Personal Evolution

{ Floundering around in the dark / Groping toward the Light? }

Friday, September 15th, 2017


It all seemed so simple
While we basked in Heavenly Love
– Guided by the wisdom of Heavenly Beings

So of course we volunteered
to come back down to earth
To save those silly earthlings
that we cared so much about
From suffering all the pain and confusion
they so readily embraced
in their blindness
and ambition –

But the process of birth
wiped our memories completely
and left us defenseless
before those Shakespearean slings and arrows

We were target practice for everything
that only valued power
and saw love as weakness
wisdom as a hindrance to their fulfillment
which, of course, they could never achieve
anyway –
And then they blamed us for their
inability to become the sole
ruler of everything they see.

And when the ones we care about
turn and blame us for every little failure
in their lives
of course it hurts

If we were mindless
It might not hurt at all

But we are, after all,
Angels in Training
And we feel every pain
we ever wanted to save
anyone else from ever feeling –

And down here
where the electro-magnetic currents
have intense and negative effects
on our ability to remember who we are
and why we’re here –
and, in effect, block out the sun of reason –
we’ve either got to trust
The Heart of the Universe
and the wisdom of whatever
we believe God might be
– to get us through this –


— Jim Wellington 2017


= = = = =

September 16th, 2017 — 3:30 am


— Last night – not quite bored to death with the offerings of cable television { as I’m desperate to get over this nasty cold or flu } I stumbled on the History Channel, where they had scheduled two new “Ancient Aliens” programs.

— First they aired a program on ‘Majestic 12’ – testing mysteriously leaked documents on an above top secret US Government agency that was formed after the ‘Roswell’ incidents in July of 1947. { Only slightly before my time – } In the words of Linda Moulton Howe, “If this turns out to be the real thing, it isn’t just disclosure, it’s confirmation”. —> Hmm —

— In the second program, { both of these programs bore the time stamp, ‘Original Air Date = 15 September, 2017′ } was entitled “The Akashic Records’ & not far into this program they show Deepak Chopra being fitted with sensors around his head and then meditating while a technician and  one of the main investigators on the Ancient Alien roster watched results of brain activity being monitored in the next room. The Ancient Aliens guy seemed fascinated when he mentioned that Deepak Chopra appeared to be completely motionless while the monitors measured intense brain wave activity.

— Wow. I sat back and smiled —> ‘Main Stream Media’ are finally catching on and broadcasting the kind of Truth that for a long time was denied and maybe even suppressed.

— But then a commercial for ‘Viagra’ came on and I winced and groaned.

— —> Sometimes it feels like we are stepping into the dawn of the Divine Light of omniscience, omnipresence, ever-expanding bliss, complete understanding, unconditional love and forgiveness — And then, almost immediately — something pops up and it looks like something dark, divisive, hateful and murderous wants to put a quick and horrible end to us before we can step fully into that Light. <—

— They keep broadcasting programs in which veteran soldiers tell the world, “Anybody who doesn’t feel fear isn’t paying attention.”

— But they never quote the ancient wisdom of Hindu Rishis, — When you sit at the feet of { The Masters } one of your first gifts from God is the banishment of fear from your mind and soul.

= = = = =

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