Saturday, 21 February, 2015 – News?

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Saturday, 21 February, 2015  -( +21˚F / -6˚C   Cloudy & ‘dark’ @ 10:00 pm near Ithaca )-  -( +25˚F / -4°C   w/light snow  @ 11:00 pm Closer to Halifax —jim w—)-   —  { Headlines compiled by douglas j otterson & jim wellington, with help from —jda— } { Some things change, some articles remain. Do you know where your survival kit is?  —djo— }


Switzerland 🙂


“Moment of Truth”? – Bear on a horizontal tree. I have no idea where this photo was taken.  —djo—

Jack & Ian

Cool, sensitive, intelligent beings- watching TeeVee- —djo—


Lord Byron quoted. —djo—

Encouragement during failure is worth more than praise after success.

And a little encouragement is always a good thing. —djo—

War Is Over!

And a bit of Nostalgia/History – & Yoko just had a birthday. —djo—

{ Today’s Birthdays : — You can find all this and more at 

February 21st: 1674 – Johann Augustin Kobelius, composer. 1728 – Peter III, Kiel Germany, Russian Tsar (1762) and husband of Catherine the Great. 1821 – Charles Scribner, US, music publisher (Scribner Catalog).  1878 – The Mother, Indian spiritual leader (d. 1973). 1893 – Andres Segovia, Linares Spain, classical guitarist, (d. 1987). 1897  Celia Lovsky, Austrian-American actress (Soylent Green, T’Pau-Star Trek). 1903 – Anaïs Nin, French writer (d. 1977). 1910 – Carmine Galante, Italian-born gangster (d. 1979). 1924 – Robert Mugabe, president (Zimbabwe, 1988- ). 1925 – Sam Peckinpah, Fresno CA, film director (Wild Bunch, Straw Dogs).  1927 – Erma Bombeck, Dayton Ohio, humorist (Grass is Always Greener…). 1932 – Harald V, King of Norway (1991- ). 1933 – Nina Simone, [Eunice Waymon], Tyron NC, vocalist/pianist (Porgy). 1934 – Rue McClanahan, Healdton Oklahoma, actress (Maude, Golden Girls). 1937 – Gary Lockwood, Van Nuys Cal, actor (2001, Survival Zone, Lieutenant). 1939 – Richard Beymer, Avoca IA, actor (West Side Story, Diary of Anne Frank). 1946 – Alan Rickman, actor (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Harry Potter) & Tyne Daly, Madison Wisc, actress (Cagney & Lacey, Angel Unchained) & Anthony Daniels, British actor (Star Wars – C-3PO). 1958 – Jack Coleman, Easton Pa, actor (Steven Carrington-Dynasty) & Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Princeton NJ, country vocalist (This Shirt). 1979 – Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress (Sarah Reeves-Party of Five).   1987 – Ellen Page, Canadian actress.   }


{ Canadian Headlines : From :  <— Link }

Canadian businessman jailed in Cuba returns home for 1st time in 3 years   {  }

3 U.K. schoolgirls suspected of joining ISIS in Syria   {   }

Mother of boy who died in cold thanks people for ‘outpouring of love’   {  }

‘Nearly married’: Letters by Princess Margaret reveal romance with former PM John Turner   { *  “- in the teeth of a vegetarian sea snail.” *  —djo— }

Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls photo taken on February 17th. I don’t see the falls here, do you?


Anti Austerity In spain

How an Anti Austerity  platform can win in Spain.

Smart use of smart phones?

How to use a cell or smart phone without being spied on? Yay! —djo—


Measles documented among the fully immunized.



A Florida based artist has been told to stop selling miniature versions of the Super Bowl halftime ‘character’ sharks.

Offbeat News:

Regina man goes to extreme lengths to answer online comments   {  }

Why shooting moose with paintball guns might be a great idea  {  }

Blowtorches being used to melt sidewalk ice in Windsor   { * I think I remember a really old issue of Mad Magazine suggesting various ways snow cleanup could be made much more effective and easier –  one of them involved flame throwers, but the ‘after’ frame showed an entire city under about 20 feet of water. *  —djo— }

Nestlé and Hershey pledge to make their candy bars healthier   { * If G.M.O. ingredients are involved, don’t buy it. *  —djo—  }




New words to describe extreme weather? = “Freeze-nado” ? Works for me. —djo—



The Big Chill – Version 2015 – Hits the Maritimes-

Local / New Brunswick / Maritime News:

Sussex explosion and fire investigated as a possible drug crime  {   }

Oromocto West still under a boil water order  {   }

Maritimes face more weather warnings for Sunday  {   }

Irving pipeline gets retroactive approval fro EUB   { * New Brunswick’s Energy and Utilities Board has granted an Irving Oil company retroactive permission to build an oil pipeline that the company already built without permission last year. *  —“Not Good,” —djo—  }

Larry’s Gulch review findings will ‘absolutely’ be made public   { * This is a New Brunswick ‘scandal’ that sounds way too much like a slight of hand distraction to take your attention away from something else. The Province owns a multi-million dollar fishing lodge where they entertained visiting politicians and invited newspaper reporters who were fired for conflict of interest violations. There also seems to be some confusion over when the lodge went from being ‘private’ to ‘publicly owned’ & where the line between private and public functions was drawn. The new Liberal government has decided that the lodge can only be used for functions designed to bring jobs to New Brunswick.  *** “Any time I hear a politician utter words like ‘jobs’ or ‘Leadership’ I know my ears are about to be assaulted by pure and utter b.s.” — Douglas Jay Otterson *** *  —djo— }

Energy East Pipeline construction training premature, David Coon says.  { * The Energy East Pipeline is a project that is being bitterly contested in Quebec. Activists cite dangers to wildlife, and say the claims of loads of jobs for local people is highly over-estimated and point out that New Brunswick will lose money in this deal unless they re-write the agreement with the corporations that will own the pipeline. And instead of refining and distributing the gas/oil the pipeline is supposed to deliver, here, they claim the resources would be exported, benefiting foreign interests at our expense. Oh, and Irving Oil stands to save and reap loads of money if this goes through. *  —djo— }

Mounting snow days leave schools scrambling   {   }



End homelessness now!

End Homelessness Now. It’s much more cost effective to give homeless people a place to live than to leave them out in the cold.  —djo—

{ “Perma-Link” to the above article, copied and pasted at “Child Of Light” >>—>  <—<<  }

Yay India.

India is building the world’s largest solar plant. 🙂 —djo—


It looks like more people every day realize that September 11, 2001 was perpetrated, if not entirely by- then with the help of – possibly rogue – US Government Insiders. —djo—

Yay Teddy R

Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican who championed anti-trust laws. —djo—


Effective Cartoon, Surveillance State dark ops goons tear a hole in the Canadian Charter of Rights to further their godless power. —djo—

meanwhile in canada

Conservative Lies cast Environmentalist as terrorists. Well, if the conservative’s jobs are threatened by people telling the truth, maybe they should be in terror. Ya think? —djo—

Government Terrorism

Government Terrorism = “Governments have killed more of their own citizens than all the wars in the past hundred years.” —djo—


“How to gut oversight .101 – make sure the watchdogs don’t get enough money to function.” = Stephen Harper will leave the PM’s office in Handcuffs. —djo—

Harper's an idiot

“Canada Jettisons Rights and Land Claims in a bid to label environmentalists as terrorists.” —djo—


“Anti-Terror Legislation is aimed at labeling Environmental Activists as terrorists.”

Harper -5

The Harper government’s deregulations seen as the real cause of the Lac-Megantic tragedy.

4 tweets

From OccupyWallStreet-NYC & The Electronic Freedom Foundation, thanks to “—jda—“

Police State.

-Um, another theory: The ‘War on Drugs’ is a manipulation to keep the ‘street prices’ of drugs high so the C.I.A. and other ‘black-ops’ groups who traffic in those drugs to keep their budgets secret can really cash in on their highly profitable business. They do want a Police State, but the ‘war on drugs’ is just one more strategy designed to bring that about. —djo—

Human Rights under attack

Human Rights are under attack around the world, not just in the USA and Canada

Half Past Human dot com

Follow these links, even if you have to type them in manually, this guy is the real thing. —djo—


Strip Mining on the Moon?

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Here’s a page for ya- Wow.

bad news

“Smart” Phones, “Smart” Meters, “Smart” appliances, “Smart TeeVees spying on You” — “Smart”-Anything is beginning to = “Bad News”. —djo—

Why Are They Smiling?

God Bless Ed Snowden – And why do those guys on the right look like somebody has a gun pointed at their private parts? —djo—

Good Work Matters

Keep up the good work 🙂

Meaning & Purpose

I wish I said that- —djo—

Positive News

It is refreshing to see any half-way main-stream news organization showing anything positive about any group that has been targeted for divisive/’divide-and-conquer’ propaganda. “Women and Children First” was just one of many positive philosophical ideas that came from Islam. —djo—

Happiness flows from within.

“Happiness can only be found within” —djo—

— We should quit here and publish this fiasco before we look at the clock and realize it’s next week already and we haven’t gotten anything done in our ‘real lives’  —djo—

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