty of each and every human being on planet Earth?

— Or have I just watched too many television commercials lately and taken them much too seriously?

 – jda –

– Back on the Chain Gang?

Posted by Jassper - July 31st, 2015

Or  Maybe- Back in the Groove?

Friday, July 31st, 2015 -( 28˚C / 82˚F — Muggy, grey and stuffy @ 2:39 pm in New Brunswick  —  26˚C / 79˚F & ‘Clear’ in The finger lakes region of Nouveau York State @ 1:39 pm  — 13˚C / 55˚F & ‘Mostly Cloudy’ @ 9:39 am in and around North Pole, Alaska )-

Photo of the site where the Peace Beacon/Tower shoots up into the sky in Iceland.

We’re not sure the light at Yoko’s Imagine Peace Tower has gone out, but this tweet says she will relight it on John’s Birthday.

– It’s good to check in  on you guys and see that both Doug and Jim are busy, hey it looks like you’re up to your eyebulbs in projects, hey?

There’s something in the air, and it isn’t all peaches and cream. The Harper Fascists are bombarding the airwaves with terribly banal propaganda commercials that I can probably quote from memory, word for disgusting word – just from wincing and groaning every time the bloody commercials play- And it looks like the ‘prime minister’ wants to call a long election season because he smugly believes his party’s ‘war chest’ is so much bigger than his rivals’ that he can outspend them to death and maybe even drive them into bankruptcy – What he, in his short-sightedness probably doesn’t realize is, unlike similar matters in the U.S.A. a lot of us are betting that the Conservatives up here CAN lose an election by grossly underestimating the intelligence of the voting public. 😉

But there is a lot of positive stuff in the air, even when my allergies have my eyes burning and my nose either stuffed up or running any time, night or day, allergy pills or not-

My favourite brother’s divorce has come through. I might actually be able to reconnect with him now. It’s really sad when a wonderful person gets hooked up with someone whose toxic personality drives incredibly deep wedges between a warm, outgoing, friendly, decent human being and everyone he or she is connected to- Welcome back – Nob!

Every one of us caught the same bug at the same time, it seems. Some kind of viral nesting instinct kicked in. Jim tells us he is trying hard and constantly to tidy up his office while his game developing whoopy do zing zang walla bing bang nifty windows computer is down until he can afford replacement parts, or even a replacement zing zing zoom zoom computer – Jim and Cathi are rescuing pallets from their neck of the woods and threatening to tear them apart and use the recycled wood for all sorts of creative projects. Cathi’s writing up a storm and getting stuff published. Jim’s got at least three novels that he works on every chance he gets. They’re also working on getting regular podcasts together and sharing them with the rest of us out here in the ‘Real World’

Doug’s heart is with his sweetie up here even if he spends most of his time, down there – more like down there and turn right – drive all night and stop for lots of coffee on the way- and I hear he’s taken a couple vacation days he would have lost if he didn’t use them and worked on the look of his News Service Blog/web site – Radio Free Earth News – and is considering moving a copy of everything he’s ever done there to one of our servers just in case somebody threatens to shut him down by charging magical new fees for their free services.

– jda – seems to be distracted by technical issues, Moe is thinking that it would be really nice to find a warm sunny spot and just relax for a change – but then, he’s been scouring his little corner of this planet for the perfect spot to sit, smile at Mother Nature’s handiwork,  and maybe stretch out and roll around on a soft bed or moss and think about either reliving his favourite stories of hunting in the wilds or just reveling in past glories. He isn’t hard to please.

And we all noticed a very short blackout or power spike a couple days ago. Jim says that three computers he was working on at the same time survived the surge or spike or disruption, whatever it was, but then crashed for no apparent reason in the next day or two. One computer that had a lot of his almost forgotten stories and old photographs stored on just stopped working. He’s pretty sure the hard drives with their valuable old ‘stuff’ are still okay, but the death of an old computer, while it is not as traumatic as the death of a treasured pet – is no fun at all.

And I’ve had a couple computers of my own drop dead on me in the past few months, it seems like I’m in a constant state of backing things up before I lose them. I don’t want to stop and count the number of hard drives that have dropped dead, and I’m not even sure I want to know how many hard drives I’ve got that are still working. One or two of them are getting cranky and may need to be backed up, reformatted, re-thought – have their operating systems re-installed and reconnected to their productive purpose in this life.

Okay, so maybe I am guilty of thinking of my hard drives as sentient beings- but – since there is a word for that, I can’t be the only one, right?

— anthropomorphically yours –,    Jassper LeBoof 😉

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