Jim Wellington's Accidental Selfie.

Accidental Selfie Taken on July 31st, 2016.

This is an accidental selfie I snapped with Cathis’s cell phone camera while I was trying to get a picture of her swimming in salt water at Katy’s Cove in St Andrews, New Brunswick. The sun was so bright I could hardly see the images in the screen.

My facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/jim.wellington.33 – Says “Who am 1? Writer, photographer, Videographer, Game Developer, INFP, Egalitarian, – Canadian-American.”

…Which barely brushes the surface. You can’t know what anybody is all about by listing the words that most closely define / limit them to two-dimensional easily-grasped stereotypes.

I could list a dozen web pages I’ve ‘created’ for myself and others – and/or list another batch of words that many people choose to explain how they justify their existence to the world at large, where not a heck of a lot of people really care about any of that.  The thing is – I really care about the human race and most of the other creatures and things we share this planet with. And if you’re a friend, you already know me better than a million words on paper or in this electronic format can convey.

— This ‘blog’ should concern itself with all things Evolutionary – You might not always see how something I put here relates to that. If anything here bores you, shrug that off and go somewhere else.

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