The Latest WordPress Update Fupped-Up My Fonts

Thursday, April 14, 2016 — //  +7˚C / +44˚F @ 11:14 am in sunny, clear-aired Atlantic Canada. —

— Tuesday, April 26, 2016 — Personal Update – Finally got my post title font back – “Fondamento”-

My friend, Jim W., told me that WordPress was blasting their Dashboard pages with “Holy Shi[p?] ! – There’s a brand – gotta have it -new update and all the themes have gotta have it updates, and by gawd – you better update right now or your private parts will undoubtedly fall off!”

So I winced and backed up stuff and backed up the data bases again and told the stupid updates to install themselves. They did – and when they were finished I yawned and told the front page to reload and –

Heilighe Shice!

The idiots who designed and implemented the update had utterly butchered my blog’s appearance. – Wiped out my choice of fonts and made it as close to impossible to get those fonts back and actually use them as they could.

I fupping cannot stand Arial or any other sans-serif font. & These smug fupping lunatics want to make sans-serif fonts a gawd-blammed insidious institution that is carved in stone on every other line in their insane style sheet?

— & Now here’s a quote that I copied and pasted from the insidious nonsense embedded in their style.css editing schnarr:


* 1.0 – Normalize


* Normalizing styles have been helped along thanks to the fine work of

* Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal


— If I wanted ‘normal’, I could pick up a hammer, aim it at my head and give myself an effective lobotomy any time.

— But – These idiots actually brag about how stupid they are and admit that they deliberately futched up the style sheet to make it a real pain in the bum to weed through all their bull chips to find out how to re-install and use the fonts you – ‘the end user’ – want? – In the name of what? Standardization? They should have their private parts removed in a very painful public ceremony for even suggesting such a moronic thing.

And what’s got me even more pissed off is typing this in the ‘Add New’ post window/ form – everything I type comes out if huge freakin BOLD letters- And their whole piece of doo doo theme looks like doo doo. Too much stupid space between lines? Where are these idiots coming from?

— Schnarr!

—– I’m not even going to sign this.

“What The Fupp were you thinking??????”

— Morons! —