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January, 2015 - We are enjoying life in the Fredericton area.

Here comes the sun

Stone wall beneath that snow to the south of our property

Dragon Hedge

Moe Yawning
drakkieelf house
three guys
Cathi's Aura Jim's Aura
Auras photographed on January 31st, 2009. Cathi to the left, Jim to the right.






October, 2016 - So far this year has been a busy one. First the Happy News: Cathi's daughter, Erin, married her high school sweetheart on September 4th.

Cropped Committee

- Spring, 2016 - Jim's mother passed away in April. We made a trip down to Connecticut in May to Celibrate her life - That trip turned out to be hectic, but more positive than we expected. 'Gramma Dot' was a very big hearted woman, who was universally loved and attracted a lot of very good friends.

- August, 2016 - Jim had his DNA tested through and got his results: 33% Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) / 28% Scandinavia (Sweden) / 17% Western European (French & Dutch) / + 15% Ireland // Trace Regions: 5% Iberian Peninsula (Celts called the region Lusitania, almost everybody with Irish ancestry has some Iberian connection) / Less Than 1% Italy & Greece (We'll have to look into that-) / & 1% Caucasus Region of Western Asia. // We didn't find any Native Amercan/First Nations markers - Jim grew up believing he was 1/32nd Native American :( "What do you mean 'We' kimo Sabbie?"

January, 2015 - I should upload photos of the deer that our neighbour feeds all winter. There's an all-white female and her white and brown offspring. I forgot the scientific name for that, but our neighbour did say they were not albinos.

In 2014 - After moving from Ontario to New Brunswick in September of 2013 - We found the job market here, um, 'absent'? - I did hook up with Doug Otterson in Ithaca, New York and we began trying to do some daily news blogging. We publish "News & Headlines" as often as possible and post these at a number of sites, including: "Independent Canadian News" - "Radio Free Earth News" - "Inter World News" & Often Copy & Paste that news over to "Child of Light" - "Cosmic Psy-Cography" - "Archives" - & sometimes even "The Hyper-Vigilant Dust Bin".

March, 2014 - Mom and my sister Sharon were visiting New England again, this time I got to see them, and Cousin Debi from Colorado at the same time, while they were in Vermont for a couple days. I saw them in Keene, New Hampshire which was convenient for my friend Greg Morse, his friend, Ann, - and long time friend Christine Kantrowitz Aunt Reggie and cousin Danny were there and Danny's significant other, Marty Gallagher (I think her last name is still Gallagher) were also there. I almost forgot my nephew, Charles McCauley, who came from Alaska with Sharon -his mother- and Mom - his grandmother. Confused? Then my job here is done -ß

September, 2013 - The photo of the Dragon Hedge (3rd down on the left) was taken on Highland Avenue in Stratford, Connecticut around the year 2000. I have since been told that Guardian Angels frequently disguise themselves as Spiritual Dragons to protect the innocent.

March, 2012- Moe was still yawning (4th Photo Down on the Left), and, um, the world was probably still turning-ß

-10 March, 2012. Mom and my sister, Sharon, should be in Connecticut (visiting from Alaska) about now. Sad thing is, I probably can't afford to go down and visit them while they're here.

-20 August, 2011. Aerendel- The Game - is in actual production/building. You can monitor our progress at "Aerendel-GDD" (Game Development Documentation) / Also dealing with Firefox deciding we can't live without their latest updates and not trusting even them. How about "You need version 3.6.20" and when you click on their download link the schnarr weasles have you downloading version 6 which (thankfully) won't work on my G4's -

-06 December, 2010. It's been a while since I've updated this page- That's not because I've died of boredome. Lots of things are happening, many of them on the 'not very positive' side. Oil companies are still defrauding people out of their money every minute of every day. The 'Leaders' of the 'Free World' are still trying to herd us into hell as quickly as we're trying to race toward establishing Heaven on Earth... At times I feel like it isn't my place to bore you with the details, but then again-

- July 14, 2010. Let's see, the girl (now a young woman) has done her first year of post secondary education in Pembroke and transferred to the University of Western Ontario, where she was able to get credit for most of the courses she took in Pembroke (University of Ottawa at the Algonquin Campus in Pembroke). The boy graduated grade 8 with prizes for Math and Science, and a bigger prize for overall best achievement by a male student. He will now move on to High School. 2010 has been really rough for me, but it wasn't the boy's problems this time. Mom tripped over a dog in Alaska and may now be blind in her right eye. She was pretty depressed for a while, didn't have an appetite at all. Nancy (my sister) went to see her for a short time and got her spirits raised enough so we have our old Gramma Dot back. On the WPKN side of things, The policy changes under the new regime have led to them letting a long island group take over their WPKM side of things, including the spot on the broadcast tower at Montauk. And Samba (One of WPKN's Haitian programmers) died unexpectedly in June. (Sad face goes here.)

-February 7, 2009. Indigo Starcrystal Communications is now a registered business in the province of Ontario. We had a group hug to make it official. Moe has been terrorizing me as I have been trying to type this. & I did a bunch of stuff to begin rearranging the living room's computer area to try to unclutter and open up the creative atmosphere, try to give the place a better feel? I will probably always feel like I'm three or four projects behind and running as fast as I can to catch up, but-

I will have to upload the aura photographs we had taken last weekend. And I might have to publish parts of my facebook "25 things about me" schnarr, with a preamble that the person who did a reading on my aura said that I don't have an ego, it's all... eyes toward heaven, "As Thou Wilt- (Not my wilt?....)"

-Decembre 10, 2008. (Glenn's Birthday....) (Wonder how he's doing over there?) Lemme see... Changes, Erin, my step daughter and her father have moved from Mississauga to Ottawa and are close enough so we've seen them and/or swapped kids every weekend (pas de schnarr...) ((haven't swapped kids with Erin, she's in grade 12, still sort of a kid, she's gotten swapped, or borrowed.... imagine trying to explain this to an alien? And will be here for the weekend again while boy goes to Ottawa with his dad. Boy is still under 16 (he's 12 years old) so he's still relatively anonymous here.

-August 26, 2008. It looks like we just might survive the summer. We might not have to worry about radiation from cell phones interfering with our brain waves or serotonin production for a while, & I hope the kids realize it isn't our fault they can't text their friends and themselves to death. (schnarr...)

-May 08, 2008. You can now go read Aerendel's Word Press Blog. Sorry if I sound schnarr, I'm friggin exhausted. (( May 14, 2008, WordPress Blog imbedded into site resident web page.... ))

Jupiter's going retro on us tomorrow, May 9th... (time to expand inward, grow inwardly instead of expanding and growing out into the real world...)

-March 24, 2008
I know I love Ontario, because: Yesterday we stepped outside, into an icy wind and -7°C temperature (19°F) and the wind tasted like the purest, sweetest water I ever drank.

-February 2, 2008
We drove to Renfrew (the next town 'up' Highway 17 ) to go to a -sort of a New Agey "Spirit, Body, and Mind" Fair. We were looking for an Armoury, and Argyle Street, and never quite got the two 'directions' together, so we stopped and asked in a gas station, and "Well- the armouries are back that way-" "Argyle Street?" "Uh- I better look that up, ....oh, it's right there- [she pointed across the street] go left and then left again, it's parallel to this street."

We found it. We were greeted at the door by somebody we had met at a Parents Support Group, she actually had a book she had borrowed and gave it back to Cathi and Cathi had a CD or DVD to give to her-

It is really hard to nail down an easy description of what was there. It wasn't a flashy, big city kind of Exposition, not a home show full of dazzling consumer products and spokes models posing beside hot tubs... no, There were a couple dozen almost flea market tables and areas set up with people displaying books and posters and tables full of aromatic essenses and healing aromas and herbal supplements. There were at least three different kind of Reiki healers and Tarot readers and Angel card readers and people talking about convergence and raising awareness, clearing your chakras and getting ready for multi-dimensional living.

We were handed a bag full of goodies and walked around smiling at people with stars in their eyes and a lot of "main stream people think we're weird, but you look like you probably understand-" hopeful expressions.

We walked around, we looked at book covers, we drew cards and were read descriptions of what the cards we drew meant and we smiled and looked back at people who hoped we had some sort of clue as to what their reading meant, and how we might apply that to our lives, "Ah- you drew the Unicorn Card! That's significant- You are healing your inner child and broadening your world view-" And Cathi drew the Bear Card and the boy drew the Griffon Card. and we listened to what that meant and wandered on to the next table. The boy walked a labyrinth, laid out on the floor with black duct tape. I was worried that he should have asked the labyrinth's guardian permission first, but no;- she was delighted that he went slowly through the maze wearing his big snow boots and then stopped in the middle, turned around and slowly walked back out, following all the twists and turns (he later told us he saw bars of red and green colours and 'white rain' in the air as he walked around, inside the lines on the floor.)

{{ Continued Below}}


Above is a screen capture from the game we've been building online with the hero engine on the 'cloud'. This would be one of the 'little guys'/ Ottarians. Doug liked the way the Ottarians came out enough to use one as his 'Gravatar' at his "Radio Free Earth News" site.

Cathi wanted to try an Angelic Energy Healing and we checked, and yes, we had the Ten dollars for a fifteen minute session. The boy was also interested and he had a twenty dollar bill. I stood nearby when Cathi climbed up on the table and laid down on her stomach on top of some soft looking blankets and the young looking man placed another blanket over her back and legs and then moved slowly around, placing his hands inches above her as he closed his eyes and concentrated, and spoke softly near her ear from time to time.

I felt something. I was close enough (maybe a meter away from Cathi, out of the way so if the young man moved he wouldn't collide with me) There was a really nice feeling radiating all around the table and the young man. I closed my eyes and had a spontaeneous image fill my mind- Cathi was lying on a crystal table in a temple in foothills at the edge of a lake. It felt like India. The water was a marbled muted blue, almost blue-grey in the dusk or pre-dawn. There was golden light just over the horizon and a wonderful magical feel to everything. The crystal table was surrounded by a radiant light blue fog and Cathi was lying in a bubbling fountain of white liquid light energy, whose bubbly cloudy edges were tinged with gold. Everywhere the young man stepped, he was surrounded with an energetic cloud of bubbling, churning blue liquid light. his hands were radiating healing energy in various amazing colours and everything felt relaxed, like very subtle music was flowing. I realized that some of the music was 'singing bowls', crystal bowls, and bells that were really in this room in Renfrew, Ontario, and maybe the image was a visualization of what was happening on the spirit level right here---- Whatever it was was nice. I wondered if I should put a shield around them so as not to disturb anything with my thoughts or anything else in the real world, or nearby- and I got a very distinct message, "Do not do anything to interfere." I continued to feel wonderful, like a participant in something. like watching this happen was magical and uplifting for me, or anyone who happened to be in the area.

When her session was finished and Cathi opened her eyes and looked refreshed and magically touched, I told the young man about the images I had seen. I told him about the colours and he asked me if it was like the blue of a semi precious stone whose name has since wafted away with the breezes. I smiled, he said something about working with that stone, that colour and with Archangel Meditron.

I was happy and smiled and moved out of the way as the boy climbed on the table for his session. I hovered nearby, knowing the boy can have sudden and intense mood swings, can suddenly decide that something is not fun and want to get away from something in a big hurry, and can't always express himself clearly to anybody, even those of us who are around him most of the time.

The boy did fine, looked fine, looked pleasantly dazed, and, soon after his session was finished, began to form questions as we walked around and later sat near the table while the young man worked on someone else.

Cathi told me that she was sure I would really enjoy one of those healing sessions, so we checked our fortunes, and yes, we had enough to put me on the table for fifteen minutes. we talked to friends and friendly people milling around and put my name on the list for the next session, and waited about twenty minutes while I watched kids run around in twenty first century north american kid fashions. I saw people walking around in not quite mainstream latest fashions, more like aging hippy, never wanted to be ultra hip- got a finger near the pulse of some kind of interesting new age or alternate, greenish, ecologically wakening.... wish we were more natural.... kind of comfortabe clothes. I thought we were a reflection of what might have happened all the time in healing temples and gathering places in Atlantis or some kind of golden age place or other.

Then it was my turn. I had looked over a menu of what sort of energy healing tangents we could veer off onto and I said, "A friend told me I've left too many pieces of myself in too many life times, and I have way too many guides that I might need to let go of, and basically, if Meditron has any suggestions, I'd probably go along with that-"

The young man nodded, "I can see that- many of your guides don't know how to help you any longer- should we clear them and call for a new set?"

I shrugged and nodded, that sounded okay with me, I told him about pain in my spine from here to here and he nodded and said they might be spears and swords from previous life times and he would do what he could to clear them. I could lie on my back or my stomach, whichever felt right- I lied down on my back and he covered most of me with a soft flannel blanket. I relaxed. and closed my eyes. I recieved impressions of vaious coloured lights flowing around me and through me. I felt nice and did my best to relax totally and let whatever happen. He asked me at one point if he should call Merlin to help align me to enable my magical nature to mainfest itself, I nodded. energy wafted around and through me, it was like being caresssed by a warm multi-coloured fog. He told me to breath in golden healing energy and green and blue, breath deeply. he told me to allow the light within to flow and heal me. he insisted three times, maybe more that the healing light of God should flow freely into me. I imagined, almost really 'saw', very white rivers of light flowining through most of me, not at all impeded by an outline of what I was, very white light on the left side of me and hints of purple flowing within the white light energy on the right. The light flowed easily inside the contours of my light body, and whatever other porous bodies I was made of.

At one point I was sure there was an Incan Diety hovering over me. I wasn't worried, but I wondered if this was an Archangel who had been protecting me, or some group I had believed were my enemies in a distant past life. I wondered if this Force had put the spiritual spears or swords in my spirit body to teach me lessons or was there to remove them, was he an ancient Guiding Force of mine or a new one considering whether to help me onto a newer, possible higher path.

At one point I also nearly heard the distinct message, "You have a much higher purpose-" [than you believe you have?] {during this life or as the purpose of all incarnations that were and are yet to come?}" I told myself to mention that to the young man. (But with everything else that was swimming around in my mind, I forgot to say anything about that.

He had asked, earlier, during the session if I had felt a shift. I didn't think I had, I told him I had the distinct impression that I would know what had just happened ... in a couple days it would become clear.

When it was over he told me that what he had done would last for approximately 30 days. I asked him how deeply into the past he had gone, he said, "As deeply as I had to-" I told him about dreams I had had that hinted at life times in Atlantis and how they related to my present. he nodded. I told him about the Peruvian, Incan Diety I had sensed hovering over me, he said I was right.

It was time for him to unwind for a few seconds and get ready for his next session. he told me he, too. was an Atlantian, he said we would be in touch. I made sure we had his email address and did say, regarding that we would be in touch, "We better be-" and smiled. For the next couple days My neck was more relaxed and more free of pain than it had been in years.


Bar 007



We have recently moved Aerendel & Cathi's Place to a Canadian Web Host. Yum Aerendel dot Org (or orgy?) will be useable again (soon) . See you here at aerendel dot ca. (Yay!)

TwoBirds We were leaving Arnprior for a quick trip to Vermont and Connecticut over a weekend. When we were close to Highway 17, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was rusty metal on top of an empty trailer that is used as a billboard for a local business. At second glance I saw two large birds. I thought they might be cormorants and they seemed to be kissing. I said, "That's weird-" and tried to tell Cathi to look at them, but they'd disappeared.
UFO symbols(( Ute-Giri: Ute-634 (?) may be an asteroid circling our sun. Goofus says the circle shape is Andromedan, he calls the group that uses it 'the beat cops' On patrol? Giri is Sanskrit for 'mountains'.))

We now have a Birthday Page.

• 21 April, 2007 - "ABC" for the boy. We went to a lecture/presentation by Heather Fawcett, Co-Author of "More than a Mom" (Web Site) ("Yum!") • 31 March, 2007 - Sister's funeral. When I got up to speak a lot of people rolled their eyes and twitched nervously, wondering what I would say this time. After I sat down, well I guess I didn't live up to expectations, we've been invited to visit people who had all but banned us from their doors.
• 29 March, 2007 - Heading to Vermont for my sister's Funeral. (Vermont State Troopers pick on out of state/out of country license plated vehicles & lie in writing on speeding tickets to meet their quota, now that it's the end of their fiscal year?)
• 21 March, 2007 - First Full Day of Spring.

• 05 July, 2006 - -Happy Birthday, Erin- bar

05 January, 2005 - (Paramahansa Yogananda's Birthday)

• Grin, we survived New Year's Eve and New Year's day. The world hasn't changed, for better or worse, forever... yet.
• We've had a bit of snow and freezing rain. We've had a Daughter here for almost a week. There is a rumour that her father will come and get her, so we might not have to make the marathon drive to Missississississauga and back... a third time in three weeks.

-- Have a Happy New Year- et Bon année-


Other News

(28 Decembre, 2005) We have begun shifting the last lead article (above) from here to the Jernilling Support Page, ((Popping those articles into a blog on that page as a matter of fact.)) So- if you're interested, you can go wade through the blog to find our previous, semi-boring, snarr- reposted there... click here for archives

(25 Novembre, 2005) Let's See, the cats are going nuts, but that's nothing new. We had the first real snow of the season. There is a first real snow to every winter. Yesterday was USA-tian Turkey Day. (When USA-tians act more like Turkeys than usual?) (grins the grown-ed up boy from Connecticut)
I'm writing this in DreamWeaver 8, kind of 'finding my sea legs' here. It took a while to get the dark blue border around the outside of the page. It took another while to find out where the line breaks were hiding (this is xhtml). I've been experimenting with colours and stuff. And so far, I'm delighted.

Other Pages The other pages are still there. I don't know how many of them I will update or import or what. So far I really like the look here. Internet Exploder doesn't particularly like what I've done here (in this page), but then, you can probably guess, I'm not crazy about Internet Exploder either.

NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month. During the month of November, lots of would be and/or wannabe and even some "Really-Are" writers all around the world get silly and sit down and write 50,000 word pieces of "don't have to be masterpieces, just do it..." Novels. There is a book on the phenomenon called, "No Plot? No Problem..." Go to the Nanowrimo Site for more details. Or read my Last year's Story or This year's Masterpiece... .

Fun StuffLori Toye's Future Maps of America (She's a Psychic, has been 'consulting' with 'Ascendent Masters' for years on Earth Changes and World Changes and Spiritual Work.) • Astrology QuizJohn Titor, Time Traveler? • Gordon Michael Scallion Slightly different take on Earth Changes, etc. • Aura Colors dot com (Personality Test) • Tom the Dancing Bug Cartoon • Meyers Briggs Type Index (personality theory) Oversimplified, as explained by an INFP (wink) • Free MBTI Type TestSecond Life MMORPG • Yahoo GroupsProphecy Keepers Jernilling PageMichael Moore Anti-Prozac Anti-Ritalin (Dr Peter R Breggin) Site • Jernilling Extras

UFO-s E.T.s and some interesting prophecies. The Fly dot com. The Billy Meier UFO Contacts. Billy Meier, a 'Swiss farmer', had his first contact with Pleiadians at the age of 5 in 1942. He described the moon Io as 'the most volcanically active planet in the solar system' before NASA discovered that, and he predicted the riots in France, and damage from hurricanes and floods, and the disasterous outcome of U.S. involvement in Iraq. "If the U.S. Doesn't stop trying to be the world's policeman."

On Day number 20,454.... Well, hey! I made it thorugh another year!
by talerocker at 02:42AM (EDT) on September 9, 2005
Friday, Sepotember 9, 2005. Woa! let's see... I think I'm, uh.... 20, 454 days old..... but I could be wrong- You know how it is with Ymmps and their memories... was the year on earth, uh - "Y2K" a bona fide leap year? How many days were in february that year? oh jeeze- I guess I gotta go look that up. anyway- it might make a big difference in my age, hey?
So anyway. I have a digital camera. it came without a memory card, so we don't know if it works yet. I bid on and won a memory card on ebay today- uh, I mean yesterday- and it's on it's way, but will it get here before we die of anticipation? I don't know.
It's been a very busy last couple months- hey, on my late and lovable cousin Gary's birthday we picked up and brand spankin new Jeep Liberty- kind of midnight pearl blue with the towing package and a yummy cd player (not the top of the line, but hey.... I lived without for a yong yong time there....)
-Right around Sammy's birfday I started paying for an acre and a half of Quebec- yum- a place that just reaks of potential. I have some computer memory winging it's way here that might solve my "No can load OSX" problem. And like I just said, I was the successful bidder on an Olympus point and shoot digital camera and a memory card that should put me in the digital photo game. Yummmm!
and where do we go from here?

Tune in next time, folks for the continuing saga of .... who are we this time? TaleRocker and DreamCat? TaleRocker and DreamCat tame the world with Love and Appreciation. Now isn't that a book you'd want to read? Yup- .....T-R

From: Jim Date: Fri Mar 10 08:22:45 MST 2000

(Lucas Land - From An Extremely Vivid Dream) I dreamed I was in a Theme Park And I'd been there before. And, At least in this part of this park Most of the buildings and the costumes the actors/employees wore were Medieval, a kind of year round Renaissance Faire and At various times of day they had special quests that visitors could participate in For instance. Around noon several Gargoyle statues came to life And sprayed various (random) guests on the hand with (washable) gold paint The town Elders would be notified and there would be an emergency meeting and the Quest for several artifacts would be underway. There was a Dragon Fang dagger (Plastic) (one long fang-like blade with two shorter fang like 'teeth' up near the handle part) And there wre other artifacts (Like a Crystal ball and a Tarot-Like card of a Queen) And all the guests who found these cards would be part of the climax where the guests who were 'touched' by the Gargoyles were 'cleansed' of the 'curse' and the Gaygoyles which had come to life were turned back into stone. There were also underground caves for different quests And good dragon versus bad dragon quests and certain times of the year when 'Expert Level Questing' took place. Trolley like cars shuttled guests between various parts of the theme park and, food cars on the same line served fast food or limited menu meals. (In this dream I was looking for a certain menu car and watched several of the food cars pack up and leave (out of food?) I was disappointed.) This time I found the Dragon Fang Dagger (In more or less plain sight in one of the dining cars.) I remembered being with a group that had found the Queen's Card in a cell in the dungeon in the castle that was part of this set. And a family came up out of the caves with a youngster who had decided he didn't want to brave the goblins, but one of the 'Elders' gave the boy a 'Magic Globe' that glowed and played music and scared all the goblins away. He went back into the caves and scared goblins all afternoon.
..........Jim (10:20:40 AM EST March 10, 2000)


Prophecy Keepers This is a Native American/First Nations People owned and operated Web Site.
((Be prepared for a podcast if you connect))
"We have gone past the time of Nineveh, and now we're into the time when Noah is building his Ark. Either you help build the ark or you stay where you are and keep partying, and when the flood comes, you'll try to run to the ark and bang on the doors to be let in, but no, that will be too late-"
Red Elk (slightly paraphrased)

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