Yes, Mercury Certainly Is Retrograde –

Sunday, January 10th, 2016 -( I began this @ 8:58 am in Atlantic Canada — where it still seemed to be -4˚C / +25˚F — but now grey and damp and chilly out there beyond my windows )-

fupped up invitations
— “Interesting -: Don’t-cha think?

— I sent invitations to two blogging buddies. The wrong people got those invitations.

— At Least — That’s the way it looks now.

John Lennon Peace Tower
This is a photo of the “Peace Tower” — Yoko Ono’s tribute to John Lennon. Long may it shine.

— You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to upload the Peace Tower photo above. Pages bled into one another. The buttons went invisible. I managed to click where I thought the invisible “Insert into Blog” button was and everything cleared up – but then I went to type this here paragraph in and blew up firefox. Ka boom. It is now 9:23 am.

— And, like I said above, Mercury sure as bleep IS Retrograde. But I now have two more authors/contributors that I know and trust signed in and ready to rock and roll.

— So things are not all bad –, even if the weird set  backs and browser crashes have kept me trying to get this done for, duh? two hours? it is now about eleven minutes after eleven am. okay with you if I lean back and scream?

Do not believe they have an improved posting scheme.
Just don’t even think about believing the above message – The part that says, “Switch to the improved posting experience.” ??? That will in no way contribute to any kind of happy experience,

— jda —

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