Saturday, July 18th, 2020 –

Saturday, July 18th, 2020 —> +13˚C / +55˚F & Overcast @ 6:51 am in Atlantic Canada on what would have been my cousin, Gary’s, birthday – Also Cheryl W.’s birthday – 🙂 –

- Evelynn + Foating Building + Lamp-Post

– Evelynn, “Don’t look at me – I can’t levitate lamp-posts and Customs Houses-“

— Evelynn is Nikki’s latest builder-avatar – { she’s incredibly cute and when viewed in a ‘gaming’ monitor her red hair is amazing. Here she looks a bit anemic } – and she was on a mission – to see how many areas were having obvious problems right around here – since we managed to fix a major problem with the area where ‘Aerendel City’ will be.

— Almost all the areas connected to the City have gone wonky – land masses hav gone down, buildings stay where they used to be – And the weird thing is, if you walk { more like ‘Run’ } you builder-avatar one way, there is no problem at all, but if you run him or her another way – there are definite problems. – Jumping – ( Or flying ) from Aerendel City to ‘Highland Forest’ = no problem. – Running around on the ‘ground’ from Aerendel City – down through the Birken Hills, through Birkenport – across into Daelen, and up through ‘AerWest04’ & ‘AerWest02’ and into the Highland Forest —> Birkenport’s buildings, docks, —> everything – is a couple feet off the ground. Daelen’s about a meter higher than it was an hour ago, but ‘Evelynn’ assured us that she used her ‘cunning’ to climb on a rock and jump onto the higher ground at Daelen. The Border between AerWest04 & 02 was only half-unglued – but the hills between the City and the Forest had not only slid several yards { or meters } north – but dropped a couple yards { or meters } down, too.

— Remind me – we have to send the miners down to find a lot of missing rocks that we used to hide the weird looking 2 dimensional edges of the ‘river’ we turned up on an angle to simulate a waterfall.

— Earlier this week I was ‘swearing my fool head off’ – using words I managed never to resort to for something like thirty years — { shhh – don’t tell anybody how old I might be –  }  But lately I’m laughing. If I still have my sense of humor – hey, that’s a good thing – I remember reading Carlos Castenada – “Your sense of humor is the first thing to go -”  { Heavy sigh and smile at the sky – }

- Diane -

– My sister, Diane, year unknown, in mom’s kitchen during renovations… –

— Meanwhile – Along with all the catastrophes in the game world we’re building – I decided I probably needed to move things around in my ‘office’ here – I woke up from a dream and while I was half asleep, half awake I saw myself looking happier while working on stuff and writing my novels etc, if things in here were in a different configuration and I could actually get up and turn around without knocking anything over or stubbing my toe and needing to hop to the washroom to find the band-aids…

—- In the process of moving stuff out of the office and into the room we were getting ready to fill with a couple desks and printer stands – since Cathi has officially been told to go ahead and ‘create’ herself a home office since they don’t want all their people back in the building until the Covid-19 thing is enough of a nasty memory that they could safely move into ‘phase 3’ of their ‘recovery plan’… — um, while moving stuff around, feeling like my life was one of those silly little plastic puzzles where you have to slide the little square pieces around in a highly imaginative way to get it right? –  Duh — in the process of moving stuff around – I opened a couple boxes that were in the closet in here under other boxes — and found some interesting photographs I’d forgotten about, like this Polaroid of my sister Diane, probably from the late 60’s or early 70’s – when I was probably either still in the Navy or trying to eek out a living in Vermont…

— & – in the interest of not boring you to death, and maybe actually getting a few things done this morning – I should end here, and figure I got a fraction of the things said that I’ve wanted to say to my friends and family for the past couple weeks — and see if I can actually ‘budget’ my time instead of racing full out in seventeen directions at once. …

— “Have a good life!” { still can’t believe in wishing anybody one good day at a time… }

~~~~~ Jim

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