Brrrrrr- Friday, March 6th, 2015

Friday, March 6th, 2015 -( -26°C / -15°F  Sunny & Bright @ 7:45 am )-

Mom & 2 yearlings.

I shot this photo on March 1st. 2015 -with the telephoto function and the ‘sports’ function both active. Full sized, this looks more like a painting than a photograph, I shrunk it down here so it would fit in all our blogs. This is a mother and two of three yearling offspring. -Don’t know if all the children are hers- She is the gutsy-est member of the herd or herds that come around, acts like she almost trusts me. She will warily stand there while four or more younger deer turn tail and srpint off in different directions.  —jim w—

— This morning I woke up to ‘wump’ sounds, guessed that heavy sheets of snow might be sliding off the roof, I got up and stumbled around at about 6:19 am, and was surprised to  see how light it was outside. It felt like, at that time last week, it was still dark out there. When I saw the temperature outside was at -28.9°C / -21°F I thought the wump sounds were probably more like the house’s frame freezing in the cold.

Driveway, March 2, 2015

This was early Monday morning, March 2nd- It was still snowing lightly. But we didn’t get enough snow to merit a visit from the snow plows that frequently make it impossible to get out of our driveway here. One peculiar effect of this year’s snow, after what fell as light and fluffy stuff, the plows come by and give us a two and a half to three feet high ridge blocking the driveway, not with light fluffy stuff, but with hard frozen stuff, that isn’t really heavy, it’s like the weight and consistency of dry ice. -Weird- —jim w—

Snowy driveway

This is our driveway from inside the porch at about 8 am this morning, March 6th, 2015. Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of the driveway from our glassed-in porch and thought it was worth photographing and keeping somewhere- But I was busy fixing a broken bed frame (Yup, the dog did break the bed the night before. Our 125 pound Labrador thinks he’s the size of a chihuahua, and wants to sleep between us. The twenty five pound orange cat wants to sleep on my chest. Cathi needs her sleep to deal with her high pressure job and this makes for some interesting dilemmas, including bed frames that break apart at 2:34 am.)

Snow pile

Friday, March 6th, 2015- around 8 am. The pile that began beside the outside section of our porch now covers about half of that outside deck, and reaches the edge of the porch roof there. Before next year I want to cover the outside edge of the porch roof, back maybe a couple feet, with black metal to discourage the ice formation we got this year from thinking it can come back any time it wants to. I’m thinking we may need vertical bits of black metal high enough to catch the sun and warm up enough to melt any snow and ice that forms there.

— Yesterday I had felt a burst of optimism after feeling oppressed by a silly dry skin rash drove me to distraction for almost a week. And then Cathi sent me a link to something that led me to an article that might be ‘slightly out there-‘ but made a lot of sense to me. — I’m going to copy and paste that article here. Since this goes up on facebook- it will reappear there, but some things are worth repeating:


Urgent Message To Ground Crew – Total Solar Eclipse – March 20 – Galactics

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SOLARECLIPSE032015URGENT NOTICE TO ALL OF GROUND CREW. A set of events that were set into motion resulted in a decision that will change the world as we know it. A few days ago I have received a transmission which is highly important for all of you to read. In it our Galactic Star Aliances talk about what has occurred and what is about to happen around March 20th, the “dark moon” as they call it, which is the solar eclipse.

Please be mindful of what you allow into your psyche. The times ahead are incredibly auspicious, everything that you want to happen will, therefore be careful what you wish for, and whatever you put into motion now will manifest very quickly into your reality. This is the time to create a beautiful new world, or rather restore it to the pristine state that it once were. Many in know understand the importance of these magnificent energies entering GAIA and so will try to pull your energy to them. Please focus on your now moment, disregarding whatever the media will try to feed you, in order to move your focus away from what you are truly here to do and are trying to achieve. The times between now and September are incredibly important. The more positive you stay the more light you can anchor, the better everything will be once we move closer and closer to September.

— I don’t know much about the background of the web site this was posted on. I’m not sure who the ‘Galactic Star Aliances’ might be. But when I wake up feeling a lot more optimistic than when I go to sleep I sometimes think I may have learned something while bopping around in dream land.

— Take nothing at face value, keep ‘reality testing’ any information you get, no matter how truthful  or weird it might sound at first- I’ve had the feeling that we have forces of light and darkness working over time to convince us that one side or the other has it right, as if they believe that whichever side can convince the most people – above a critical mass- of which good or evil future is coming our way- that side wins. I also had the idea that our reality might split in two with the ‘good’ people waking up miraculously in the ‘New Heaven – New Earth’ world and the ‘bad guys’ waking up to a nuclear winter where they can get a nice close up view of what their beliefs and attitudes can manifest for them.

— I guess we won’t know for sure until whatever happens – happens.

~~~~~ Jim


10:00 pm – Still Snowing – Copied & Pasted Rant from Ithaca

{ Copied & Pasted from ‘Canadian News & Insight‘ : }


Sunday, February 15th, 2015  -( -15°C / +5°F With ‘Light Snow’ falling in Atlantic Canada @10:10 pm Atlantic Time )- & -( -19°C / -2°F with ‘light snow showers’ in the Ithaca area @ 9:10 pm Eastern Time )-

— I just watched the CNN program “The Sixties” – the ‘Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll’ episode on CNN up here in Blizzardville. I may be uniquely qualified to understand what happened in the sixties and to see through their bull chips and propaganda as they try to put their spin on things. Then the commercials come on- “Fracking will save Amerika and sparkle our economy into marvels you can’t imagine.” Bull! It will totally destroy any quality of life you imagined you could have. Next Commercial Boeing Aircraft. Those wonderful purveyors of unimaginable b.s. as they helped the military industrial complex develop weapons they want to use against you, their own country’s citizens. It made me sick. A few more US commercials I’ve missed lately and I’m convinced that television is being used by evil manipulating ice holes to try to control you through subliminal b.s. and hidden messages within messages on a level your brain cannot grasp. To mis-quote John B Wells, “Where are you going and why are you in this hand-basket?”

— Last night on Coast to Coast a.m. – guest host Connie Willis interviewed Preston Nichols, a participant in the ‘Montauk Project’, which sprang from the Monarch Project, which developed out of ‘MK-ULTRA’ – Mr Nichols said that participants in the ‘Project’ didn’t like the way it was going, with ‘throw away boys’ being raped and butchered in experimental exercises to condition and mind-control potential ‘Super Soldiers’ who supposedly have been used in ‘off-planet’ operations, time travel, wars with and against other planetary ‘aliens’; evil bull-chips operations on this planet and more. I’m going to take this stuff with more than a couple grains of salt. Mr Nichols said he went into the future and he believes our civilization came to an end in the early 2020’s. He said this was adjusted so the end happened in 2023. My feeling is that Preston Nichols had his own memories tampered with, that he believes what he told the world last night, but he was fed a line of disinformation and he’s passing that on to the rest of us. One curious thing though, he tried to talk about a split coming, with judgment going down in the early 2020’s to see who is positive enough to be allowed to go on to live in the ‘New Earth’ which he hinted would be a major tweak in the ‘matrix’ of the holographic projection that is the material universe. The funny thing is, one of the first un-finished stories I read, — written by my friend and co-web-geek/co-editor in our weird news blogging, Jim W— starts off with a newly divorced guy jogging around his his old neighbourhood and bumping into a woman he kind of liked who invited him to a party she really didn’t want to go to, but she couldn’t say no to her ‘upwardly mobile’ friends –  and during the party, on a beautiful sunny day in May, a world killing blizzard develops and the jogger and his friend barely manage to get back to his house when they set out to get a couple supplies the party goers asked for, and discover that his house sits on a portal, one side of the house is sunny and warm and the other side is becoming ‘zocked in’ by the killer blizzard. A Native American/First Nations medicine man leads his tribe of survivors to the jogger’s home and asks that they be allowed to walk through to the springtime and leave the dying world behind. Jim had to explain to me that the main characters were going to find out that their world had split into two dimensions and the positive tree huggers and earth honouring people would live in plenty and harmony and the negative greedy people would be trapped in a world that was about to kill off 99% of it’s population and reduce the survivors to cave-man stone age levels. He told me that writing that became too painful, but that he might be able to finish it some day, I’m still waiting. But with Preston Nichols talking about the ‘split’ I wondered if my friend had tapped into something that was way too close to the truth about what might happen within the next ten years or so. Now that’s a chilling thought.

— Anybody out there remember the saying, “If Hitler had television, we’d all be speaking German right now?” Well, what if all of the paper clipped Fascists and Nazis brought over to the US and other ‘bastions of the free world’ brought their fascism with them and they secretly put their plans to work and now they’re almost at the point where they don’t care who knows what they’re up to because they just about have everything under control and their latest ‘Final Solution’ involves flipping a switch and broadcasting perfect mind-control commands through everybody’s television sets? Anybody who resists can have their smart meters cause catastrophic fires and/or trigger other toxic ‘accidents’ to kill off dissidents? Or maybe nano-particles you’ve been fed along with your ‘modified corn sweetener’ and other G.M.O. poisons can be triggered to cause heart attacks and/or other internal organ failures that will take you out of the picture?

—Sigh, sweet dreams, Amerika-



6 pm – Part Two of the Sunday Blizzard?

Sunday, February 15th, 2015  -( -14°C / +7°F & Snowing in Atlantic Canada @6:10 pm Atlantic Time )- & -( -19°C / -3°F & ‘blowing Snow’ in the Ithaca area @ 5:10 pm Eastern Time )-

— More photos after we shoveled a path for the dog so he can move inside his fenced in area & Another path from the porch door to the snowblower shed on the driveway side of our house:

Interesting 001

Interesting (?) bit of wind blown natural snow sculpture at our porch door.

Interesting 002

Same odd bit of wind sculpted snow at the door from a straight up and down angle.

interesting 003

3rd angle of the same bit of wind blown snow.

interesting 004

The path through 3 feet deep snow drifts. It was tough shoveling, couldn’t look into the wind to see what I was doing- but I managed.

interesting 005

More interesting wind-sculpted-snow-drifts – looking toward the buried jeep at the corner of the house where the mailbox is (around the corner there).

interesting 006

And I hope you can see the nice ridge, higher than the van’s headlights, that the friendly neighbourhood snowplow left us – before the plows were pulled off the road (?) because they couldn’t see where they were going.

— About fifteen minutes ago, we had an apparent lull in the storm and wondered if it was time to go out and try to make a first pass with the snowblower. When I got to the door, I saw that the snow was still coming, it was so fine you couldn’t see the individual flakes on the security/deer cameras. But the wind was still blowing and it didn’t look like a good idea to go charging outside and use up all the gasoline we have left until we can get out and get to the nearest gas station.

— And now, the bigger wind-driven flakes are back in the visibility range – one interesting aspect of this storm. One camera that is still indoors, facing a window, can see only a sliver of black above a window full of wind blown snow.

— Heavy sigh.

~~~~~ Jim


Noon here on Sunday, Interesting sculpture from the howling wind and snow

Sunday, February 15, 2015 -( -14°C / +7°F & Snowing Heavily in Atlantic Canada at noon Atlantic Time )- -( -18°C / 0°F & Snowing in the Ithaca, New York area at 11:00 am Eastern Time )-

Wind/Snow Sculpture

Noon. Some of the wind-sculpture out the porch door on February 15th, 2015. —jim w—

Snowy Stormy Driveway.

More wind and snow sculpture, looking at the driveway right around noon.

Jassper in the storm.

Jassper, ‘boofing’ at the snowflakes. Noon-ish.

Looking toward Canada Street.

Looking over Jassper’s head toward the road we can’t see under the snow at the bottom of the hill, out what Cathi calls our ‘back door’. Noon on February 15th, 2015. —jrw—

— The howling wind is blowing so hard no snow has built up on top of the van in our driveway. Route 2 between Fredericton and the U.S. border is closed due to the storm. They ‘don’t want anybody to be stuck in the storm near the border’. —schnarr— The ‘Confederation Bridge’ is not allowing high sided trucks to make the journey from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. Moncton’s city services are shut down. The one p.m. news just called for 30 to 40 centimeters -12 to 16 inches. “Snow and blowing snow will continue into Monday.”

— Ah- email from Doug:

Cornell Cam

Web Cam in Ithaca at 11:20 am today – emailed by Doug Otterson

Cornell Web Cam Valentine's Day.

“6:39 pm on Valentine’s Day. Two minutes ago somebody was standing near the “David” legend in the snow, jumping up and down, waving at the camera.” —djo—

Cornell Web Cam V.D.Day 2014 Snow

“6:40 pm. Coloured light pools in the blustery snow storm.” —djo—

— And now the swirling wind blown snow is spattering the window in front of the deer cams that have not been moved into place yet.

— And Doug’s email message says the sun is trying to peek out from behind the clouds in the Ithaca, New York area.

{ Today’s Birthdays : — You can find all this and more at & They have a ‘Follow on Twitter’ link on their site.

February 15th: 1564- Galileo Galilei, Pisa Italy, astronomer/physicist. 1710- Louis XV the Well-Beloved, Versailles, King of France (1715-74)). 1797- Henry Engelhard Steinway, piano maker (Steinway).  1809- Cyrus Hall McCormick, Shenandoah Valley Virginia, American inventor (Mechanical reaper). 1820- Susan B (Brownell) Anthony, Adams Mass, woman’s suffragette. 1822  John Barrymore, [Blythe], Phila, actor (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde). 1892- James Forrestal, US, banker/minister of Navy. 1899- Lillian Disney, Mrs Walt Disney. 1905- Harold Arlen, [Hyman Arluck], US, composer (Over the Rainbow). 1907- Cesar Romero, American actor (Joker-Batman, Ocean’s 11), born in NYC, New York. 1927- Harvey Korman, actor (Carol Burnett Show, Blazing Saddles), born in Chicago, Illinois. 1931- [Patricia] Claire Bloom, actress (Charly, Look Back in Anger), born in London, England. 1951- Jane Seymour, [Joyce Frankenberg], England, actress (Dr Quinn) & Melissa Manchester, Bronx NY, vocalist (Don’t Cry Out Loud). 1954- Matt Groening, cartoonist (Life in Hell, Simpsons). 1971- Renee O’Connor, actress, (Xena Warrior Princess).  1980- Conor Oberst, American singer and songwriter (Bright Eyes).  } ( Also, Helen Lewis, My Grandparents’ next door neighbour on Ward Street in the old days- )

— Yum?

~~~~~ Jim

Saturday, 14 February, 2015- Happy Vantines Day

Saturday, 14 February, 2015 -( -15°C / +5 °F & cloudy here in Atlantic Canada at 7:45 pm — Our Weather applets say it’s snowing heavily in Ithaca with -7°C / +20°F @ 6:45 pm Eastern Time )- My Godfather, Larry Toronto’s birthday. –


We had ‘Committee’ presence while my step daughter was here earlier this evening. Shooting through plastic and window screen in order not to spook them does not give us the best quality photos in this world, but you can see how close they were to the porch- —jim w—

Deer munching

Another photo of the deer munching on oats near our porch from a slightly different angle. ‘Holiday lights’ are reflected around the deer- —jim w—



My favourite Valentine clowning with a cup of Tim Hortons coffee in our kitchen. -We got her daughter a cup of hot chocolate – She’s all grown up now and is a Registered Nurse with a University Degree in Nursing from Western Ontario U. – Still wonderful, she hasn’t lost the charm she had as a cute nine year old. (the daughter, not Cathi- I didn’t know Cathi when she was 9 years old. I wonder what might have been different if we met back then. ( She might have thought I was a decent father figure, a cool big brother type, or hated my guts forever?) —jim w—

— So, the latest forecast is for between one and two feet of snow here tomorrow. ( 30 to 40 centimeters in the next 24 hours, possibly 50 centimeters before it stops raging on Monday? 60 centimeters would be just about 2 feet.)

— Ya know? Nobody asked me if I thought it would be a good idea for Canada to go on the metric system. And nobody asked the Canadians who were there in those days what they thought and felt about that. The idiots who thought they had a right to make that decision just did it. Wait until they get to the next life and they can’t get through the pearly gates because they don’t know how big a cubit is? Eek, there would be one heck of a lot of homeless spirits panhandling outside the gates if we have to know that one…

— I better quit for now.

~~~~~ Jim