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Stone-Scape At Low Tide in St Andrews By The Sea.

“StoneScape at Low Tide – St Andrews By The Sea, New Brunswick.” This is s still from a ‘Flip-Cam’ video.

— Sunday, July 31st, 2016 — 21˚C / 69˚F @ 9:30 am in the Fredericton Area — Atlantic Time —

— Low tide on the Bay Of Fundy — Time-Sculpted Red Sandstone with just a hint of Cathi and other people in the background for scale. We visited St Andrews By The Sea on Sunday, July 31st, 2016 – and found the place very interesting and very charming. Canadians are, almost invariably, easier to get along with and ‘nicer’ than most of the USA-tians I grew up around / in spite of – High tide at St Andrews on the day we were there would be twenty three feet higher than low tide. The Bay of Fundy has the biggest difference between high and low tides of any place on this planet – There are times when especially large differences have the tide coming in  looking like terraces of water.

Bridge at Reversing Falls, St John, New Brunswick.

“Reversing Falls” – Where the Saint John River meets the Bay of Fundy in the city of St John, New Brunswick.

— “Reversing Falls” has been called ‘Reversing Rapids’ lately – When the waters of the Bay of Fundy, which come in on the right side of this photo rise higher than the river – the rapids run the other way.

Jim Filliing out a form inside the blochouse at St Andrews by the Sea.

Portrait of the Author as a young Scribe –

— Cathi caught me filling out a form inside the blockhouse at St Andrews by the Sea. I told somebody that the beds in the blockhouse looked uncomfortable. You can almost see one of them behind me here.

Blockhouse and cannon from 1812 - 2016 scenery in the background.

There’s the blockhouse and one of the cannon aimed at potential US Attackers during the war of 1812.

— A tourist reads the historic plaque at the Blockhouse in St Andrews by the Sea while one of three cannon sits – ready to be moved around a semi-circular track, loaded and fired at US raiders who might come from as close as Maine, which couldn’t be more than twenty miles West of here. With the coast line being quite jagged, any attackers would probably have had to sail farther than a crow could have flown in those days –

Cannon and semi-circular tracks those cannon could be pushed around on.

Cannon and the tracks they could be maneuvered around on.

— Two of the three cannon on display at the Blockhouse in St Andrews. And hints of the semi-circular tracks the cannon could be pushed one way or the other to cover various angles attackers could be coming from.

= = = = =

— Saturday, August 6th, 2016 — 26˚C / 78˚F & muggy @ 1:11 pm in Fredericton, New Brunswick —

Osprey Nest on a platform built to accommadate the birds.

Wide shot of an Osprey nest in Fredericton, New Brunswick, as seen from one of quite a few walking trails around town.

— Back in the Fredericton, New Brunswick area – There are a LOT of walking trails in and around Fredericton. When old railroad tracks were torn up – new walking trails were put in, many of them are paved with bicycle friendly white lines to make the trails look almost like very thin roads so bikers know which half of the trail is ‘theirs’. This trail is just north of the St John River, on the North Side of Fredericton. Ducks Unlimited Canada built the platform near the upper centre of this photograph to accommodate large birds. There is a nesting pair of Osprey up there minding their eggs, and a large sign, slightly worse for wear along the trail.

Osprey Nest - Closer Up.

Here we are, zoomed in on the Osprey Nest. You might be able to see two birds up there, keeping a cautious eye on the humans below.

— The camera couldn’t capture the birds very well. I don’t have a thousand dollar foot long lens that could get a really good close up of the pair of them.

Plaque describing Osprey in English and French beiside the walking trail on the North Side of Fredericton.

This is the plaque beside the trail at the Osprey Nest. It is covered with plastic and the plastic has been exposed to weather.

— New Brunswick is the only officially bi-lingual Province in Canada. I like that. Not all residents of the Province are thrilled with the idea. The ‘divide and conquer’ politicians want to stir up trouble to busy voters with made-up controversy over non-issues to divert attention away from real issues, like where those politicians’ money goes and comes from, and what they really do with funds the taxpayers don’t know about. In truth, not all politicians know how the books are cooked and would probably have a hard time believing what’s really going on. One third of ‘government income’ comes from Taxes and Fees levied on the public, but that’s the only income they report in the budget statements they publish to justify raising those taxes and cutting back on their services. Forensic Accountants report that almost every level of government in North America – and most of the ‘Free World’ – could stop collecting taxes altogether, right now, today – and provide more and better services to all their constituents.

Cathi on the walking trail.

This is Cathi, checking something on her cell phone on the walking trail near the Osprey Nest.

— Not a very good photograph, I should have worked on it before I posted it here. We went out in search of the Osprey Nest unexpectedly – after we discovered a leash free dog park on the North Side, just south of Main Street, behind a Tim Hortons, near a Home Hardware store. Serendipity R Us –

—   ( more later ) —

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