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Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 -( -5°c / +23°F & cloudy @11:30 am in Atlantic Canada )-

— My head’s on fire. Two hours ago I sat down in here to add last night’s dreams to the ‘dream jernil’ here and I noticed a problem with one of my pages. I think I fixed that problem, but discovered two or three more.

— But, if I don’t drop that and get on with this, it will never get done.

— And I should probably mention the fact that before I thought I should write down what I can remember of those dreams, I was going to sit down and see how far I could get with the next chapter of my ‘1963’ novel.

— You can see how far I got with that.

grumble grumble

— Dreams: Both of the dreams I remember a lot of details from were long dreams in a stable dream world. More like a visit to an alternate reality than something I made up that could fluctuate and change the physics of its universe at the snap of a finger.

— Dream One: This was sort of a Vampire world. Vampires were coming to my home there, starving, because humans had suddenly developed the ability to burn Vampires with Spiritual fire at will. Starving because the alternative was much worse. They were trying to become human again. I didn’t have the secret they needed on how to to become human again, but I did have immense unconscious power to protect myself and anybody else in my house. When one vampire decided to give in to his hunger and tried to attack me it was like the world’s most powerful bunsen burner ignited and a firestorm of white light exploded from behind me and flowed upward through and around me with power and force that I found astounding. It slammed the vampire up against the ceiling and burned him to ashes quicker than I could have stopped it if I wanted to. I woke up wondering why I was dreaming about Vampires.

— Dream Two: I was in New Zealand. I’m not sure how I knew I was in New Zealand, but I knew I was in New Zealand. I was an adult visitor to a school for young children. It looked like a small school where the grades were grouped together, like first and second grades in one fairly large room, third and fourth in another, fifth and sixth in a third, and seventh and eighth in the last class room. I think they were having some kind of team building play time. I think the lowest four grades -first to fourth- were in the same room with their teachers asking the kids for ideas while steering them toward ideas that were supposed to be important to this game. I thought it was a bit on the heavy handed side with the teachers pretending to be asking their questions, but leading the whole game, almost manipulating it. I heard that the kids had chosen “Star Wars” as their theme and had to build teams with as much diversity as possible. No team could be all athletic stars, or all the smartest kids, or the best artists or the most sensitive, or anything like that. The teams had to be set up so the kids would learn to appreciate that the weirdest kids in the school might have hidden talents that could save the day and help them win their game. The point wasn’t to win the most points, or finish the fastest, all kinds of tasks had their own problems and solutions. There were physical games where it wasn’t the guy who kicked the ball the farthest scored the most points, but where they had to kick a ball to each member of their group and then run to another spot to receive a kick and pass the ball on to the next person. The idea was to hit all four corners of the field, were goals were set up, collect a flag from each corner and then get back to where that game started. Then they all went inside and had to help each other solve puzzles. I didn’t quite get why they included all the different types of games they were playing, some of it seemed like a complete waste of time and energy to me. I did understand that the teachers were implimenting some kind of agenda that was supposed to make it obvious to all the kids that they were all basically equal, and somebody who isn’t the best athlete would be a whole lot better than the best athlete at some other important part of life.  — I did like running around and kicking balls and then sitting down and trying to guess what the point of the next puzzle might be.

— And here we are. I got up around seven a.m. and it is now after 2 pm, and I pretty much got almost nothing accomplished so far.

— Shrug–,

~~~~~ Jim



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