Netasha’s Discovery –

Friday, March 23rd, 2018 { Earth Parallel designation =”Nor-Am/CanMexUSA -05″} {{ North America, Canada, USA, Mexican model  }} @ 11:45 pm Atlantic Time


– Netasha, (Novice) Forest Elf Healer –

— Forest Elves are generally a shy and extremely modest race – But on this one summer day the sun was really hot and the atmosphere was muggy – and with no one else in sight, Netasha removed her leather Ranger armor and wore just her Healer essentials while she tended flowers and planted trees.  – Then an official messenger told her that her Ranger watch duty had suddenly been switched and she would have to be on duty that night and she wouldn’t have time to change back into her ‘respectable’ armor. She thought the messenger relished in her discomfort at going on duty ‘half-dressed’ and might even have hoped she’d be ‘taken down a peg or two’ for working out of uniform when he’d been sweating all day.

— When the unruffled Watch Captain told her she’d be working alone in the ‘Shadow-Lands’ she was almost relieved. It had been two weeks since Healer-Ranger Eslyn had her vision in which Shanti – the ancient Guardian of all living things – had explained why very strange things filled the skies of the Shadow Lands, especially at night – And no Rangers had reported near misses from flying boulders, trees or buildings since.

- morning mist in Shadow lands -

– Typical Morning mist in the Shadow Lands –

— The flying debris in the air might actually be slowing down. It had been days since phantom buildings appeared and vanished, or appeared and shattered into bits of blasted masonry, burned wood and crumbling dust in front of the toughened band of Rangers and highly dedicated Healers who braved the lifeless Shadow-Lands, keeping the unwary safe, bandaging wounded comrades – Some even tried to coax lost spirits into heading for the Light and beyond that – Heaven.

— There had even been reports that some buildings, in various states of disrepair and structural integrity – had actually landed intact – Some were guarded fiercely by Rangers who kept everyone away, some were actually safe to step right up to and touch.

Netasha witnessing the chaos in the skies over the Shadow Lands.

– There was just a bit of activity as the sun went down that evening –

— Just as darkness descended – Netasha saw a light travel across the sky and thought it landed quite near where she had been posted. It was her duty to report anything like that which happened on her watch.

— She had a near perfect memory – she ran to where she believed the light had gone out of her sight and –

Lamp Post and Shrine to All Living Things.

– Netasha discovered a perfectly normal lamp-post and something she’d heard of from the legends of the ‘old times’ –

— The lamp-post had not been there half an hour earlier when she’d made her initial rounds and reported nothing suspicious to her gruff old Watch Captain. She’d never actually seen one of the legendary ‘Shrines to All Living Things’ – But in the light of that lamp-post, it sure looked like one of those shrines had suddenly materialized ‘out of thin air’.

The shrine was surrounded by flowers. And weeds.

– She approached with extreme caution and discovered —

— Where nothing had grown in a thousand years – The shrine was surrounded by a circle of flowers… and weeds.

Netasha at the shrine with its fowers surrounded by lifeless Shadow Lands.

– She was stunned –

— Young recruits and young and old volunteers had never been briefed on what to do if a Shrine surrounded by living flowers suddenly appeared in the midst of a lifeless scarred landscape. If she didn’t complete her current round they would surely send a search party out to look for her – Would they scream at her and use words she’d never heard before she volunteered to help the Rangers as the only Healer around who was naive enough, maybe stupid enough – to go into the Shadow Lands with them? Or would they be just as amazed as she was?

Netasha stood guard at the Shrine through the night.

– She made a snap decision –

— Her first sworn duty as a Healer was to heal and protect all manner of living things, no matter what – She decided that since these flowers and weeds were obviously living – it was her duty to stand there and guard them through the night – Guard them from what? Would demons and monsters from the tales of the old wars appear and wage war on flowers? She had no idea. She didn’t think anybody still alive had any idea what perils magically growing flowers (or weeds?) might face in this forsaken landscape.

Morning at the shrine with Netasha still on guard.

– Morning finally did arrive –

— When the morning finally did arrive and the watch Captain appeared with seven angry-looking Rangers. The Captain only managed to scream, “Where the- !” before he saw what she was guarding – Grizzled old veterans gasped and sank to their knees – most with tears in their eyes. The oldest woman in the group gasped, and in the old language, cried – “The Prophecy was True -”

— They left two Rangers there to guard the spot – and escorted Netasha back to headquarters – They surrounded her – She couldn’t tell whether they thought they were protecting her from something – { What? } or wanted to take her prisoner for having the audacity to break her normal routines to protect a bunch of silly flowers –

— After senior officers questioned her for hours – A commanding officer from another region of the Shadow-Lands arrived and spoke in whispers while Netasha desperately tried to remain awake and alert – and then that senior officer ( The Regional Commander ) and her Senior Officer, and her Watch Captain came to her, smiling –

— “You did the right thing.” The Regional Commander nodded – “We will be stationing Rangers at that shrine, day and night from last night forward – They will probably carve a plaque with your name on it and Rangers from now until the end of time will know that it was you who discovered that miracle of a shrine reappearing in the midst of the Shadow-Lands here. Hell – They might even make you a saint among Healers – Crazy young woman too stupid to avoid the Shadow Lands by night discovered that the rumours were true and the Spirit of Shanti has returned to bring life back to the Shadow Lands. But never speak of this to outsiders – If the dark ones hear of this they may claim that Shanti has come back from the dead to declare war on them and give the – nasty sonofaguns – a reason to raise their biggest army in five hundred years and attack again -” He nodded, “Go home and get some sleep – you’ve earned it.”

— She felt a tingle of optimism and wonder and had a hard time falling asleep in spite of her earlier struggle to stay awake.

— And when she did fall asleep, she dreamed.

- Shanti -

– She dreamed of Shanti –

— She dreamed she went back to work planting trees and tending the flowers in a nearby valley and saw a stranger standing where she’d been working the day before – The stranger looked – cautiously ‘regal’? And when Netasha approached, the Lady seemed to come out of a trance and smiled. The flowers that Netasha had just planted had sprung up with more than a month’s growth and seemed to be almost growing taller and more healthy by the second.

— Netasha blinked, “Who are you?”

— The Lady smiled, “You know who I am, you guarded my shrine all night -”

— Netasha woke up trembling, “Why would a legendary Goddess from the old days come to me?”

— She heard the Lady’s voice while she knew she was fully awake. “You died with your family on that very spot a thousand years ago. It took you almost all that time to forgive the DelVahrians who didn’t know the difference between friendly elves and the slaves of the Krim – And when you did forgive them, I felt a ripple through the fabric of time and space and knew it was time to return to this universe and invisibly guide this land’s healing process.”

— Netasha trembled and shook – but there was no one for her to run to and ask for advice – She was an orphan and her friends were all on duty somewhere –

— She trembled herself back to sleep and woke up to the cheers and celebration of almost everyone she knew, all acting like she was some kind of hero who’d actually done something worth their praise.

Shanti at the Shrine.

– Two days later Shanti first appeared at the shrine –

— Shanti began appearing at the shrine at odd and unpredictable times. She never stayed long. She always seemed to be looking away through time and space and maybe looking for something – or someone –


~~~~~ TaleRocker

Eslyn’s Vision

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 —

Strange sights in the Shadow Lands.

– A tower was discovered jammed sideways into a mountain –

— The day began with reports that a flying tower had slammed into the side of a mountain and was hanging there, precariously, sideways – And somebody else { A credible witness } had seen a mountain get up and sail over the Eastern fringes of the Shadow-Lands –

Sailing stones and crashed buildings.

– Boulders had crashed near a bridge where at least one more tower had embedded itself at a weird angle on the ground –

— After a long day with reports of the usual flying stones, boulders, ghost buildings and solid buildings crashing to the ground – Solid boulders barely missed the Rangers and Healers who have been trying to nurse the devastated Shadow-Lands back to health – mostly in daylight – And a very solid wagon full of what looked like an old sculpted dragon, maybe looted from a temple-? had appeared near that same bridge.

Eslyn verntured out into a night with dangerous skies.

– Eslyn reported for duty in a very active ‘hot-spot’ –

— Eslyn began her night shift – where one strange rock formation had been seen circling in a random pattern for several days – almost as if it was looking for some familiar spot to crash to the ground – She walked carefully, watching the skies for flying debris – talking to herself, repeating the warnings she’d heard every day for years – “Do not – under any circumstances – allow yourself to fall asleep out there – You might never wake up.”

Eslyn hovering near a tower's turret.

– Eslyn felt herself rising into the dangerous night sky –

— When she felt herself rising into the night sky – she resigned to the idea that she had been killed and was probably flying up toward Heaven.

Eslyn in the sky with boulders.

– She stopped rising and felt several large boulders just miss hitting her head –

— When she stopped rising she began to fear that she was in real trouble. Huge boulders missed her by less than an arm’s length. She’d felt the wind blow her hair with their passage.

— She heard the screams of dying children and their parents. She felt the heart breaking agony of loving craftsmen watching their life’s work torn to pieces in front of them as they felt themselves dying. She thought she could feel the bricks and wood feel the pain of being ripped apart.

Eslyn looking toward the sky.

– She surrendered to the idea that her death was near –

— She gave up any hope she had left that she might survive this, turned her eyes toward the sky and began to pray.

— And as soon as she began to wonder what to pray at a time like this, the rocks, the buildings, the boulders all changed their courses through the sky and sailed away from her.

— She almost thought she heard a voice say, “You have nothing to fear – I am with you.”

— She shuddered and asked, “Are You an Angel?” – she could see pretty far in almost every direction, but could see no person she could associate with that voice.

— The Voice answered, “The ancients knew me as ‘Shanti’. I was born during a time of intense war between those who wanted to enslave and rule the younger races and those who wanted to guide and protect them. My parents named me with the Sanksrit word for ‘Peace’.

— With the crazy skies over the Shadow-Lands almost quiet for a change, Eslyn listened to the voice and hung on to every word as if her life depended on it.

Eslyn looking calm as the flying debris moved away from her.

– She felt very calm and ‘saw’ everything the woman’s voice described –

— She felt amazingly calm – amazingly loved by the voice that continued –

— The woman she couldn’t see almost apologized, “I must go now- be at peace and tell the others what I have told you -”

— She slowly felt herself lowered to the safety of the ground, and then felt like she knew every rock and bit of wood by name. She felt that the air rejoiced in her awareness. She felt loving little bubbles of air rush past her and caress her skin as they did.

— When she stumbled back into the watch headquarters the Rangers and Healers there later told her that her eyes had sparkled so brightly they could light up any room. More than one of her friends and colleagues wanted to know, “What the heck were you smoking last night?”

— She thought she could feel the peace that Shanti had given her touch everyone she saw as she shook her head, “I didn’t smoke anything, I flew up into the sky right over there and had a vision -”

— Her friends really got worried at that point, but they listened as she went on to explain, “Someone who told me her name was ‘Shanti’ told me all about what all these flying artifacts are all about and why they’re coming here.

— “The dark side tried to gather up every rock and piece of a building that was filled with agony and terror as the ancient residents of this area were butchered in that war a thousand years ago –

— “The dark side thought they could use all that negative fear and emotion and amplify it and use it as a powerful weapon in their next war against us.

— “But Shanti and a legion of Angels intervened, communicated with the stone, the wood and the lost souls who’ve never gotten past the horror filled moment of their deaths – She told them that we were healing this land and She was guiding us, and we would make them a home that was safe and loving where they could live their next lives in peace and harmony and heal the thousand year old wounds in their souls…

— “Shanti promised to watch over everyone and protect them from their baseless fears –

— “These rocks and these buildings are coming home!” she beamed a smile she thought could melt the toughest heart.

— A lot of Rangers laughed. Quite a few shuddered and looked at her like they hoped she wasn’t contagious.

— One very old ex-ranger who these days could only push a broom around and clear the others’ plates after a meal – came to her and gave her a hug, “Many of our ancestors thought of Shanti as a Goddess. They credit her with forming a religious sect that taught many to Love, and forgive, and protect the defenseless – in a time when everybody else thought that war was the only answer to anything.”


~~~~~ TaleRocker


Friendly Links

First Published @ “New Jernil” on August 3rd, 2018 – 4:06 am

Below should be a fairly long messy list of “Friendly” – Associated – Affiliated – and possibly even ‘Interesting’ Links:

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August 5th, 2018 – due to several distractions, this page has been sitting on hold for several days –

We will ‘publish’ it in its unfinished form and continue to work on it until were satisfied that it’s done.

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Aerendel Comics – a WordPress blog created mostly to feature screen shots and back stories around the scenery and characters from the various races that will be featured in the on-line multiplayer interactive game we are ‘building’ – The game and this blog may be quite interesting to on-line gamers who are more interested in role playing finesse and learning and interacting with friends than hacking and slashing  and/or killing everything in sight { but there will be plenty of blood and guts for the hackers and slashers, who will have their own challenging areas – Hard core hackers and slashers will probably not be overly interested in this blog with its emphasis on the philosophy behind the game and the background information that, for instance, “Ottarians are playful and loving – have lots of children and have a nurturing culture…”  while, “Gremlin women often ‘borrow’ loads of neighboring children and keep them around only long enough to try to prove to eligible mates that they are fertile and love making children, and then usually neglect the hell out of any children they actually give birth to…” all the hackers and slashers will want to know, is, ‘how good is this race at killing things?’ }

Anomalous Schnarr – is a ComicsPress blog with more limited options as far as our creative team was concerned, than the “Comics” blog above.  A couple of us liked the look and feel of this ComicsPress blog and will keep adding pictures and articles to it. One of us has even promised to figure out how the comic strip like function might almost work, and report back to us with the details…

Aerendel’s Inter-Active Universe – “( Background & Progress )” – Is meant to be a showcase for the Multi-Player On-Line Game we have been developing.

Awakening / The Truth Is All Around You – insights and observations dealing with Yoga and personal evolutionary practices and positive spiritual progress.

Children of the Light – is dedicated to positive articles and images to inspire those who are actively aspiring to make planet Earth something closer to the ‘Heaven on Earth’ ideal. But, admittedly, some not so positive information regarding issues that bother people who are trying to improve this life for everyone involved – do get through and maybe they shouldn’t be ignored?

Cosmic Psy-Cography.101 – – “Mapping the Universe as a projection of the Mind?)” –  ‘Cosmography’ is the ‘science’ of mapping the universe around us. Cosmic Psy-Cography is a term Jim coined to describe the study of the universe ( and maybe not just the material universe that a lot of people and scientists around us believe is the only universe we have – but maybe the Astral Universe and the Causal Universe – The Astral Universe is based on emotion- and is supposed to be where we all go while we’re dreaming. It is said to be quite a bit larger than the material universe, and has been described as being the size of a hot air balloon compared to the material universe which has been described as being the size of the basket carried by the hot air balloon. – The Causal Universe is based on the higher Mind – and beings who have evolved to the level where they can live in the Causal Universe are said to be able to manifest anything they can think about. The relationship between the Astral and Causal universes is again comparable to a hot air balloon and its basket – This time the Astral Universe is the basket and the Causal Universe is the balloon. There is also ‘something’ beyond the Causal Universe, which has been called ‘The Void’ but more recently I have heard it described as ‘The Source’. In cycles of creation and dissolving creation the Causal Universe is said to be created first, then the Astral, then the Material Universe. When Creation ‘goes to sleep’ the Material Universe dissolves first, then the Astral, then the Causal. — ) —> So, back to the original sentence, “Cosmic Psy-Cography is the study of the universe(s) as a projection of the consciousness that creates everything.” And learning what that Consciousness is all about is the biggest and most important part of this process.

Dream Jernil One  – ” Trying to keep this a ‘Dreams Only’ thing =” – Begun in July of 2012 as one of our first self-hosted blogs, this one has quite a few dreams recorded here. It became impossible to log into at one point and we started  a second Dream Journal, but then – for no apparent reason – it was suddenly accessible again.

Dream Journal Two – “A Dreams & Dreaming Journal” – Begun in April of 2017 when our original Dream Journal ceased to function for no discernible reason { and then sprung back to life for an equally un-discernible reason } Shrug —

Future Archives – “Living Footprints in the Sands of Time?” – This may have been our first attempt at designing a ‘catch-all’ Archives blog with stuff from several blogs, some of which are no longer around – because they were hosted with ‘providers’ that disappeared on us. We originally called it “Archives” and added “Future” to the title “Archives” when, during a spurt we added new stuff as well as older stuff. This one also includes writing and ‘other’ posts from before any of us became digitally literate.

Future Vision – “We’d Like To Go There With You” – This one was begun on a server we bought into as a back up in case the one that hosts most of our web pages and blogs was ‘compromised’ / hacked / or went belly up on us. That new server, that started us off with bargain prices, then went mucho expensive and began using under-handed tactics like blocking our access to our own blogs and posting “ooops – something went wrong here, contact your administrators to find out how to fix this” when it turned out that what went wrong was our unwillingness to pay double and triple the original cost to buy additional anti virus – anti-malware protection from a high priced group that was affiliated with the ‘provider’ – So we moved a back up copy we kept on our hard drive to our original and honest Canadian provider’s site and while some of the images went missing and some minor editing problems still continue, this blog, which began its life in 2013 is still with us, still needs some minor cosmetic surgery to bring it back to its original glory – and has some long “News” pieces from when three of us were seriously trying to become an alternative news provider.

H.J d’Aerendel’s Journal – This began as a blog hosted on a “wordpress dot com” server and was moved here to get around a few issues ‘H.J. d’A’ had with spammers . WordPress dot com straightened that out with an update, but H.J. had already moved his personal ‘venting’ blog here and wasn’t going to look back.  – H.J. d’A has a ‘real job’ as a web master and internet security guy and chose to use a pseudonym here, then realized that the J he was using could too easily be confused with somebody else. So, since James was his middle name, he added the H. which is his legal first initial after he had been using ” j d’aerendel ” for a while. This is not one of our busiest blogs, since he does have a lot of responsibility in the real world and not a lot of time left over for indulging in any ‘Busman’s Holiday’ indulgences.

(The) Hyper-Vigilant Dust Bin ” { Was [ a ] Back Up Blog } ” – Way back when …. we thought we could be pretty good at keeping our various blogs loyal to identifiable themes. We put this one together as an ‘anything goes’ catch-all blog. For a while we were posting copies of a lot of posts here that we had originally posted to other blogs. But then, true to the ‘dust bin’ idea – this one out-grew any ‘comfortable’ label we might have given it other than ‘dust-bin’. I think at one point somebody wanted to call it the ‘Cosmic’ dust bin, but that didn’t get past all of us and we became “Hyper-Vigilant” about keeping it weird and not just ‘Cosmic’.

Independent Canadian News = “News You Can Trust” – This one began life as “The Arnprior News” hosted on a wordpress dot com server. – At one point we had more than half a dozen authors/reporters contributing. Then we got a lot of nonsense spam. Then Doug Otterson moved this blog here and changed its name, and for a while, this was one of our busiest blogs with, I think, more than 50 followers. But then, real life got in the way and we couldn’t keep up with the kind of ‘Quality’ reporting we were aiming for and  I think this one may need a lot of editing, and maybe a little more cosmetic surgery – But Doug is another one whose ‘Day Job’ needs a lot of attention and his daughter, Rachel who isn’t nine years old any more, grew up and got married and being the father of the bride took up a lot of his time, and we hope to see him ‘fall into’ another spurt – it’s either feast of famine with this guy…. 😉

Inter World News – “News You Can Trust From Wherever” – At the height of our “Newsy” ambitions Doug said his daughter found this blog theme that actually looks like a newspaper front page and we went with it. We changed one of the static thumbnail type photos near the top of the page and we really were serious about keeping this one full of current news stuff. We still like the theme but haven’t added anything to this since August of 2015.

Lighting The Way – This was a Newsy Blog in which Jim W. tried to post mostly spiritually positive news and philosophy when the daily news the main stream media was feeding us was depressing, to say the least. This one was begun in December of 2014 and has not been really active lately, but it still might be worth checking out some of what was posted there.

Novels – by Jim Wellington – Four or five of us are writers. I think at least four of us have stuff published in ‘free to read’ form around the internet. When Jim started this Blog he thought maybe all five of us would be posting Novels, Novelettes, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction here. So far I believe that Jim is the only one who posted anything in this blog. I think he might have become slightly discouraged, but I know he’s still writing stuff, just hasn’t popped it into this blog yet.

Perspective – ” What’s It All About? ” – began as an experiment to see what the theme ‘Nirvana’ had to offer when Jim was shopping around, looking at themes that our less internet savvy friends might be interested in using for web sites they wanted to set up. – This has become another one of Jim’s exercises in flexing his philosophical muscles. 🙂

Photography & Video – by TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations – This blog was ‘created’ to showcase ‘TaleRocker & DreamCat’s” Photographic and Video talents.

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Aerendel-GDD – Game Development Documentation —> This blog is hosted by wordpress dot com on one of their servers.  It’s more a running commentary on learning to create an interactive game from the very beginning, than a down and dirty documentation of how and why and what we did in jargon that only another game developer might understand.

The World According to… djotterson  – d j otterson’s old LiveJournal Blog – There may only be three articles posted there. Doug Otterson learned that Jim was using a LiveJournal blog and thought he might give that a try – He began using this blog on August 2nd, 2006 – but Doug soon got very busy with his ‘real life’ in New York State – He’s tried a couple blogs and we may try to copy and paste his stuff from here to an archive blog we have on our own site.

Doug Otterson’s “Light-Workers Unlimited” Blog

Night Eagle Speaks “Wisdom? or at least Insight from Night Eagle” – One of our editors adopted the ‘Nom de Guerre’ —> “Night Eagle” due to his night shift work and nightly creative projects when not working. He is also interested in First Nations / Native American spirituality and philosophy and learned that “Night Eagle” is one of the names some tribes give to “Owl” whose wings are designed for silent flight. “Night Owl” is viewed by some to be a messenger of impending death, a kind of avatar of ‘deception’ OR a spiritual force that teaches us to see through deception. Our editor likes the final choice in the sentence preceding this one. He says that he understands that Night Eagle/Owl people are often feared because they give the impression that they can see through people and know when they’re lying. This blog is hosted on a wordpress dot com server.

Our Fredericton Experience

Radio Free Earth News

TaleRocker’s Jernil


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Mirror – This is one of our more recently ‘created’ blogs. It may have a cleaner look and it may be full of more personal articles posted mostly by Jim – He’s got photos of this year’s snow gradually melting back, but hasn’t gotten on to complain about the heat and humidity lately 😉

Latest News From Aerendel – ” ((( Mostly Positive ))) ” – This is a blog that mostly chronicles Jim & Cathi’s more personal news, including preparations for their move from Ontario to New Brunswick and ensuing adventures in New Brunswick, etc. This is also one of the blogs that does not use the ‘Mantra’ or ‘Nirvana’ theme. 🙂

Latest Insights From Canada – ” -Mostly Positive???- ” – This was a kind of General Interest Plus Personal Interest Blog that Jim ‘created’ during withdrawals from spending loads of time on the newsy stuff we were posting a few years back. It’s full of the kinds of stuff that wouldn’t upset Jim’s mother or other family members. 😉

Aerendel News & Review – “/ Words and Images – ideas, impressions, and bull chips”  – going back as far as November, 2008 – We experimented with several different themes with this, our first WordPress blog hosted on our web site. We eventually settled on the “Lord of the Rings” theme by Karen Blundell, with its Elvish scripts and { Dwarvish? } Runes between posts. – Jim really liked the fact that it came with a ‘Times’ -like serif font back in the days when you couldn’t change the fonts a theme came with unless you new how to dive into the hidden world of stylesheet editing & “.css” We have since learned a few things and went for themes we could more easily edit, but this one is still worth keeping around.

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Anomalous Progress – August 12th, 2018 –

Sunday, August 12th, 2018  —> +17˚ C / +62˚ F – cloudy & not so bad @ 8:31 am in Atlantic Canada —

T-R +Castle + Anomaly +Night

– TaleRocker – Outside the castle walls in the Anomaly –

— { Background : } “The Anomaly” is hinted at inside Aerendel – the game. It was created by highly advanced members of ‘The First Race’ when ‘The Last Wars Of Magic’ were not only raging – But threatened to wipe out 99% of the sentient life in the Material Universe. “The Brotherhood” – A.K.A. ‘The Brotherhood of Power’ / ‘The Brotherhood of Knowledge’ / ‘The Brotherhood of Magick’ had started what they called “The Last Wars Of Magic” – Because they were sure that their sworn enemies – ‘The Children Of Light’ { The Brotherhood swore the ‘children’ were their enemies. Most members of the “Children Of Light” Religion / philosophical group / ‘Spiritual Alignment’ – believed that no one was their enemy, that there was hope for everyone, that there were only two kinds of beings in all of Creation: “Angels in Training” and “Angels in Distress” { “And some of us have one foot in both camps-” – “- And many of us are centipedes.” } The Brotherhood started the “Last Wars” – and several other Pan-Galactic/ Pan-Dimensional wars before the war they claimed would end all wars – to force the Children of Light to share their deepest secrets of Magic/Knowledge & Power with the Highest Council of the Brotherhood.  – The Children of Light never bragged about keeping anything secret from anybody, but did hold a lot of very dangerous knowledge about deadly magic spells and deadly weapons in secret from anyone who hadn’t proven themselves beyond any doubt to be someone who would never use this knowledge, this magic, these weapons for personal gain at the expense of any other living being. And many members of ‘The Children Of Light’ believed that all of creation was alive and sentient – often in ways that less advanced beings could not comprehend as being alive or sentient.

— But as the “Last Wars” progressed, the Brotherhood unleashed hints of weapons and spells that they hoped indicated that they were willing and able to destroy all of creation if the Children of Light did not capitulate and share every last bit of knowledge, no matter how dangerous – with the kinds of ruthless individuals who would use that knowledge, those spells, those weapons for their own personal gain and aggrandizement.

— In secret – Many young members of the Children of Light created what they called a ‘pocket dimension’ and gave it artificial intelligence, consciousness and empathy – and the ability to connect with all levels of Creation, all dimensions, every universe possible { and possibly some worlds that most believed were not possible – }

— As the Wars dragged on, many dedicated members of the Children of Light carried out small to large-scale operations, collecting individuals of every race, species and level of being they knew about and had discovered, and kept widely disparate communities protected and peaceful near portals into the ‘Pocket Dimension’ – which they began to call ‘The Anomaly’.

— One Family in particular – who identified themselves as Highe Elves – but may have been members of a very early generation of ‘The First Race’ – which was rumored to have shape shifting and highly advanced Spiritual Creative & Healing abilities – The “L’henjalian” family – Spent a lot of time on a very dangerous and highly ravaged world, collecting refugees and animals and plants, and crystals and rocks, and forms of life that most sentient beings can’t imagine could possibly exist – and were moving millions of refugees toward portals into the Anomaly.

— The Anomaly had the power to open wild portals to any point in time and was especially geared toward letting refugees from very near the premature end of their cycle in Creation and connecting them to the earliest possible point in time where a planet – be it Physical, Astral, or Causal – or ‘parallel dimension’ – whether it was actually a planet or nothing like that at all —> could support their form of life. —> If The Brotherhood was going to destroy every last corner of Creation that they could not control – The Anomaly would be able to ‘ferry’ millions, billions or unfathomably huge numbers of creatures and life forms – no matter how fine or how dense – to safety where the refugees and their descendants would have billions more years – hopefully in Peace – To grow, prosper and develop Spiritually –

— When the last battles of the Last Wars of Magic were raging on every level, in most worlds – simultaneously  – The most powerful Members of the Children of Light captured the Most powerful members of the Brotherhood and let them know they could ‘un-create’ every last member of the Brotherhood and never have to worry about any of them starting another war anywhere, in any time. —> The Brotherhood admitted they’d reached a stalemate – and many of them committed what they believed was a convincing form of suicide and met and re-grouped in a very remote and hellish section of the universe, where only a handful of the most powerful among them could escape – Where, they believed, the Children of Light could not detect their presence. The Brotherhood also sacrificed at least trillions of their ‘pawns’ and low-level soldiers in the hopes that the Children of Light would take that bait and believe they had all left Creation completely.

— But The Children of Light knew what the Brotherhood was up to and posted Gargoyle like guards anywhere the Brotherhood and its minions might try to emerge back into the more pleasant realms and levels of Creation, and they have been Hyper-Vigilantly watching ever since.

— Billions of years have passed since this ‘stalemate’ occurred, and most of the creators of the Anomaly have gone on – achieved what some of you would call ‘transcendence’ or ‘ascension’  and the existence of the Anomaly has virtually passed from the memory and/or knowledge of 99.99999….% of the sentient living beings in this cycle of Creation.

— Members of the Children of Light still secretly guard the Anomaly. And members of the Brotherhood – in whatever form they have secretly infiltrated any level of this cycle of Creation – have sniffed out rumours that the Anomaly just might exist and just might be able to grant them access to all points in Time and Space and Beyond… and they believe that if they can find and gain access to the Anomaly, they can go back and win the war that ended in stalemate and completely rule over all Creation, and they are ruthlessly seeking any knowledge or clue, or preferably – access point into this Anomaly – ‘with extreme prejudice’.

— Unguarded, unknown sections of the Anomaly, with its empathic sentience fully active, have saved and protected all kinds of beings and listened to the dreams and hopes of countless beings, and aided the sometimes spontaneous evolution of loads of races – including flying humanoids, Cat-People, Otter-People, Bear-People, Reptilians, Amphibious Elvish People, Dragons, Unicorns – and probably quite a few races and species of sentient beings that might be ‘unclassify-able at this time’

— Um, There are rumours of wild portals in the caves below Aerendel Castle that some claim have the ability to transport unwary wanderers to any world or time in any known or unknown kingdom, realm or world that ever was, ever will be, or just might exist somewhere way beyond reason….

— And there is a very highly skilled – secret – group of guards and rangers that guard those portals, and explore any realm {etc. } those portals might connect to, no matter how stable or unstable those portals might be.

— One unusually stable portal has transported, created or ‘borrowed’ what almost looks like a full-sized replica of a pristine version of Aerendel Castle from about a thousand years ago – and regularly transports sleepy, or half drunk individual residents from all around the principality of Aerendel to nearly identical dwellings and surroundings in and around the pristine version of Old Aerendel Castle – which is in the Highlands – quite some distance from the real Aerendel Castle – And if you noticed the artist’s rendering at the top of this article, you have seen evidence that this pristine bit of Old Aerendel Castle actually exists.

Sunset outiside the Anomalous Castle's walls -

– This is evidence that the Anomaly has the ability to ‘edit’ itself. You may notice that some rock formations in the rendering at the top of this article are missing from this earlier artist’s rendering. –

— Directly above here is another, slightly earlier rendering of the Castle.

Aeslynne guarding the Anomous Castle at night.

– And here is a rendering of Aeslynne guarding the castle from another vantage point outside its walls at night.

— We will keep you posted when any new evidence of the area around this castle changing – for the better or not for the better – As soon as we have that evidence.

~~~~~ jrw

Monday – June 4th 2018 –

Monday, June 4th, 2-18 —> -1˚ C / +29˚ F —> & the sun is shining on a clear brisk morning in Atlantic Canada @ 6:35 am on what used to be Tom & Claudia’s anniversary —

Kaeren on a hill at the border of Keltic Valley & Delvahria

– Kaeren – ScreenShot Taken this morning @ 12:42 am – Kaeren is standing on a hilltop at the edge of Keltic Valley – Looking toward the Seaport on the inland sea. –

— The Screen-Shot above is Kaeren, at the border of Keltic Valley and DelVahria – looking toward the Keltic Valley Seaport on the North Inland Sea. (In the fog) –

— Not much to say – There was a discussion between builders last night. – The conscencus was something like —>

— [ Doug Speaking ] “The most highly evolved people we’ve encountered are Creative types – Those who have glimpsed the ‘Divine Purpose’ behind ‘all of Creation’. Creative people want to Visualize, Design, Build, and Enhance their environments  so that everyone and everything can find happiness, fulfillment and ‘Experience the delight of love and learning and growing the way children do – forever -”

— { At this point, Rachel laughed and came over, joined those of us who were sitting around the camp fire with, “Whatever you guys are smoking, I want some” }

— Doug scowled at his grown daughter and continued hypothesizing about personality types :

— “- The least evolved people are ‘Controllers’ who want to control everybody and everything.”

— Rocky stoked the campfire and passed around the wine skin.

— Doug continued his philosophical reverie:

— “- ‘Destroyers’ are those who exhibit the lowest traits of ‘Controllers’ – they delight in burning and destroying everything they can’t control, and torturing and killing anybody who resists their will to power…

— “- “Bankers”, and other purely profit motivated Economic Types are ‘controllers’ taking a temporary side trip – testing out the viability of attempting to control everything through Economic Slavery and Economic Warfare – { Economic Manipulation } …”

= = = = =


— At this point Doug paused and stared into the flames for quite some time, then continued almost as if he’d been talking uninterruptedly –

— ” – Most other types aren’t interested in the big picture, aren’t committed to either the light side or the dark side – In the grand scheme of things they are pawns and distractions, allowed by the deep state to exist mostly because they complicate and confuse the efforts of those who struggle to help the Creators in the struggle between the Positive/Nurturing and Empowering – Creative Forces and the Negative/Controlling & Destructive Types.”

= = = = =


— When it became obvious that Doug had either run out of philosophical steam or become tired of hearing himself speak, Rachel gave a wine bottle a skeptical grin and whispered to Daerrikk, “Did he get all of that from a bottle of Keltic Valley’s best vintage?”

— Rocky was just near enough to overhear that, and gave Rachel a wink, “We had a good day, we got more accomplished that we set out to do. – Spring has returned and it sounds like some of our most creative producers can wax poetic in peace.”


~~~~~ Jim

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 – Short But Intense Storm – Power Out – & a Very Wet Dog

Wednesday, May 23, 2018  —>  +11˚ C / +52˚ F Cloudy & Very Wet Outside in Atlantic Canada @ 4:10 pm —

Very Wet Jassper

– Jassper absolutely had to go outside during our short – but intense – wind and rain storm this afternoon. Here he is hoping he’ll get a rub down with a towel – one of his favourite things in this world. –

— Okay, so the Dodgers are on a winning streak. I’m dealing with a stubborn rash. On the British television programme, “Escape to the Country” a Real Estate Agent is showing a fantastic canal houseboat to couple who have had more than enough of life in Big City Cambridge – and I really can’t wait to learn how expensive this used houseboat is.

— There’s the sound something like a huge truck barreling down the road and then what sounds like an evil super-villain flying around our house while casting an evil spell – then I hear the rain pelting the house from one side – then another – then another –

— And Before I can get up to go see what is happening, the power goes out. the house goes dark at about ten minutes to two in the afternoon and all the UPS-es on this floor start beeping their weird counterpoint –

— Jassper follows me to the door where I’m gazing at zooming curtains of solid water flying from different directions and whines.

— “You’re kidding – right? You wanna go out – NOW?”

— He whines again. So I let him out. No super gust of wind picks him up and carries him up and over the trees and out of sight. He looks a bit shaky, but he makes it down the four steps and looks around, tries to find a relatively protected spot to do his thing –

— I walk to the other side of the house and gaze out through the glassed in porch in time to see a lawn swing flip over backward and sail to the stone wall. The tarp over the woodshed billows like a main sail on a Man of War – but the shed does not take to the sky and sail away. Its ‘sails’ are strong and impressively secured. But I’m a little bit worried about the dog.

— So I hurry back through the house to the dog’s door, and can’t see him anywhere. I hop to the couch and strain my neck to peer through the picture window at a severe angle, and there he is – not huddling against the insane winds, but relaxed, sitting there with a big grin on his face and his nose pointed into the wind- his ears are blowing back like a cheezy commercial for some sexy dog grooming product. He sees me and pretends to feel guilty for running outside and playing in the wind and rain. I laugh. He grins at me, then struggles to stand up and plods gingerly toward the stairs. – He takes a moment or two to test the winds before attempting to climb those stairs and does his best to make it look like a heroic feat to climb all the way up and hurry through the door, only bringing in fifty gallons or so of rainwater.

— Then he slips on the floor and goes down with a thud. He tries to look pitiful, hoping that might earn him an extra treat or maybe even two – When I wince at the puddle forming around him and visualize his favourite old towel he perks up, looks hopeful and tries not to wag his tail, but it’s too late. He knows I know he can see the images in my mind and I go get the towel and he’s in doggy heaven. After three or four minutes and one thoroughly drenched towel, he suddenly remembers his earlier hopes and turns his head to gaze toward the refrigerator.

— I wonder if he can see through the door to the half eaten chicken on the top shelf – but I break out the day old bread and the peanut butter and give him half a sandwich. When he moves to the other room to plunk down and plot with the storm gods for the next similar adventure I get a look at the puddle he left behind. It takes about eight paper towels to soak and wipe that up.

— When the television comes back on an hour and a half later the news channel is telling the world that a judge somewhere has ordered an unemployed man to move the heck out of his parents’ house.

— I remember one of my favourite cousins who was pretty much incapacitated by PTSD – After a series of tragedies and his father’s death, his mother listened to too many psycho-babbling afternoon talk show psychologists and went the the ‘tough love’ route – told him to get the heck out of her house.

— He killed himself.

— So I turn the television to a different station and go plop on the bed staring at the ceiling – The still damp dog clipped into the bedroom and plopped on the floor and gazed at me with pure love, appreciation, and hope in his daffy – still damp – goofy new hair-do face.

— It hurts, but with a little bit of dog-help, I might get through this.

~~~~~ Jim

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 – Characters & Backstories – Jeff Karrlson

Tuesday, April 10, 2018  —> +3˚C / +38˚F + sunny + clear with blue skies in Atlantic Canada on Earth { NorAm=Can+Mex+USA [-05] } @ 12:11 pm —

Jeff between the beach and Daelen hills.

– Jeff Karrlson – Near Fort Daelen –

— Jeff Karrlson { pictured above } is from “{ NorAm=Can+Mex+USA(-07) }” The only variance we are sure of between (-05) and (-07) is that the Maine, USA – border with Quebec to the north and New Brunswick to the East is quite different. — The Map for ‘(-05)’ has Maine extended about 25 miles farther East and Extending North and West beyond the north flowing section of the St John River, which forms the Quebec border in ‘Variance (-07)’ Edmundston is in New Brunswick in both Variances. – But Preque Isle, Caribou, Stockholm, Acadia, New Sweden, Carriveau Mill, and Sinclair are all inside Maine in ‘V(-05)’ and all part of New Brunswick in ‘V(-07)’.

— In ‘V(-07)’ Jeff’s Alcoholic father won over one hundred thousand dollars in the US multi-state lottery and celebrated by taking Jeff’s mother, two sisters and younger brother to dinner, got drunk – passed out at the wheel – and slammed into a tractor trailer pulling heavy earth moving equipment on his way home.

— Jeff had gotten his father that lottery ticket the night before, had noticed that the clerk had not entered the numbers his father played all the time correctly, went to another store, another clerk, filled out the ticket – double checked it more than once, and brought his father the ticket his father had demanded. The ticket with the wrong numbers, which Jeff pocketed, netted him 3.6 million dollars after taxes. He would much rather have had his family back.

— He quit his job, (peed all over his abusive supervisor’s desk), bought a slightly used Motor Home and drove around the USA – Mostly New York and New England – in the hopes that avoiding routine and seeing the earth come back to life in the spring time might help him get over his deep shock and depression over losing his family like that.

— He crossed into Canada a couple times. Canada felt different to him, looked more interesting. The people seemed to be more friendly. The French speaking people seemed more interesting and maybe even more intelligent and friendly that the people he’d grown up around in the USA – But he developed a great deal of trouble trying to sleep and then had trouble getting to sleep, experienced multiple nightmares, hearing – especially his little sister’s – dying screams every time he fell asleep for almost one month, before he became totally confused and lost in his exhausted state of mind, crossed into Canada at the Vermont-Quebec border, crossed back into Maine at an unguarded border and hadn’t realized he’d crossed back into New Brunswick until an RCMP officer stopped to ask him if he was all right when he’d pulled to the side of a narrow rural road, then finally parked where that young and friendly RCMP officer told him he could pull over and park, where he hoped to rest and maybe even sleep for the night. Like I said, he hadn’t realized he’d crossed back into Canada after accidentally driving across an unguarded rural border crossing two days earlier. But he didn’t explain that to the officer. He just yawned, admitted he was lost and looking for a spot to pull over and get some sleep.

—Later that night, the RCMP officer checked the information Jeff had given him, and confirmed that he’d gone through customs at the Vermont-Quebec border and thought it was reasonable that he’d driven around Quebec and then crossed into New Brunswick, and when the story about his family dying in an accident in which alcohol was involved also checked out the RCMP officer dropped his suspicions and became concerned.

— That night Jeff dreamed that a scientist – being tortured by some kind of dark-ops rogue military group somewhere inside the USA – told him to look after his [ the scientist’s ] niece, ‘Kaeren’.

— In the morning Jeff woke up as young school women walked near the parked motor-home and heard one woman call another ‘Kaeren’. He discovered a ‘For Sale’ sign describing a muti-acre parcel with logging trails.

— The young RCMP officer who’d told Jeff he could sleep there the night before stopped by that morning to check on him and told him where to eat and where not to eat in the area, gave him a ride to the officer’s favourite diner and introduced Jeff to the farmer who was selling that parcel of land at the request of his old friend (and Kaeren’s uncle) who had gone missing and was presumed dead after so many years had passed.

— Jeff had ‘gotten lucky’ when the news reporters in the states got both his name and address wrong when they reported the lottery winning. { He’d paid an out of work actor to pretend to be him for the official photographs and the actor used that money to move to Hollywood and found a modest rent, got a job as a waiter in a bar out there – and had enough extra cash to last several months while he went to every casting call he could – }

— After the farmer left the diner, Jeff told the officer more details about the accident that killed his family and the series of events that gave him his winnings and the fact that the reporters all got his name and address wrong and said he’d really rather not broadcast the fact that he had that much money, he was still in mourning and didn’t want to wonder whether anybody who seemed like a friend was only friendly because of what he had in the bank and the officer agreed to keep Jeff’s secret. He drove Jeff to the farmer’s farm, left him there with the farmer about to drive Jeff out to the property that was for sale, under the guise that Jeff’s rich crazy uncle wanted to buy property to keep it out of the hands of developers and corporations. – At the top of a steep hill, the farmer stopped his four wheel drive vehicle at a logging trail-blocking mess of fallen trees. They walked around the mess and followed a deer path to where a whole section of hills and trees had been swept away by a ‘freak storm’, that left a nearly flat, but uneven rocky bed behind. “Well, that’s different-” the farmer nodded, “Huh!”

— “Looks like a stone lake-” Jeff thought out loud.

— The farmer agreed.

— He later found out that the owner of the property, who had disappeared and was presumed dead, was Kaeren’s uncle, George. It’s a long story, but Jeff, Kaeren and George escaped a deadly encounter with the rogue dark ops military guys and crossed over into another parallel Earth that we haven’t quite classified yet – and from there, Jeff and Kaeren blundered across into another parallel world and ended up in Aerendel – where they have been temporarily separated and are trying to get back together.

— { Sorry, didn’t mean to be this long winded, but – that’s Jeff’s side of the Jeff and Kaeren and ‘Stone Lake’ saga. }

= = = = =


Jeff & Kaeren in Daelen

– Jeff & Kaeren = Reunited ( photo #1 ) –


— Update – They found each other. One odd thing that happens to some inter-dimensional travelers if they stay in Aerendel for any length of time – many, but not all, undergo subtle to radical changes physiologically.  Kaeren began showing hints that she was becoming a little more ‘Half-Elf’ every day, before Jeff began showing any changes at all. Jeff’s parents and family, including a favourite uncle who had died mysteriously in his home dimension, were alive in one village in Aerendel. They were 100% Human and quite bigoted about that – They shunned Kaeren, and Kaeren, wanting to keep the peace ( she was born under the Earthly Astrological sign of Cancer ) left with a troop of Half Elven Rangers to learn to develop and control the healing abilities she discovered when she came to Aerendel.

— When Jeff’s ears began to get slightly pointy – his father disowned him ( which didn’t mean much to Jeff’s financial status – but hurt him when he was barred from seeing his sisters and brother ) – he found another troop of Half Elves and joined them.


Kaeren and Jeff showing how close to the sea shore they are.

– Kaeren and Jeff – taken with Kaeren’s contraband cell phone – shhh! –


— Now this is interesting – In the photo Rocky took with Jeff’s contraband cell phone, Kaeren was not holding her ‘gear axe’. And in the photo that Rocky took with Kaeren’s phone, Jeff was unarmed. Hmmmm- that is interesting….

~~~~~ Jim

Jeff’s Fog –

Um – Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 —> { There are two versions of this story in “Comic Life 3” format – This is the more realistic and has slightly better graphics – }

— Jeff decided to take the chance his Captain would think he lost his mind and reported all of this.

— To his surprise the Captain lowered his voice and said, “You’re not the only one who’s seeing this stuff – It happens almost every night. Most of even my best men and women are afraid to report this stuff- Thank you -”


~~~~~ TaleRocker